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The Mommy Brochure Looked So Much More Attractive

I’ve got to admit, this Mommy gig has been kicking my sagging rear side up one side of the street and down the other the last few days or so.

And by so, I mean 9 years.

But it just feels like in the last few days, I’m flailing more than usual.

Some of you have been asking me how Jensen is doing. And, really, compared to a year ago, he’s making huge strides. However, he is still having trouble sleeping. And the trickle down affect is that so is everyone else in the house.

But, Fiddledaddy is putting him through operation “Baby Boot Camp.” And you know what that means. No rocking of the 50 pound baby back to sleep.

Therefore, he has gone from hollering for his beloved daddy to come and comfort him. Now it’s mommy that he wants.

Because mommy is easy. And when woken up out of a much needed and deserved sound sleep, she can be talked into nearly anything.

So, the daddy is the one to deal with him. Which really works in my favor. But, I lay awake most nights wondering what’s going on back there in his little boy room.

It’s a mommy sickness.

And yet, Jensen’s love of his daddy is so profound that if I should dare to take Jensen away from his daddy to, say, go pick up the sisters from an activity, he will sit in his car seat and SCREAM the entire trip. I WANT DADDY, I WANT DADDY, I WANT DADDY. Times one trillion. With a few, “I DON’T WIKE YOU MOMMY”s sprinkled in for good measure.

That was the scene yesterday in the mommy van. And friends, it’s all I can do not to escalate the situation by offering a little yelling and screaming myself. With a few threats of military school sprinkled in. For good measure.

But I didn’t. Calmly, through tears, I prayed. “Oh dear Lord, help me.” Times one trillion. Then, “It’s only a season, it’s only a season.” Times one trillion. Followed by, “Oh look, a STARBUCKS! WITH A DRIVE-THRU.”

Which besides extreme praying, always makes me feel a little better. Sort of like a little “Mommy Bail-Out.”

Then I made the mistake of once again taking him into the library. We go over the rules.

•Speak quietly.
•Stay with mommy.
•No climbing on the bookshelves.
•No licking of the floor.
•No cursing.

How hard can those rules be to follow?

As you might guess, he yelled. He ran out the automatic doors toward the parking lot filled with elderly drivers, causing me to abandon my books to be checked out, and wallet, and he kept hollering “POOPOO PEEPEE.” Times one trillion. I really do need to find a new library. In another county.

Yes, yes, there are consequences. But, since he’s 3, the trouble he gets into is way more fun than any punishment that can be implemented in a parking lot. With security cameras.

By days end, I was low, friends, I was low.

And then, a small 3 year old boy came and wrapped his little arms around my knees and said, “I do wuv you, mommy.” As he looked up at me with big blue eyes.

And I dropped to my knees and hugged him, “I do wuv you too, sugar bear.” And while I was there, I thanked God for that precious moment. Which He knew I so desperately needed.

26 Responses to The Mommy Brochure Looked So Much More Attractive

  • Yep. He’s always right on time. Hope you have a great day today. 🙂

  • I hope things get better soon, and that everyone gets some good sleep!!

    And yes, God knows how to remind us of WHY we do what we do. Even when we just can’t take another minute, another tantrum, another dirty diaper. It IS all worth it – it’s just hard to see sometimes.

  • “But, since he’s 3, the trouble he gets into is way more fun than any punishment that can be implemented in a parking lot. With security cameras.”

    Which is why God invented bathrooms. 😉

    May this season come to swift close for you!

  • Cherish those moments.

    You’ll need them in about 10 years. giggle.

  • God provides those little moments of “I wuv you” because otherwise, we would…well, I don’t know but it wouldn’t be pleasant. When my kids are acting crazy and bouncing on that last nerve, I always say “THIS is why lion mom eat their young!” Not that I am suggesting I would eat my young…
    Oh dear there goes a minute of your life you won’t get back…sorry.

  • So sorry that you have to endure this season of your life. Some days being a Mommy is highly over-rated. My God pour Grace on you with MANY more sweet reminders of why we do what we do.

  • I’m glad your day ended well. May this one be even better!


  • I’m sooooo with you! I’m at a loss to know which hit me hardest this week…the homeschooled kids which I sincerely wished were in “real” school, the 3 year old who calmly and politely hollered at me at 3:00AM “I WANT SOME MILK!”, or PMS which I don’t think I’ve ever had, but this week it seemed like a viable option!

    At least my 3 year old is only 33 pounds…that’s something I guess… TGIF!!!

  • I am there too…so, so there with you…

    Those “I wuv oo” moments are pretty much all that gets me through between the 3-word prayers flung in the general direction of the ceiling…constantly.

    😀 I hope your day is filled with moments like that today…

  • Dee,
    I am just absolutely convinced that somehow Jensen and my Tanner were somehow supposed to have been related…Tan had a meltdown the other night because it was bedtime and told me he wants to go live with his daddy in his new truck cause it had to be better than being with me….
    I must admit that the thought of sticking him in a box and shipping him to his daddy to stay in that shiny new truck did cross my mind a few times like midnight when i was putting him back in bed for the 35th time that hour.
    the good news is that C will be home in a couple of weeks and tho they beg for him while he is gone he will be here 3 days and they will be allllll over me again…LOL
    going to be interesting to see how the kids deal w/ his injury this time

  • It is only a season but oh how hard it is to remember that!! Hugs and hang in there. You are doing great.

  • Two girls, ages 5 & 3. Mommy PMS-ing. So ugly. So very ugly. Every once and a while, I’m just so relieved that Daddy comes home. Because if I were him, I’d work a few extra hours.

  • As a mom of a 3 year old (as well as 9 and almost 7 year old) I can attest to the “bad” moments being erased by a simple “I wuv you.”

    I’m up with my youngest as many as five times a night – she’s only slept through the night twice in her three years. So it’s a good thing she often tells me how much she loves me. 😉

  • I have my fair share of those days with my own 3 year old. Knowing there’s an end is sometimes so little comfort…

    I live for the impromptu “i love you”s

  • Those 3YOs can kick some serious booty. And some saggy booty too.

    Some days I just wait for my pink slip to come in the mail. And I’m not talking the kind from Victoria’s Secret.

  • Those toddlers/preschoolers have the uncanny ability to drive you insane and make your heart melt and back again all in one day.

    Hope your weekend goes well.

  • Amen to your post, and all the comments above! Most moms can relate — children bring the most joy, along with the most pain! God bless.

  • Remade.

    Beautiful post, DeeDee. I hope it gets a little easier for you next week.

  • As a mother of two teens…all I can say is….IT WON’T GET EASIER!!!

  • I feel your pain. Today has been tortuous.

    The Calm One will only be home for two hours before he has to go back to work. Those two hours I’ll be hiding in the bedroom with the pillow over my head. Only thing is, the pillow makes it hard to scarf down the Reece’s peanut butter cups I’ve been hoarding for just such a day.

  • Hi DeeDee! Haven’t been here for a while and I was just reading the last few posts. Loved the grill story, and I feel your pain about the gym thing – my calves are killing me right now – and let me assure you they do grow up and are gone before you know it. Then they come home for the weekend and break their tailbones. *sigh*

  • You know, over the years and years that I have been going through those days, and believe me, the teenage years are not much better, just a different sort of torture, I have kept myself sane thinking about how one day they would move out.
    Then, that day drew closer and closer. I began to wonder if I could let go and be OK with his choices in life. Would I fall apart?
    Well, that day came. Today. And I didn’t cry. As a matter of fact, it really is as wonderful as I thought it would be!
    Of course, I have 6 more kids behind him to get through, so the agony hasn’t changed much.

  • He will get better to deal with. I couldn’t even say I liked my twins until they were about 4. It will get better. Right now it’s hard to reason with someone that goes for the titty-twister hold. 🙂

  • I say it over and over, but I love the way you write about…well, life.

    We have a 2-year-old, and when things aren’t going his way he tells me, “Go away, Mama!” Ah, the tender moments of toddlerhood. But then he’ll turn right around and say, “I wub you, Mama,” and the other comment is just forgotten. (Until he says it again 38 seconds later……)

    Enjoyed it, as always!

  • Okay, enough lurking for me. This post brought tears to my eyes becuz I can SO relate this week! As a matter of fact, today I took my 3 yr old, whose been fighting a nasty cold for over a week, to the dr. Basically when the doc came in I told her in no uncertain terms, “…with his behavior the last 2 days, you better find something wrong with him, because I’m not taking him home if he’s fine”.

    Turns out…ear infection. Thank God. I was afraid it was my parenting, or lack there of! 🙂

  • Oh, I love this! I just found your blog this morning, and I have been reading and reading. Thanks for the smiles!

    I’m about to start a blogroll, would it be ok if I added you?