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King of the Road

Shannon is hosting a themed WFMW this week. The topic is tried and true toys that would make a good addition to a child’s Christmas wish list.

I have to admit, that after two girls, and all their Barbies and Barbie accessories, I am enjoying the change of pace that an addition of a boy to the family is giving us.

Jensen is all about anything with wheels. And as you might imagine, he uses any and all things with wheels to mow down unsuspecting sisters and their Barbies.

Most days, it’s a virtual Mattel blood bath.

One particular product that Fiddledaddy bought for Jensen this last year, was a GeoTrax set. These are sturdy tracks with hills, turns, and a station, for a remote controlled train.

I scoffed. Until the two boys in our house set it up and Jensen has spent many many hours playing with it. And people, the thing is virtually indestructible. As far as storage, I throw it in an under-the-bed storage box with wheels (which too, has caused concern for Barbie and her entourage).


There are easy additions and extras that can be purchased for the original set (which costs about $50.00, I believe.) And I’ve seen extra parts at garage sales, as well.

As a mother of an overactive 3 1/2 year old, it’s a great toy. It’s sturdy, and lets a child use his (or her) imagination. His beloved Hot Wheels cars have been known to catch a ride in a box car or two.

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12 Responses to King of the Road

  • Ooh, GeoTrax were so popular at my house a few years ago (four maybe) and I can’t believe how many choices there are now!

  • All my kids love the GeoTrax trains! We have enough to fill TWO under the bed storage containers!! LOL

  • Oh, we are thinking of getting my 2-1/2 year old little guy Geotrax for Christmas! We have a 7 year-old daughter and agree that it is neat to experience the change of pace in toys. It is also comical to see how the boy plays with the princess toys…such as racing around the princess coach on his little playskool race track! Too funny!

  • I also bought the GeoTrax for my active little boy and they have been played with all the time for the past 2 + years. They are built for rough and tough boys, for sure! Definitely a winner!!!

  • I need to see if I can find this in the UK – thanks for the recommendation.

  • I love GeoTrax! We bought this for our son when he was two and he still plays with it almost 4 years later. I love that he can push the trains or use the remote control feature. It’s also been easy for grandparents to add to his set. I’m always recommending this to parents of young boys.

  • We also have GeoTrax and love them.

    The OCD in me cannot handle the fact that you didn’t match up the green and brown parts. That is a strict no-no in our house!!!

  • arrrghh…it ate my comment…lol.
    we also love the geo trax here and are thinking about adding the fly thru barn for Christmas here. But I do have a couple of other boy recommendations…
    we could not live without our SHAKE and GO racetrack. we got it 3 christmas’s ago, when our boys were almost 2 and 2 1/2…it has been played with continuously over that time, and the energizer batteries have lasted far longer than i ever expected they would in it.
    also our lil one loves Diego and got the diego rescue van and treehouse last christmas…he can play for HOURS and HOURS quietly with his diego stuff and that gives mama hours of enjoyment

  • Oh this is good to know. I have a starter set (a rather large one, it would appear) in the closet, ready to give to Logan for Christmas. He’ll be 2.5 then and he’s crazy about trains, so I’m thinking it’ll be a good fit.

  • Looks like so much fun! Can I play?

  • GeoTrax are so cool. We started several years back and the boys will still play with them.

  • Love our GeoTrax and so do my boys. Great tip.