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You Highlight Up My Life

Earlier in the week, I posted about my hair woes. And I mentioned in passing that I color and highlight my own hair.

Since then, my inbox has been filled with questions concerning this stunning confession. Questions like “What the heck do you use”

Before I spill my guts (a term I hesitate to use since I’ve spent a portion of my evening cleaning up puke), I wanted to alert you to what NOT to use.

Sun-In, my friends. If they even still make it. As a teenager, I spent my days slathering baby oil on my pale skin, and spritzing Sun-In on my dishwater blonde hair.

The result was carrot colored hair, cascading over decidedly pink skin.

And everyone knows that orange and pink should never share a color palate.

The product I now use to cover the well earned gray hairs, and subtly highlight a few others is Loreal Couleur Experte.

The shade I gravitate towards is 8.2 (Medium Iridescent Blonde). This shade is in the “cooler” category. Right on.

The kit comes with the all over color, which I leave on for the maximum 35 minutes. Because my gray hairs, like me, are stubborn.

Then I shampoo the dye out. Even though the instructions say not to shampoo. Just rinse. But, I’m a rebel.

Then, while my hair is towel dried, I mix up the highlights that come with the kit. Again, the instructions say to highlight on dry hair, but again, pffffffft on the instructions.

Actually, I started applying the highlights on my damp hair by accident because I neglected to read the instructions in their entirety. A trait that drives Fiddledaddy insane.

But the results were fantastic, and I saved a lot of time that way.

The kit comes with a little wand to use, oh, and latex gloves. But I don’t use the gloves. I simply use my old rat tail comb, pick up thin strands, and apply the bleach. (Which face it, that’s what highlights really are.) Then I wash my hands about a hundred times.

I do as little or as much as I feel like. I’ve never screwed this process up. And I’ve been doing my own hair for a few years.

I leave the highlighter on for the full 25 minutes, then shampoo, and apply the conditioner that comes with the kit. And I LOVE this conditioner.

The price of this coloring kit by Loreal usually runs around $15.00 (at Wal•Mart). But, I’ve found it on sale at other drugstores and have been able to use coupons. So, generally I don’t spend more than $11.00 for it.

And it lasts until my roots start to peek through at about 6 to 8 weeks.

I have REALLY dry hair, so I keep it well conditioned. And I use a color enhancing shampoo and conditioner by Avon.

So there you have it. It’s Loreal. And I’m worth it.

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16 Responses to You Highlight Up My Life

  • Would that I had the guts to do this. But these things never (and I mean NEVER) work out for me, and I wouldn’t want to scare little children for 6-8 weeks. I’ll continue paying the price. Or being gray.

  • What I want to know is if you are willing to do other people’s do’s?

    I am convinced if I tried this, Loreal would not like me. But since you and Loreal are already friends…

    Come on over and help a sister out!

  • Hmmm… Loreal, hm? I’ve always used Nice and Easy, but I may have to try Loreal. My pretty chestnut brown sometimes tends to morph into carrotish red, and it ain’t pretty 🙂

  • Argh. I just lost my comment. So her goes again, I’ll try to recapture the magic. I wanted to say that you are SO worth it. I’m a Loreal gal, too, but all over color, right now, about an 8G, but when I was a teen, I did indeed use Sun In. My computer is dead, so I have limited time to get around Bloggyland, but I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity to say Happy Thanksgiving to one of my oldest and favoritest stops. Not that you are old, because even teenagers can have gray hair. I just thought of something: If a teenager has gray hair, did he give it to himself the same way he gives them to his parents? Anyway, gotta go. Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. Blessings!

  • Oh yes, girl, you ARE worth it!!!!!!!

    I love this product too, but tend to gravitate more toward the reds … I am just crazy like that 🙂

    Just a quick sidenote – if you use this product with darker colors you have to really coat the hair with the highlight color and may need to leave it on a bit longer. Just keep checking on it unti it is the shade you want. Me, I like my highlights bold, so I have to leave it on for a while.

  • I use Sun in with great success. I had always been a natural blonde. My hair had started getting a bit darker lately. So I used Sun in to lighten it again. It must depend greatly on the color of your hair.

  • I’ve never had my hair highlighted (or colored for that matter), but I often look at kits like this in the store and try to work up the courage to give them a shot. Your post makes me thinks maybe I can do it.

  • Okay, so where are the links to share visual evidence of your hair prowess? My hair color sounds pretty similar to yours, and times are tough…spending the $120 for highlights and cut is very painful…To think I might be able to reduce the cost by 90%??? Please share!!

  • Thanks for the info. I had already switched to using L’Oreal myself to save money but was hesitant about switching from professional highlights to homemade ones. The solid hair color just doesn’t look natural, I don’t think, without some highlights. I think I’ll give it a try…

  • I don’t know about y’all, but I look pretty unattractive whilst coloring my hair. And it seems that I am vain. So, I hesitate to photograph myself and then post the evidence.

    But, I need to color my hair this weekend, so maybe I’ll get brave enough to take pictures. For y’all. Because I love you that much. 🙂

  • I’m a source of amusement to my DD-16 while she watches me get my hair done–I must look particularly outrageous, but tin foil all over my head is probably (part) the reason! I am hoping you’ll share the AFTER pictures, you know, fairly close up, so the highlights will show? Boy, I sound bossy-mostly just hopeful to save $100 at this time of year, lol!

  • Sun-in is the devil. Turned my dark brown hair into dark orange straw.

    I’m whatever is on sale at Wally world cuz that’s how I roll.

  • I admire your courage : ). I am too afraid to try. Although, after spending $80 today for some highlights to cover my gray, I might have to consider. $11 sure beats $80!

  • I’m thinking since my natural color is “almost black” that process would not work for me. I gave up coloring and am working on embracing the grays which are multiplying too rapidly, thanks to my children.

  • Shampooing the color out is not recommended because it strips the color off that you want on. Wait 24 hours then wash- just rinse and condition, it will make the color look better. : )

  • I did my first color at home this fall, too. It turned out ok, but I didn’t do the highlights, which is what I really miss. My hair gal quit doing hair, you see, and I haven’t found anyone else I like and can afford. Maybe I’ll be brave and try the highlight version, too.