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Hasty Retreat

Okay, enough of you asked the question that I thought I would give the answer within its own post.

Why didn’t you just run out the door of Wal•Mart, instead of retreating further inside the store?”

Because I had shopping to do.

Not really.

When all the commotion started, I was at the entrance, but a little to the left. Had I grabbed my girls and run out the exit, I would have placed us right in the path of the crazy man sanity impaired patron and all the managers that were chasing him.

Remember, at this point, I didn’t know if he had a gun, or knife, or pom poms.

So, we ran further inside the store, and cut a quick left into customer service. Thereby, at least putting a wall between us and all the mayhem.

And while I was contemplating the danger, a thought came to me.

When I was a kid, we were out in the country with my family and some friends of ours. I have a very vivid memory of standing at the top of a hill, and being charged by a bull. All of us ran down the hill, as fast as our scared legs would carry us, with the bull close behind.

I made a split second decision to cut right, getting myself out of the path of the speeding bull. And then I cowered behind a pine tree. Crying like a girl.

Everyone made it down the hill, and got over the fence in time. The bull paced back and forth awhile, then tired, and lost interest.

I stayed behind the tree. Only the promise of a Dr. Pepper and Hostess Cupcakes could coax me out.

That was my currency. Which really hasn’t changed all that much in 35 years. And that’s no bull.

Well. That was the really long answer to a short question. Because brevity is my gift.

Carry on.  Let the weekend begin!

9 Responses to Hasty Retreat

  • I’m a sarsaparilla and moon pie girl, myself. I’m also a Professional Paranoid, and decide upon entering any building how I’ll get out or get safe in case the unexpected happens. I’m so much fun to hang out with.

  • I think that when adrenaline hits us, we just react. You went into “mama bear” mode and took your girls to the safest place you could think of. You don’t have to explain it. You did what was natural. Good job Mama!!

  • In or out of a store, you were going with your mommy instincts. That’s what we all would do in your situation.

    I am glad you are all OK.

  • Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! After my little “Jensen” woke up at the before normal people are awake time this morning I needed a laugh. The pom pom comment sent me off my chair. I will keep this picture in my mind this morning as I head to the grocery store, mercifully without children in tow.

  • Dr. Pepper and Reese Cups are my currency so I can completely relate.

  • I bet if Jenson was armed with a vacuum cleaner he would have taken the dude down. But then the greeter would have gone after Jenson so bad plan.

  • Gosh, I haven’t been by in awhile. Life has been C-R-A-Z-Y for me lately, but I’m finally able to slow down enough to do some blog reading.

    Your life is “fun-er” than mine!


  • It’s quite something to read Ann Voskamp’s “aholyexperience.com” and then “fiddledeedee” one right after another.

    Someday I’d like to get the two of you together, give you some kind of shared experience, and then read the resulting blog post.

    You are both storytellers extraordinaire.

  • I find I have the same gift as you: Brevity.

    Unfortunately, my ability to make my long-winded explanations humors is no where nearly as gifted as yours. I’m jealous, but I love your blog! [smile]