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Welcome Back, Jack

Recently, my sweet cyber friend, Amy (who knows and understands my obsession with “24” and all things Jack Bauer), sent me this link. She was reading a blogger’s “100 Things About Me” and she instructed me to pay particular attention to #36 and #37.

I will post them for you here:

#36 “My friend and I saw the guy from 24 at the JFK airport…”
#37 “It was right after 911 and he was getting frisked. He was wearing all black and looked very annoyed.”

I’ll just let that visual soak in with you.

I know.

I wrote back to Amy and said something to the effect of how much I would have enjoyed a job as security personnel on that day. Even though I would have been immediately unemployed afterward. And quite possibly jailed.

My friends, we have suffered through a veritable wasteland of television mediocrity. The reality show? They are all dead to me.

A bright shining light is looming on my televised horizon. And that ray of hope is the much anticipated return of “24” and that man in black, Jack Bauer. Next Sunday, November 23, for two riveting hours, I will be sitting, nose to screen, watching Jack save mankind. Again.

Amy and I are tossing around the idea of a live blogging event, but, then I would have to remove my eyeballs from the screen to look at my computer keys.

And I just don’t know if I can do that.

What show(s) are you anxiously awaiting the return of?

21 Responses to Welcome Back, Jack

  • I’ll have to send you some photos so you’ll believe me, but my husband looks like Keifer Sutherland. A lot. He gets told that all the time.

  • My whole family is anxiously awaiting the return of 24!

    (Lowering voice to a whisper…) I’m also looking forward to the return of The Real Housewives of Orange County. I know, I know… please don’t lecture. It’s not that I in any way at all admire them or their values. I’m just facinated (for lack of better word) at with them and their lives. It’s so foreign to me. I don’t watch the show every week (nor have I watched the spin-offs in NY or Atlanta), but it’s good for when I’m feeling my life is boring – after an hour of the OC women and their drama, I LOVE my boring life!

  • I wasn’t able to watch the last season of 24. But I plan on watching this one!

    Am also looking forward to The Closer returning in January. Love that southern belle Brenda Leigh Johnson, thankyouthankyouverymuch.

  • At the risk of sounding like a freak….I’ve given up on TV. They always cancel the good stuff and leave the left overs. If it’s not on DVD at the Library, we don’t need to watch it!

    On a funny note, my girls love Hogans Heros and can do a marvelous impression of Sgt.Shultz. Cracks me up everytime!!! Vintage TV is good for something!

  • Grab your laptop and keep your fingers poised on the keys.

    That way you can type and watch at the same time.

    Please…please…please don’t ask me how I know this.

  • I know it sounds hokey but I am waiting for According to Jim to start again. I miss sitcoms. I miss the “canned laughter” and the fact that I don’t hve to be tested on it when it is over. lol Call me a nerd but I like cheesier old sitcoms where everything is solved in 30 minutes. lol I have been hanging out at hulu.com thanks to you I believe were the one that tipped me off to that and they have tons of old sitcoms like facts of life, major dad, bewitched, donna reed etc. LOVE IT…so THANKYOU!

  • Oh, the countdown to 24 has begun at our house too. I think I’m going to have to pull out the DVDs from previous seasons and watch them every night this week just to increase my anticipation even more. Then i should be just about ready to explode by next Sunday. My favorite line for every single episode, “You gotta trust me!”

  • Oh, for the return of Scrubs! And I’m really worried that I’ll miss it because it’s switching networks. Or that something will go horribly wrong with the negotiations or something and it simply won’t appear.

    Also Battlestar Galactica. Because the ending of the half-season just wasn’t right, people.

    If you want to play, I’ve tagged you: http://diapersanddragons.blogspot.com/2008/11/five-things-meme.html#links

  • Hee-hee, glad I could give you something nice to think about. It*was* a lady security guard, but she was using one of those metal wands so I don’t know if she was having as much fun as you might imagine…*LOL*

    You know I agree with Brooke, tv is hardly any fun anymore. I’ve never watched 24 though, so maybe I should go rent the dvd’s. It would be nice to have a new show to watch before LOST comes back. 🙂

    Thanks for the giggle.


  • Oh, I am so glad I read this!! My husband and I have been going through 24 withdrawals for ever so long!! I can’t wait to share the news with him!!
    And, of course, I can’t wait for another season of American Idol to roll around either. 🙂

  • Echoing Brooke’s comments above, I have not watched TV since my freshman year of college. (That would have been in 1981/82.) I gave it up when MASH went into reruns and Laurie dumped Scotttie for Luke on General Hospital and never looked back. (Have I dated myself or what?!)

  • I was never a K.S. fan until 24 came out. It changed my mind forever. Something about the good looking brooding hero . . .

    I can’t wait until LOST comes back. Another brooding hero named Jack. Oh, boy, I seem to have a theme going on here. What will the The Calm One (not named Jack – but just as cute in his own right) say to all of this?

  • Remington Steele. Moonlighting. Thirtysomething.

    I know, I know…never again. I can only hope for the DVD set

  • I am waiting for new episodes of The Cleaner…yes, I realize the season just ended but I really, really love that show. Benjamin Bratt just does something for me;)

    I have to admit I’ve never seen The Cleaner. But, I have to say (as a housewife), I have a problem watching a show called “The Cleaner.” 🙂


  • We are “24” crazy’ites as well. We’re nervous about this new season… please don’t ruin Jack with stupidity. Funnily, and sadly, enough my SIL and I – both pregnant – have joked about “Jack” or “Bauer” for a boy’s name… too hot to handle!!

  • We got into “The Cleaner” also, ONLY because there has been no Jack. Ben vs. Jack………………. JACK. Nothing, absolutely nothing compares to Jack. We are living for Sunday.

  • I’m hooked on Lost, too – LOVE ME SOME SAWYER!!! I don’t care how many crazy, random things they do on that show – I am loyal to the end.
    I’m another Closer fan, as well. I don’t know anyone else who watches that show, and it drives me crazy not to be able to talk about it with any of my friends!

  • Oh definitely “LOST”! February cannot get here soon enough! I have to know what is going on with the whole Kate/Jack/Sawyer thing! It’s killing me!

  • Yes ma’am I’m counting down the days until 24. I like the Closer as well as LOST. I forget my name when Sawyer is on the screen.

    We’ve been watching My Own Worst Enemy and it has been good.