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Bait and Switcheroo

Cailey has ruled supreme as the child most likely to torture a sibling. She is an authority on button pushing. And most days, the buttons she’s pushing are mine.

However, as I often say, “revenge is best served up warm…”

It seems that I may have exacted my revenge, by giving her a baby brother. A formidable foe.

Whatever Cailey is doing, Jensen must be doing as well. Her favorite toy de jour? Jensen’s favorite toy de jour. If she is cozily nestled in a chair, minding her own beeswax (which is a rare occurrence), then Jensen will simply sit on top of her.

I spend a good deal of my day breaking up skirmishes between the two of them. And although I may seem exasperated and disheveled, secretly I’m chuckling.

Because they are two peas. Fighting to evict the other right out of the pod.

Cailey is a fan of all things doll. She adores her stuffed dolls, Barbie dolls, miniature fairy dolls, and her beloved Polly Pocket dolls. And of course, all their miniature fashion accessories.

Which evidently multiply when I sleep. I know this because if you were to count up the pieces that I toss when her little blonde head is turned, they should all be gone. And yet, I still sit on them. Daily.

So, it should be no surprise that Jensen has also taken a shine to these beautiful dolls. He has always had an eye for the ladies.

This is driving Cailey absolutely crazy. She doesn’t care to share her girl dolls with anyone. Not her sister. And certainly not her gorilla of a little brother. Who thinks nothing of mowing down the well dressed ladies with his pink Barbie jeep. And possibly beheading them for sport afterwards.

Cailey has attempted sharing the boy version of her collection. She cares nothing for Ken, as she figures Barbie could do better. And as for Prince Eric Polly Pocket doll? Ursula can have him as far as she’s concerned.

Jensen, sensing the rouse, wants nothing to do with them either.

Putting her thinking cap on, she has tried a new ploy.

And what did Jensen think? I found Princess Eric face down behind the toilet later in the day.

Smelling suspiciously like little boy pee-pee.

Cailey has met her match.

And because I’m an excellent example of exemplary motherhood, I’m secretly enjoying the fallout.

18 Responses to Bait and Switcheroo

  • hahahahaha – I’m laughing so hard right now! The cross-dressing boy doll – I love it!

  • I am always amazed when I find a half-dressed “Boy doll” of my daughter’s collection in her brother’s room.
    It usually has some sort of head attire attached (helmet, bandana, rubber band, etc.) and is holding a make-shift gun of some kind. He knows how to “man up” a Ken doll quicker than anyone I know.
    My son goes into his evil laugh mode when my daughter discovers it and shrieks in horror. (I am not telling him the pee idea. We already can’t get it in the toilet… I can’t imagine what would happen if there was a smaller target!)


    It is a dance, isn’t it?

  • LOL. I needed to have had another baby just to push Owen’s buttons. But, since I can’t do that, I supplied him with daycare toddlers who are doing it rather nicely. It’s hilarious to watch King Owen be dethroned, sometimes. I’m such a mean mommy!

  • I can just hear the announcer now..

    “In this corner…!”

  • DeeDee,

    The low barometric pressure did something to your writing brain cells.

    In a good way.

    You have been on a roll!!

  • you mean the one in the oven will torment the older two in ways i have not yet imagined thereby pushing buttons i didnt know they had yet??

    fabulous…looking forward to more excitement around here in a year or two…

  • That is too funny! Love the cross-dressing doll. I know what you mean about those Polly Pockets (could they make the accessories any smaller?)

  • LOL!! Sounds like Cailey is going to have to be more creative, or lock her door. Too funny!!

  • At least they are using all their energy on each other instead of how to take down the mom.

  • Having been through this many, many times, I can understand your enjoyment of it. You know how they say it’s just a stage and the kids will grow out of it and be the best of friends later on? It doesn’t happen by the time they’re 23. I’ll let you know if it ever does.

  • THAT is funny. And I so hope that’s the way it goes for my youngest girl too once the baby is old enough. Because she is a TERROR to the rest of us! 🙂

  • I wish I had thought to pee on my sister’s toys. the brat totally deserved it. oh wait, I’m supposed to be opposed to that kind of behavior, hu?

  • At least Cailey is trying, right??? Kind of? 😀

  • I get a sick little giggle out of the times when the tables get turned on my little torturer, too. This was a hysterical post!


  • That was too funny! I have three one is 9 and 10 years older than the other two. But they love to play with her doll house and people. They go into her room and take what they think is rightfully theres and put it in there room. My oldest has gotten exasperated by this and has just let them have it all. LOL

  • My little brother took my beloved cabbage doll, from the year people literally fought over them in line! and wrote I am stupid on her stomach in permanent marker but he spelled stupid, stuped. Serves him right! He has never lived it down!

    I am well versed with the sibling rivalry thing!

  • D2, you’ve officially made me laugh out loud today. I really needed that.