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A Plague Upon Our House

No. No one is sick. I’m talking about a plague. Of epic proportions. As in, biblically. The real deal.

After we received 25” of rain in our area a couple of weeks ago, a number of you, commented, e-mailed and called to warn me of the coming plague.

The Frogs.

And a few of you were a little too gleeful. Not to name names, but I’m talking about YOU, Kelli And that’s just WRONG.

As you may recall, I’ve devoted many many posts and an entire category to dealings I’ve had with the amphibian population.

We had a tad more rain tonight. As we were driving home from AWANA (yes, I’m a Sparks leader again this year because my own children aren’t driving me to drink), Emme made an observation when passing a neighbor’s house.

Gee mom, there sure are a lot of mosquitos on their door.”

Yes, Emme, and don’t forget, mosquitos kill, so don’t dawdle when when we’re going in the house.”

I am a shining example of parenting perfection.

When we pulled into our driveway, I looked at our garage door. There were millions of mosquitos on our house as well. As my eyes adjusted to the porch light, and much to my horror, I saw that they were not mosquitos, BUT FROGS. Millions and millions of tiny frogs. I got out of the car, and inspected the front door.

This is what I saw. Not just tiny frogs, but large bulbous parent frogs as well. I heard a couple of popping sounds underneath my sneakers. The ground was carpeted in tiny frogs

I still haven’t had the nerve to look at the underneath side of my shoes.

There seemed to be no way into the house. Fiddledaddy, after hearing the screams from the driveway, (screams of fear from me and Cailey, screams of delight from Emme, and screams from a mommy frog who had just witnessed a youngster or two falling prey to a size 7 1/2 sneaker) opened the garage door so we could scurry inside.

Emme captured the frogs that made their way in with us. I forgot to ask her what she did with them.

I’ll be checking my bed very carefully. She and I have been at odds lately.

It’s just a good thing that Dominos delivers. I’m never leaving the house again. And it’s a shame, since preparations really should begin for the locusts that are sure to follow.

38 Responses to A Plague Upon Our House

  • Just remember how much I WUV you ….



  • Oh my…if you didn’t have a picture of it…I’m not sure I’d know what to think!Not to invoke the wrath of any “save the frogs” folk but isn’t there some kind of “be gone” frog spray???

  • hey, I want to identify exactly what type of frogs these are, so I’ll need a close up. 😉

    what you need are frog catching boys. I’ll lend you mine.

    or you could get a large reptile that eats frogs. like a snake. 😉


  • Oh dear. If I came home to a door covered with frogs, I’m afraid I would truly and enthusiastically freak out. Glad you got in safely. You’ll have to conduct your Domino’s transactions through a non-frog-covered window or something.

  • Ewwwwwwwwwwww! I have the major heeby-jeebies on your behalf! I think I heard that if you use snake repellent in your yard, it will also take care of frogs… a win-win situation there, in my opinion! (And who knows – maybe it will work on crocodiles too?)

    Off to do another full body shudder on your behalf…

  • That is just way nasty. I would’a screamed my head off too… as I ran back to the car to call the hubby on my cell phone to figure out what to do next. Ewwwwwww. Ick! And to think I got grossed out the other day over ONE tiny gecko on our garage door (as it went up and I was inside the car.. not even having to go near it) I feel your pain!

    Maybe the pizza guy could deliver via an airplane drop down your chimney. 😀

  • Oh, my….I don’t think I have ever seen so many frogs in one place. Totally creepy!!

  • wow. you really are telling the truth! unbelievable. amount. of. frogs. on. your. door.
    what kind of spray did Emme use to attract them to YOUR door, instead of the mosquitoes like everybody else?
    though the frogs do help with the mosquito problem, right? 🙂 death by squirm, not by bite?

  • We got a lot of Gustav’s rain where we live. I have never, ever, in almost 30 years seen a frog in my yeard until the other morning. And I thought about you. 🙂

  • Well, doo doo, “yard” not “yeard”. I’m bright, yeah, I am. :):)

  • Wow, that’s a LOT of frogs! I’m not really creeped out by a frog, but an abundance of frogs sicks me out just a little bit. 🙂

    Loved Kelli’s comment today… 😀

  • Well, there is a saying that says you have to kiss a lot of frogs/toads until you find your prince. . .

    Maybe there is a “prince” in there for your Emme!

    I feel for you. . . I would absolutely freak out if I had a scene like that at my house, especially under my feet! I don’t even like spiders or anything that “jumps.”

  • Ewwww…. I went outside last night in my bare feet to meet my mil as she dropped off my son and I stepped on a frog! It was so disgusting!!! We only have a couple here though so I cannot relate to your epidemic – yet!

    I have a question, DeeDee, one of my good friends is moving to Port St. Lucie, Florida and is asking if anyone knows of a good church there. I have no idea where you live, but if you know anything about that area, will you email me?


  • Hey, at least you took two out without batting an eye. I think you’ve found your weapon of mass destruction to compete with that first wave of plagues.

    And it could have been worse. They could have been alligators!

  • Oh, that’s just gross… Aren’t you glad you have a blog so you can at least make something good out of it?:)

    Oh my goodness, it DOES look like a plague!!

  • OK, when you said you stepped on them my feet came off the floor.

    Seriously, I would have had to sleep in the car.


  • Wow…… Ike’s fixin’ to hit us… wonder if we’ll get frogs?! Bless your heart – I think I would’ve lost it hearing them crunch under my feet. Pizza Hut delivers, too, you know! 🙂

  • You know, I don’t really mind frogs, but that picture is enough to make me want to stay inside my house, way over here in Texas. So, um, good luck with that frog problem.

  • I would have lost it. That is terrible. A frog or two is one thing, but that is crazy. It gives me the chills.

    I would toss the shoes. Ugh!

  • Oh my goodness! I don’t mean to laugh, DeeDee. Really. Honest. It’s just that…well, of all the homes these little frogs could have chosen. It’s like they KNOW.

  • I HATE frogs! With a passion. For that matter bugs and worms are up there too. I remember a couple years ago when we were at the lake and there was a particularly large infestation of frogs that year and my hubby was walking around barefoot. You can just imagine what happened. Still makes me shudder.

  • Have you passed the boil plague yet? Or is that still coming?

  • Oh my goodness, Dee Dee, let His people go already! 🙂

    Poor thing, this is awful. I caught a frog in my driveway yesterday. The kids and I played with it for a bit and let it go. I will never think of them the same way now.

  • Oh. And I must ask, who went back out for the photographic evidence? If it was you, than your loyalty to this blog should win an award.

  • And that, my friend, is as close to hell as I ever want to get – viewing it far away in picture form. Yuck!

  • My reaction would be WAY worse and it would probably be a very embarrassing display of my fear for ALL things creepy crawly!!! I think I would be checking in to the nearest hotel that wasn’t plagued with frogs!

  • Oh. My.

    Not sure what else to say, except that your unfortunate situation is great (frog) blog fodder.

    Boy, try saying THAT five times fast . . . frog blog fodder . . . frog blog fodder . . . I can’t even type it without messing up!

  • I am freaking out for you. The picture just gave me the heebie jeebies. Yuck!

  • That is awful. Not to freak you out even more, but look out for spiders. After Ivan, brown recluse were coming in people’s homes. People were in the hospital because of bites.

  • yeah, I’m not sure I could have gone out for the picture. thanks, I’ve got the shudders now!

  • OH MY WORD. Oh my word. I just don’t even know what else to say.

  • One thing to say….NASTY!

  • That is just totally creepy. I, too, stepped on a frog once when I was a teenager. It completely grossed me out and I’ve never forgotten it. I cannot imagine that x2 plus all the frogs on your door. Yuck!

  • Okay, the frogs on the door, and under the sneakers…gross. The song Kelli linked to….hilarious!!!!

    They have more videos about the fear of frogs, but I must.tear.myself.away from the computer…where does she find this stuff???

  • This saga is just unreal. I know that sometimes a frog is just a frog, but I do think perhaps God is plaguing you for some sin. Love, Job’s friend.

  • When we lived in SW Florida, we had huge Cuban frogs. One day my mother-in-law went in to use her toilet and came out screaming. A large (about 4″) frog was in the toilet and jumped up on her backside when she sat down. We guessed it had gone down the vent pipe from the roof and swam up the toilet drain. Check you toilets before sitting down!!! BTW, I love your blog. I think you should write a book.

  • Disgusting. Now I officially think frogs are gross. I’m sorry to hear about your plague!! Ewwww.