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Better Late Than Never

Fall has finally arrived, here in Horrorhair, Florida. When the temperature dips below 70, as it did this morning, the children all don their winter gloves, caps, and jackets.

And the mommy performed her traditional underwear dance on the backporch.

While the neighbors all gave a collective “Hallelujah” for the invention of the 6 foot privacy fence.

As the kids begin their 10 foot trek to the family van, pieces of clothing are tossed down in disgust, as beads of sweat form on their brow.

And I launch into my yearly dissertation on what is was like trudging 3 blocks to the bus stop. In the snow and sleet. Wearing day-glo goulashes, and an orange fringe poncho, which was actually a vinyl round tablecloth that my mother had fashioned using a pair of scissors and bric-a-brac. Way back in the dark ages.

One thing that comes with cooler temperatures, is a decided lack of humidity. Therefore my hair actually lays against my head, as oppose to going perpendicular.

Ah yes. Fall is here. And with it, good hair days.

The week is off to a excellent start, to be sure. Happy Monday, everyone!

11 Responses to Better Late Than Never

  • It has gotten cooler here in East Texas as well. Tomorrow morning it is supposed to be 36 degrees F. I’m with you on the low humidity. I’ve been doing the “happy dance” for a couple of days now. 🙂

  • They are talking snow here. My heels are crackling with excitement.

    You know, Lidna, they have a product called “Ped Egg” just for that.

    I crack myself up. CRACK! Bwahahahahaah.

    Clearly, I’m in need of a vacation. 🙂


  • I would love 70 degrees lol. They are calling for our first snow flurries tonight which is just rediculous rofl. I grew up in the south though so I am with you on the humidity free days lol.

  • Cooler weather = less frogs.

    Carry on. 😉

    You could come up for a visit in the frozen tundra.

  • At least some of you actually have a change of season, I live in Southern California and gosh darnit, its pretty nice mostly all year…I WOULD LOVE some rain, or just to see some pretty colorful leaves fall from the palm trees… 😉 I grew up in Texas so we never knew what the weather was going to do! People from home will ask me how the weather is…I have to say…the same as its been the last 364 days pretty much…LOL

    We’ve evidently been leading parallel lives. I grew up mostly in Texas, then spent 10 years in Los Angeles. I have to say, I really miss the weather in L.A. But, not the earthquakes!

  • I feel your glee! We’re in Memphis, and the humidity has been gone for a couple of weeks now. For those of us with more than an tinge of natural curl, fall is the best time of the year. For me, it’s about the only time that I don’t look like a wad of SOS pads have congregated on top of (and around) my head.

  • Amen to lower humidity! Texas is not a great hair state unless you jack it all the way to Jesus with hairspray!

  • Hey, I had a fringed tablecloth that posed as a poncho too. Mine was red, white, and blue plaid. I was so proud. And thanks for bringing THAT memory to the forefront!
    I grew up in Florida but live in the swamps of South Carolina now where you can always find damp air no matter what the temperature.

  • As a fellow Floridian, let me give a little “Amen” on the hair issues. I wore gloves on my walk this morning – I was a very happy girl.

  • I just wrote about my own hair day today! Not as good as yours, I’m afraid. Just as well, I wouldn’t have had anything to post for today otherwise!

  • Just now catching up on your blog, because it is my birthday and so I will not homeschool or unpack today (Unless I really want to) (: But let me just say with a sly smile…I have discovered that everyday in CO is a good hair day. I have had more good hair days in a week in Fun,CO, than in a year of Armpit, FL. Miss you (but not the humidity).