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Home Improvement

All of my time and energy has been poured into replacing the flooring in the Master Suite.

Oh, and feeding, cleaning, and homeschooling the children. Whatever.

Which is why my blog has been woefully neglected. Well. That, and wordpress wouldn’t let me write a post in visual mode. I could only use html. Which means I may as well have been typing with my feet, while blindfolded. And medicated. But, Fiddledaddy fixed whatever the problem was, and I’m back in business.

Back to the home improvement saga.

It is finished. At midnight Monday night, Fiddledaddy and I popped a dozen or so Tylenol, and called it a day. On Tuesday, I put the room back together. But, without the clutter and dust bunnies. And moldy carpeting.

It is stunning. If I do say so myself. At the risk of turning Fiddledeedee into a Home Improvement blog, (and frankly, that would be a mistake. I couldn’t take the pressure. And Martha Stewart doesn’t need the competition), I am posting pictures.

Please note, my gifts do not lie in photography.

This is the slab of concrete. I did indeed consider staining it. However, the cracks were a little distracting. I tried to sell Fiddledaddy on the idea, telling him it would give our home a French flair. He wasn’t buying. Good call.

This is me, hard at work. I’ve actually just glued my hands together. Fortunately, I was able to work with my feet. If you know me, you know that I can actually peel a banana with my feet.

I’m thinking of putting Fiddledaddy to work in the kitchen more often. But, I will be retiring this particular rolling pin.

The last blankety blank piece that we had to cut. And re-cut. At midnight. The cuss jar may or may not have exploded from the weight. I’ll never tell.

Allrightythen. I’ll post the finished product tomorrow. Because I want to take a picture during the day. So you can actually see the floor. And not just a flash reflecting in the window.

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