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All in the Name of Fitness

As you may know, I live in a time warp. I still don’t own an iPod, or MP3 Player. Most of my music begrudgingly emanates from dusty old worn out cassettes.

Only because my 8-track player broke years ago. And I’ve been hard pressed to replace it.

As far as new fangled games go, I still have my old 1990 version of Mario Brothers. Which I still dearly love. But I cannot talk Fiddledaddy into hooking it up for me. He scoffs at Luigi in his out of fashion overalls. And for that very reason, my precious Tigger overalls hang in the far reaches of my closet.

But, things are quickly changing here in the House of Fiddle. My dad and stepmother offered to buy the children this new fangled Wii for a birthday/Christmas combo.

Now. I know some of y’all have been praising the wonders of the Wii for some time now. And I’ve been at a loss. My comments sadly have been “What’s a Wii?”

But then, I don’t know what a Game Cube is either. Twister? Now, there’s a game I know well.

I agreed to this wonderful present of a Wii, because Trish had just gotten one from her FIL for her boys, and she can hold it hostage if her boys don’t behave. Since they love the Wii, they are more apt to straighten up and fly right.

Trish and I share similar parenting styles.

And so, we are now the proud and grateful recipients of a Wii. On Saturday, after nearly going blind and almost dropping a 1995 hulk of a television on my foot, I set it up. By myself. Thankyouverymuch. I’ll be here all week.

Let the games begin.

The girls have played so much that they are fighting with us over control of the ice packs. “L” is for LOSER. Suffer little children. The ice packs are mine. ALL MINE!

Insert maniacal laughter.

Anyhoo. Fiddledaddy and I have shown little interest in the Wii. Until the children are safely tucked in and blissfully unconscious.

Since we are both somewhat competitive in nature, our evenings no longer revolve around reading glasses and computer screens.

And my blog may suffer a bit.

As well as my triceps, plus other muscles I’ve had little to no use for.

And if that isn’t enough, we joined the gym last week, too. I took my first Zumba class on Saturday.

Has anyone ever died from Zumba?

I fear I may be the first.

But, back to the Wii. Tell me, Wii fans, hypothetically speaking, if I were to buy an extra game for Christmas, what would you recommend? I’ve heard that Mario is a possibility. I’m positively giddy about that prospect.

Clearly, I need a life.

And more ice packs.

28 Responses to All in the Name of Fitness

  • Right there with you.

    Though I’m still not sure how to even pronounce “Wii.” My guess is it’s like “wee wee,” but what kind of marketing guru would do THAT to a game/toy/whateveritis?

  • Mario Galaxy rocks if you are looking for something similar to the old time Mario. As for family fun, we bought Pro Bowling and love to beat, errr I mean play non-competitively, with one another.

  • Okay, I’ve been debating for the past year that this will my kids’ combined gift this Christmas, but I’m still undecided because I don’t want to encourage video gaming. The reason I’ve been thinking about it is because 1) I want to be able to take it away to punish them; and 2) I want Wii Fit so bad!! It looks like such fun!!

  • Oh, so many choices!! Our favorite games are:
    1. Guitar Hero (so fun, you won’t regret it)
    2. Mario Party 8
    3. Mario Cart (I love this one!)
    4. Wee Fit (a true workout)
    5. Big Brain Academy (kinda educational, really fun if you’re competitive!)

    I love the Wii!

  • We have little Wii players (3 & 5), who for now are content playing tennis & baseball. We also got Wii Play, which added a few similar games. We have a Wii Fit which I LOVE. For Christmas I’m hoping for Mario Kart. For them. My present had better not be a Wii game.

  • I fought the Wii for awhile, because I did not want my kids addicted to video games. But when we got one, we’ve all loved it. We have a rule that nobody plays alone, only for thirty minutes, and we don’t buy games with “levels” that tend to suck you in to get “just a bit further.” So we have wii sport, wii fit (which I love), and Mario Kart. Mario Kart is a blast, my littlest ones can hold a wheel and crash into things. they love it. And hubs and I adore playing tennis together in the evening when the kids go to bed.

  • I plan on getting my son Mario and Sonic at the Olympics Games because we were so into the Olympics this year and it’s one of those that requires movement. Mario Kart would probably be the second choice. My son also really likes Playground which has Dodgeball, Wall Ball, Tether ball and a Paper Airplane race game. My personal favorite is Big Brain Academy. I am still striving for an A+ on that game. It’s been one that my husband and I play late at night. I have also used it some in homeschooling. I am hoping that Santa Claus will bring me Wii Fit.

  • The Wii is so much fun!! I love it!!

    Mario Kart is great fun!
    Rayman Raving Rabbids is fun too!

    I am hoping for a Wii Fit in the near future!!

    Have fun!

  • Was I the only one that had to look up Zumba?

    As an aerobics drop out (3 left feet), I can only imagine how entertaining I would be for the rest of the class! Good for you! We will be waiting for further updates – you know, when the children pry the wii out of your hands and you are forced to blog! : )

  • I’d recommend Wii Play, MarioKart, or Carnival Games. Personally I’m a big fan of Guitar Hero, too, but the guitars make the game almost twice as expensive. Totally worth it in my book, though 🙂

  • Timely post. I told my husband last night that I think we should get a Wii for the kids for Christmas. Not one to encourage video games, he looked at me as if I’d suggested we let the kids eat M&Ms for dinner every night this week.

    I tried to explain that I’ve heard such great things via blogs, that it’s not a “typical” video game. If I do manage to convince him, I”ll be back here to figure out what games to add to the wish list.

  • We have a game called “Mario Party 8” for the Wii. Its really fun and can be played by little kids as well as adults. Its basically a board game on the wii, everyone gets a turn and moves around the board, picking up or losing coins. Sometimes a space you land on may let you play a bonus little game for extra coins. Then after each round of moving around the board, there is a bigger game worth more points that EVERYONE plays against each other.
    You try to rack up the coins so you can buy Stars (they are also located at random spots on the board, and they are kind of expensive, around 20 or 50 coins depending on what board you’re playing). The person with the most stars (and who overall played the best game) wins.
    Its also good because it teaches kids to prioritize with their “money”: do they want to buy the little cheat on this turn, or be able to buy the Star on the next??
    And for FiddleDaddy? Tell him that rest assured, all of the classic Mario characters have been updated (but still have their classic feel) and its fun seeing them in 3-D and hearing them talk! and there are some fun new characters too!
    Its overall a fun game. You definitely WON’T be disappointed.

  • Well, after spending over a week with my nephews in Utah, my parents came home and were compelled to buy a Wii for themselves. Their favorite game is Indiana Jones Lego. They’ve been through all the levels at least twice. And they preordered Star Wars Lego, too.

    I played Wii boxing once with my oldest child, who was 5 at the time. I woke up the next day and could barely move from the waist up.

    We do not have a Wii.

  • If we get a “game” for our new Wii for Christmas it will be “Wii Fit,” because I could not justify spending another $70 when we purchased the thing. But our pack came with We Play, We Sports as well as Super Smash Brothers… which we just played last night.


  • Mario Kart!! It is more fun than a barrel of monkeys…actually, it has enough monkeys in it for a barrel. Several can play at once, and if you have wireless internet, you can run over people you don’t even know from places like Japan and France. Super Mario Galaxy is also great fun — in fact, I’d venture to say it’s the best Wii game out there, but it is a ONE person at a time game, so MK would probably be best for you.

  • I second (or third) the Mario Kart. It’s so much fun. DH, our 8 1/2 year old, and I are all very competitive and we have a blast playing it. The only down side is having to purchase extra “wheels” for your Wii-motes. It makes it seem more like driving a car and less like a joystick. Have fun choosing!!

  • While Guitar Hero is awesome, you may want to look into Rock Band. It comes with two guitars, a microphone and a mini drum set that can all be played together. My sister’s roommates have it and it’s hours of fun….hours that should probably be spent studying, but oh well!

  • The choices abound…but the favs in my house (of course I have little boy) is Lego Star Wars: The complete saga!, Mario Kart is so fun but you need to buy steering wheel or its just not the same, Sonic’s Olympic Games, and the Wii Play…these both have numerous games to play so they don’t get so old! Have fun!

  • We love Guitar Hero. However, my children are older and if the only music your kids are exposed to is Christian music, Guitar Hero will not be for you. It is ALL Rock and Roll. Maybe you and Fiddledaddy could play once the kids are tucked in. I don’t think you would go wrong with any of the Mario games. And Wii Fit is alot of fun for our entire family. I still think my all time favorite is the Wii Sports; we had a lot of fun Christmas day bowling with the entire extended family.

  • Super Mario Galaxy is a great game. Other fun games are Wii Ski and the Mario Olympics game.

  • We don’t have the excuse of children yet (waiting to adopt), but we do own a Wii and LOVE it!! We have Wii play, Wii sports (boxing and beating your hubby by a knockout is something not to miss!!!), Cars (which is like Mario Kart, but has the characters from the movie and so fun!!), Carnival Games (my personal favorite) and Tiger Woods Golf.

    You can’t go wrong with Wii, you’re moving and that’s always a good thing. We had my parents (61&62) over to play a few weeks ago. Everyone, all ages, will enjoy it. My girlfriend gang (30somethings) come over to play after dinner outings as well.

    I hear RAVE reviews from our nieces & nephews on Rock Band b/c everyone can play. Drums, sing with microphone, guitars, etc… They love it and all get together to play. (all 20somethings) So fun!!

  • Deedee,
    My sons have connected their Wii up to the internet and you can go to the Wii shop channel and actually buy that 1990 version of Mario and play it on the Wii. I don’t get on there very often, but I do like that!!! Have fun!

  • DH and the DDs (10 & 5) love the Lego games – Indiana Jones. I believe there’s also a Star Wars version.

  • We have had our Wii since Feb. and the whole family loves it! Our family favorites are Sonic & Mario Olympics, Carnival Games, Playground and Wii Fit.

    I like Wii Fit and the Olympics best because you actually have to move around to play those games.

    The hubby and kids prefer Carnival Games and Playground because they are more one-on-one competitions.

  • I say definitely go with Mario Cart. Up to 4 people can play at a time. There is also an online option so if you know people in other places with a Wii and Mario Kart you can race them. It’s super fun, very addictive and will as you and your husband are competitive, it will give you lots of “bonding” time.

    This is my absolute favorite Wii game that we own and the only one (other that Wii Fit) that I will play by myself.

    Oh! but if you get it then make sure you get the little steering wheels for the Wii-mote…I think it makes it more enjoyable and “real”.

  • I say definitely go with Mario Cart. Up to 4 people can play at a time. There is also an online option so if you know people in other places with a Wii and Mario Kart you can race them. It’s super fun, very addictive and will as you and your husband are competitive, it will give you lots of “bonding” time.

    This is my absolute favorite Wii game that we own and the only one (other than Wii Fit) that I will play by myself.

    Oh! but if you get it then make sure you get the little steering wheels for the Wii-mote…I think it makes it more enjoyable and “real”.

  • Seriously? Die from Zumba? Do you mean die from falling over and hitting your head while hysterically laughing about the ridiculous uncoordination of others?

  • I send along my vote for Super Mario Galaxy. I took my kids almost 3 months (with playing about 40 minutes a day) to finish all the levels. If you get it…..when you finish ALL the levels and kill the big guy…..don’t turn it off until ALL the credits play….you’ll see!
    We also like our WII fit. That’s a crowd pleasure at our house.