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Cocktail Hour

Whenever Fiddledaddy goes out of town on business, he always brings home little presents for everyone.

And really, no one is more deserving of a present than the mommy, especially after listening to a small boy repeat, “I WANT DADDY, I WANT DADDY, I WANT DADDY, I WANT DADDY!” Times one trillion.

So, when daddy first walked in the door after this particular trip, and after the children informed him how mommy nearly burned the house down when the lamp caught on fire, he passed out the presents.

I assured him that the “house nearly burning down” story had undergone many embellishments in the days since the dreaded event.

So, for mommy’s present, he took us all out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. And ordered the bedraggled mommy a “Wallabe Darned.” And it was 2 for 1.

Come to mama.


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