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Ta Daaaah!

I’ve decided to move Command Central from the kitchen, to the bedroom. From there, I will conduct all business. I will teach the children over the baby gate. They can slide their finished paperwork underneath. And I have no need of the kitchen any longer. I could stand to lose a few pounds, anyway.

That’s how much I love my new and improved bedroom.

I feel so peaceful in here. Especially when I close the door and stick my fingers in my ears. It is clean and there is no clutter. I just function so much better in a clutter free zone. Imagine what I could accomplish if I did this with my whole house.

Oh dear. This could become a Home Improvement blog. No more talk of poop, menstruation or PMS? What would that be like?

Anyhoo. Here it is. The finished product. Next up: the Master Bath. And I’ve already picked out my peel and stick tile for the Family Room. I actually could go into a life of crime, since my recent overuse of the product “Goo Gone” to rid my fingers of unwanted stickiness. I have now have no fingerprints. If you need to be reminded of my mug shot, go here. If you dare.

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