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I wanted to document our Halloween festivities all weekend, but I found it difficult to locate my keyboard after a suffering the affects of a Nyquil binge.

I’m much better now. And as a bonus, my head didn’t cave in from all the nose blowing. As was originally suspected.

We here in the House of Fiddle, celebrate Halloween by attending a bash thrown by our church each year. We attempted the neighborhood trick-or-treating routine when Emme was small.

However, Freddy Krueger, The Wicked Witch, Space Monster with One Eye, and the guy with an ax sticking out of his head sent her screaming for the safety of her own home. So, we stopped. Cold turkey. Because the thought of sleeping for the next month or so with a child wrapped around my head wasn’t really all that appealing.

Thankfully, a few years ago, our church provided an alternative that still involved candy, plus a fun family type atmosphere. And Starbucks was served to the adults.

Praise the Lord and pass the cream.

This year, Emme dressed up as Shawn Johnson, the gymnast. Complete with 14 hair clips and glitter hair spray. Cailey was a pink fairy princess.

I attempted to dress Jensen as a baseball player, but he would have nothing to do with the baseball pants. Or jacket. Or glove. So, he went as a stubborn 3 year old. Fiddledaddy came prepared to be a “Jensen Wrangler.” So he wore his sneakers. And popped a Tylenol for good measure.

I reprised my role as “Super Mom” this year, wearing a costume that Trish fashioned. She reprised her role as well. Because, well, we didn’t think about it really until the afternoon of the event. Besides, I really wanted to dress as Wonder Woman, but still needed a few thousand more trips to the gym. Oh. And a boob job

Cars were lined up around the perimeter with decorated trunks. Much candy was dispensed as children trailed from trunk to trunk. To my horror, I realized that I hadn’t brought a bag for my children to load their booty into.

What kind of mother doesn’t pack a trick or treat bag? To go trick or treating?

I fished into the back of my van and came out with a plastic library bag, and a large bright silver insulated bag used for hauling frozen items home from the grocery store. Emme was horrified. I tried to sell her on it by turning it inside out, to look more generic. And not so LOOK, MY MOTHER IS A LOSER! And then I demonstrated the merits of such a bag in that it would hold A LOT of candy. She wasn’t buying.

Instead, she gratefully took a sad old Wal•Mart plastic bag from some stranger who took pity on her.


The highlight of the activities for my girls was the rock climbing wall. An impressive climbing wall to be sure, towering a good 20 feet into the air.

When we first arrived at the wall, both of my girls made it about half way, before giving up. But, at evenings end, they gave it another go with their boy cousins. The 8 year old boy cousin scrambled up easily and rang the bell. Cailey watched intently. The gauntlet was thrown down.

Cailey, it seems, inherited my competitive – win at all cost spirit. She strode over to me, and handed me her pink fairy wings, pink tulle skirt, glitter wand, and library-bag of candy.

She meant business.

I, in turn, piled the items in the stroller. A stroller, by the way, which no longer can contain a certain 3 year old. But works beautifully as a pack horse for assorted jackets, costume pieces, candy bags, cameras, purses, and empty Starbucks cups. Plural.

My Pink Fairy Princess conquered that wall with all the 7 year old gusto she could muster. I could see beads of glittery sweat form on her brow. And she rang that bell, with assorted relatives and friends cheering her on. No 8 year old boy is going to show her up. No sir.

Emme made it up about half way again. Which I think is awesome since she unhappily inherited her mother’s fear of splattering brain matter on the sidewalk.

Consequently, the cold I was nursing was made much worse from the chilly night air. And then there was all the yelling.


We closed the place down, and y’all should be proud of me. No, I didn’t climb the wall. But, I only ate ONE Reeses Peanut Butter cup and ONE York Peppermint Patty.

A Halloween miracle, to be sure.

We drove home, exhausted. And carefully crept down our street, taking great care to avoid the ghosts, goblins, and assorted ax murderers.

And as an aside, my favorite childhood costume was “I Dream of Jeannie.”

In case you were wondering.

I recently found my little harem costume. It was actually pastel p.j.s that my mother altered when I was 7. I tried to talk Cailey into wearing them. Nothing doing. She had no idea who “I Dream of Jeannie” was. She was certain, though, that Jeannie was no fairy princess.

Now, a question. What was your favorite childhood halloween costume? I’m taking notes. For next year, doncha know.

14 Responses to Boo!

  • Sorry in advance for the length…

    In the years I’ve been a mom, I’ve always purchased costumes for my kids because I’m just not that creative. This year, however, my younger daughter and I found a picture of me dressed up as an exaggerated old lady (my mother always had ideas for my costumes when I was a kid). I had lots of baby powder in my hair to make it white, wrinkles drawn on in eyeliner, glasses, a severe frown and I was slapping one hand with a ruler I was clearly brandishing as a potential weapon. So Catherine thought it might be fun to be an old lady.

    I put her hair up in an bun with more bobby pins than I would have thought necessary. I powdered her hair in the driveway, spattering both of us in powder while she covered her eyes and the neighbors asked if I was torturing her. I drew on some wrinkles, and powdered her face too. My BIL took the lenses out of my old sunglasses (tortoiseshell, dontcha know).

    Then she wanted to have a big droopy chest a la Miss Congeniality 2 (which she hasn’t seen but which I described). So we took one of her sister’s old bras and put some lemons (“AHHHH that’s cold”) … in socks … into the cups. By the end of the night she’d adjusted them so often that one side was 6″ higher than the other.

    But she was a BIG HIT while collecting a bag of goodies…and I have a great video that I’ve watched at least 8 times and still makes me laugh.

    THAT’s my favorite costume.

  • Too funny – I grew up in Pasadena, CA and when I was in 5th grade I, too, dressed up like an old lady and was, of course, “The Little Old Lady from Pasadena” of Beach Boys fame.

    But my favorite costume as a “mature” adult has got to be this year’s – simply because I have three kiddos with time consuming costumes themselves – I taped smarties candies all over my jeans – and went as a “Smarty Pants”

  • I suspect that your Jensen and my Alex would get along fabulously! He went as a “squarecrow” but wouldn’t wear the hat that really “made the costume”, so whatever. My favorite childhood costume was a pair of dice. My friend and I both donned cardboard boxes spraypainted white with black construction paper dots with white tights and white shoes. We looked great even though admittingly the dice were not the more comfortable costume on the planet.

  • My best friend and I climbed into the same giant shirt and skirt and went as siamese twins. That was my most interesting costume. 🙂

  • First, I want to say how very much I love reading your blog. LOVE IT.

    Now, my favorite childhood costume? Hm. I was a gypsy when I was about 3. I wore my mom’s half-slip pulled up to my armpits, a shawl, a headscarf, lots of makeup and several necklaces.

    A couple of years ago, I decorated a sweatshirt, ball cap and pennant with the words GO CEILING. I was a Ceiling Fan. This year, I taped a leaf to a string and hung it off the bill of a ball cap. Then I blew on the leaf. I was a leaf blower.

  • My mom and godmother always had fun on Halloweens with themed outfits for me, my sister, and my godbrothers to wear. One year, we went as the Addams family: my sister as Morticia, older godbrother as Gomez, younger godbrother as Fester, and me as a cat (no good Wednesday Addams ideas…. but a black cat is universal). One year we did a Santa theme: me and my younger godbrother as Santa and Mrs. Claus, the older two as reindeer. But the one that sticks out the clearest is the year we did Where’s Waldo? My mother and godmother spray painted white shirts with red stripes; bought beanies, fake glasses, and canes; and had us all wear jeans. At each door, one of us would be Waldo with all the necessary props, and the person at the door had to figure out which one was Waldo, and which three were fake-outs. My mother was definitely gifted with the creativity gene.

  • I can’t remember many of them. But I can remember one of the funniest ones I’ve seen- A friend in college dressed in a white t-shirt with a big, black letter P painted on it. She also painted one eye, black.

    Yep. She was a Black-eyed P.

  • I was Strawberry Shortcake the one and only time my Mom let me dress up as a child. (Collective sound of awww…). My Mom (then) was the ultra conservative type and did not allow Trick or Treating. She did relent and let me go to a church carnival that one year with the most benign of costumes. I loved it though. I have freckles, so you know, it worked.

  • I can honestly only remember two costumes and both are because of a video and picture. They are a clown (complete with orange hair, red nose and face paint) and a pound puppy. Which was my favorite? I have no idea! 🙂

  • I would have to say Pippi Longstocking and Raggedy Ann. My mom always made our costumes. Maybe I should consider that or not.

  • One of my favorite characters growing up was Mrs. Buttersworth; you know, the pancake syrup bottle lady (she was glass back then) that I spent a lot of time talking to – even though she never did answer me. When I was about 10 I dressed up like her for Halloween. I used brown face paint, carried a big green mixing bowl with a wooden spoon, wore an apron over my dress, and used pillows for stuffing because I was a little skinny kid. It was the only time I ever designed my own costume. Sad to say, no one knew who I was trying to be, but I had a blast trying to get them to guess!

  • My favorite–I dressed in dark blue clothes, cut some fish out of construction paper and stapled them to my clothes, and fashioned an island hat out of cardboard (complete with palm tree)…I was the ocean.


    I’m totally taking notes.

  • I have a photo of me and my sister when I was about 9 and she was 5. She had a wicked witch costume complete with tall pointy hat. I was wearing white and had a crown. Was I a queen? I really don’t know. I honestly have no real memories of costumes.
    I do however, remember one family with lots of kids who created a trick-or-treat “robot”. Realized years later it was simply a couple of the older kids inside a refrigerator box decorated with Christmas lights and who knows what else. You put one piece of candy into a small opening, and the lights flashed and there was all manor of clanging sounds and then TWO pieces of candy came out another opening. TOO MUCH FUN!
    And who could forget the elderly neighbor who had never married but loved kids and gave us the BIG candy bars.
    Obviously my mind was more on the candy than the costume.