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Someone To Watch Over Me

A few weeks ago I was dropping my girls off at a weekly event. This gives them a couple of hours working in a ministry they love, and gives me some time alone with my 3 year old boyfriend, Jensen.

First on the agenda, is for him to take me to Starbucks. For a well deserved Mocha Frappacino. Hold the whip. Don’t start writing letters. I’m doing the driving. And the drinking.

The Mocha Frappacino, that is. He carries his own sippy cup.

Next, we often head to the Discount Bread Store. You know the one. Where bread that is sold at a regular grocery store sells for a cool $3.50, but at the Discount Bread Store SELLS THE SAME DANG THING FOR $1.00.

And it isn’t even moldy.

On this particular blustery day, Jensen and I blew into the store looking rather disheveled. After I wrestled him into the cart, and strong armed him into the safety buckle, we set about filling the cart with loaves of bread, English Muffins, and Miniature Bagels. (I close my eyes whilst passing the Entenmanns Donut selection.) Out of sight, out of mind.

I noticed that we shared the smallish store with a very well put together older lady. She was probably in her mid to late 70’s. I smiled and made small talk about the weather.

Then, with a full cart, I checked out. While Jensen attempted to flip the cart while still strapped into the seat. A feat he ventures anytime we go to the bread store, as the carts are on the small side. And don’t at all resemble the car carts he enjoys at the local Publix.

His small way of rebelling.

We made our way out to the van. I threw all of our bags into the back, wrestled Jensen into his car seat, and came around to the drivers side of our car. Just then, I heard, “Excuse me!” The well put together elderly lady, in her very nice clean Lexus, leaned across her drivers seat to her passenger side, rolling down the window. I bent down to see what she needed, “Here.” And with that, I saw her hold out a rolled up unknown sum of money. “I want you to have this.”

For a brief moment, because of the look in her eyes, and the way she held out the carefully rolled up money, I saw my Nanny. When I was young and struggling on my own in my 20’s, my Nanny would sometimes roll up a ten spot, and hand it to me as I was leaving after a visit.

“Oh no, ma’am. I couldn’t.”

“Please, I don’t have anyone to help.”

My heart broke for her.

I explained to her that we were awfully blessed, and that I wanted her to go do something nice for herself.

She insisted a little bit more, and I was just as adamant.

I told her, “You have helped me, you just made my day a lot brighter.”

And with that, she smiled, backed out of her parking spot, and waved.

And I prayed. I prayed for someone to come into that sweet lady’s life. Someone she could heap help upon. And someone who would love and appreciate her in return.

As mommies, we have a God given nurturing spirit. We have an unquenchable need to take care of those we love. Plus a stray dog or cat as well. And I think that continues long after our children are grown and gone.

It’s who we are.

And I think it’s why we always miss our own mothers and Nannies. No matter our age, or how long our moms have been gone. My 84 year old aunt still tears up when she speaks of her own mama. My Nanny. Who has been in heaven now for 20 years.

We all need someone to watch over us. And I thank God for a heavenly Father who has an unquenchable need to care for His children.

17 Responses to Someone To Watch Over Me

  • Dee Dee…thank you for sharing this beautiful story and your heart. It has made my day brighter too. You are a blessing my friend. I meet you every morning with my coffee. Have a wonderful day.

  • Great story, DeeDee, and a timely reminder.

  • What a lovely story! It’s nice to know there really is such kindness in the world. 🙂

  • DeeDee, what a beautiful story. I pray, too, for God to bring someone into that darling lady’s life.

  • awwwhhhh

    How sweet.

    My Grams died this year, and I miss her.

  • Great story. A very good example and reminder of our purpose.

  • Crying and completely agreeing with you! Thank you for the heart warming story.

  • DeeDee,

    I had two grandmothers who prayed for me every day. . .and I was always comforted, knowing that SomeOne was always watching over me. And my mom. All three of them are in heaven and not a day goes by that I don’t think of them. I miss them but know that I will see them again someday when my short time on earth is done.

    You truly made my day with this post. . .you have blessed many in more ways than you’ll ever know. And I pray that someone will come into that lady’s life and be blessed.

    Thank you for a great devotional. . .

  • Your story made me almost cry. I lost my mom to cancer in 2001 and I lost my Dad last week. I am grieving my Dad and the fact he is no longer here, but bigger than that, I am grieving that there is no one there “to help” me anymore.

    I pray this lady will find someone to help. There are so few in the world that have that attitude, I hope it doesn’t go to waste. God, I pray, you connect this precious lady with someone who needs her help.

  • This is such a nice story. Sometimes the world seems so harsh. It is nice to know there are still people out there who want to help. I pray she finds someone who she can help, and, in turn help her.

  • That was just beautiful. I want to go find that lady and giver her hug!

  • What a sweet and loving heart that lady has. You, too, Dee Dee. Thanks for sharing this story. I believe the Lord will send someone her way; someone she’ll bless and someone who’ll bless her, as well.

  • Dang. That was so incredibly sweet. It makes me miss my Memere.

  • What a blessing our families are to us – Sometimes I just want to hug little old men and women who remind me of my Granny and Papa. (I resist becuase they just might think I’m psycho, when I really just miss my Papa!) What a blessing you must have been to that dear lady in that short amount of time – dear God, please allow her to be a blessing to others as well… Thanks for sharing your special moment, DeeDee…

  • I am praying for this sweet lady, too. Thanks for sharing her with us.

  • Three-year-old boyfriend, that’s what I call my little guy.