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The Hand that Rocks the Cradle…

I just watched this gal address the National Republican Convention. I’ll bet her mama is certainly proud of her. She rocks. And that’s about as vocally political as I’ll get on my blog.

33 Responses to The Hand that Rocks the Cradle…

  • I agree….Gov. Sarah ROCKS!

  • Ugh. Not even her mother in law thinks she’s qualified.

  • She’s qualified and she’s darling.

  • I wholeheartedly agree. She’s amazing!

  • I thought she was wonderful. I love the fact that her family members are all special in their own unique way. And how she said that they have their ups & downs just like any other family. She will be a great advocate for many different groups, especially for those persons who have “special needs.” Can’t wait to hear more from her!

  • The speech was wonderful! I guess we can now confidently tell our daughters you can be anything you want to be, maybe even President someday!

  • I completely agree with you. She rocks. She has spunk, and I really like her. 🙂

  • If she’s elected, IMHO we won’t have a VP for 4 years. I refuse to accept her. Why doesn’t she practice what she preaches? Abstinence? It appears as though, if the pictures don’t lie, that this is her daughter’s second child – they’re raising her previous one as “their fifth” – which also conveniently gives her a market to disabled children’s parents.

    She’s unfortunately a gimmick, plain and simple. I’m not fond of Obama either, but three scandals in the four days since nominated does not make for a positive player.

  • Amen sister Amen! She rocks!

  • I don’t know her personally but somehow I feel as though I do. I like that she is real. And I do think she practices what she preaches.

    I think her beliefs, especially in regards to being pro life, have certainly been tested this year. It speaks volumes to me that she doesn’t cave in and do the easy thing when life gets tough.

  • I am so hating this entire election. I am very impressed with her, and glad to know her DH is in a union, and her kids arent perfect…as a parent you can preach abstinence all you want but that does NOT guarantee that your child will practice it.
    It would be difficult for the daughter to have a 5 month old and also be 5 months pregnant.

  • You are so right – her mother must be bursting with pride!

  • I agree…I think she is spunky, and I loved how she talked too us instead of AT us like most political people lol. Of course I might be a bit partial to her…she did personally attend my brothers military funeral in AK a year and a half ago. 🙂 Either way as a soccer mom, and a mom of a special needs child she certainly got my attention.

  • I thought she was spunky and wonderful. Amazing poise in delivering that speech.

  • I’m proud of her and I’m not even her mama! 😉 Finally a reason to be excited about this election, and bless her heart for promising to be an advocate for the parents of special needs children.

  • Love it! Love it! Did you see her momma stand up and wave? And her hubby?
    And I loved that Mrs. McCain was itching to hold that baby!

  • The “moment’ of the night was when her seven year old daughter licked her whole palm and slicked down baby Trig’s hair. It was priceless, it couldn’t have staged it any better. I linked to the You Tube on my site.

    I admire your ability to stay out of the political stuff, I just can’t seem to stay quiet. It gets me in waaay too much trouble.

    Here’s the link to the youtube.


  • Yep, Sarah Rocks!!

    Did you happen to see when her youngest daughter was holding the baby, licked her hand and smoothed his hair down? Quite possibly one of the sweetest moments in any political convention.

  • She rocks, Amen!!! She’s gonna shake up things, they better not underestimate her. I think she’s ready to kick some political hiney!

  • Sarah Palin seems to have been groomed “for such a time as this.”

  • Yep, she rocks! Good for you for voicing your opinions. I was proud to do so also!

  • All I can say is that now I am excited about this election. I think it was a very wise on McCain’s part to choose her and I think she will do a great job.

  • Love her, love her, love her.

  • I still have no idea how I feel about anyone. (Well, I know I don’t like Obama…) I’m feeling like sticking my head in the sand. But – I know I won’t let myself do that. Too much weight on my conscience to give up.

    I just keep telling myself “God is in control God is in control God is in control.” Even if I don’t necessarily know what that means…

  • i wrote a little about her the other day. not anything personal about her, because, you know, i don’t actually know the lady. just some thoughts about her nomination BEFORE all this personal stuff started coming out.
    if you read it, keep in mind i am a not a political-following person. i have no idea where the thoughts came from. haha

  • I adore this woman! I think Senator McCain did a great thing by asking her to be his VP.

  • I love her quote….the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull — LIPSTICK. As a hockey mom I feel a connection to her…Leave her babies alone! You can attack the momma bear, but not the cubs or you’re gonna have a fight on your hands!

  • Gov. Sarah is so down to Earth and super smart. I will be admiring her as our new VP pretty soon!

  • I have to chime in.

    Those who are dissing her don’t get it. They can slander her all they want, she does not care what you think of her. She isn’t going to pander to you.

    I think she is a real woman and I think it’s time we sent someone like her to Washington.

    This election will be one for the history books. I can’t wait for Nov 4. More women will be voting in this election than in any other. We will be heard.

    Peace and Love,

    P.S. 38 million watched Obama. 40 million watched Sara.

  • I agree. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out!

  • “Do as I say, not as I do” is the statement that seems to describe Sarah Palin best.

    Also, amazingly she leaves out details. Sure, she may have put the jet on ebay. What she failed to mention was that after relisting twice, it didn’t sell and they had to sell it through a private service at a loss. There’s now a pending court case because of disclosure issues.

    I’d rather have a VP who can handle the entire story, rather than pick and choose what she wants the American public to know. I think we’ve had enough of that the past 8 years.

    Let’s move on to some honesty, full stories and reality.