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Concrete Jungle

When I said a few weeks ago that I wanted to just rip up the carpeting, and install a drain, I was only kidding. Sort of. Little did I know that I would soon have the opportunity to do just that.

Which just goes to show that I should always be careful what I post.

As I was whining about last week, our area of the globe received a record 25 inches of rain when Tropical Storm Fay paid us a visit. What I didn’t tell you was that Fiddledaddy was out of town during the whole ordeal, earning us some money so that I could continue to live in the style to which I have become accustomed.

One morning, I was on the phone with him conveying that if that area of town here in upper Armpit, Florida (an area I’ve had my wandering eye on as a desirous location in which to relocate) were to not experience flood conditions, I would take it as a sign that we should live there.

Thirty minutes later I saw on the new that the desirous location was now lakefront property. With houseboats.

I took it as a sign to appreciate my nice safe and dry neighborhood. Despite the homeowner’s association.

And then a while later I was padding through the master suite of our humble abode. “Why are my feet wet?” The realization struck me after I left the room and began rummaging though the pantry for something cookie in nature.

I’m nothing, if not quick.

In horror, I rushed back into the master suite and began flinging furniture aside to rip back the carpeting. Sure enough, the carpet, padding, and concrete were soaked.

Trish brought over her Shop Vac so that I could begin the drying out process. My 3 year old son, lover of anything vacuum shaped, nearly had a spasm when he saw the Shop Vac.


He was mesmerized as he hung over the baby gate, while I labored to rid the carpet of the mold breeding rainwater. And we all know, where there’s mold, there’s certain death.

I did the best job I could do, and turned on all the industrial sized fans I could find. Which really just moved the stink around. And gave me a rather frazzled appearance.

When Fiddledaddy returned home that night, he assessed the situation, and began ripping up carpet and padding. Like a man possessed.

Well. We’ve been talking about replacing the carpeting for about 112 years. But I tell you, my plans for new flooring have changed dramatically in the last week. We are not going to sink a bunch of money into flooring.

Sink would be the operative word.

We had a building inspector come to take a look at our situation. He said that the water probably entered through a loose electrical outlet outside. And the cracks we found in the floor are not indicative of my personal fear that we built our house ON TOP OF A SINK HOLE.

Which is awfully excellent news.

We have a good deal of work ahead of us. And by us, I mean Fiddledaddy. We’re going to replace all of the carpeting and cheap linoleum ourselves. Room by room. And we are probably going to go the nicer “peel and stick” route. I took a picture of what we picked out for the master suite, er, um, concrete slab.

So, if you have any sage advice as to the installation of “peel and stick” flooring, please share it with me. Or Fiddledaddy.

I would imagine it’s much like my old Lee Press On Nails. Which were quite lovely if you stood across the room and squinted.

This may be the reason Fiddledaddy will be barring me from assisting in the floor installation. Well. That and the fact that I would probably glue myself to the floor.

Which would get me out of housework for a few days.

MY MASTER PLAN. (insert maniacal laughter)

(Oh, my friends. It’s good to be back. I feel better already.)

25 Responses to Concrete Jungle

  • Oh man. Bummer about the flooding. But, oh, this middle-of-the-night laughing is just what I needed!! (I’m sure I’ll get back to sleep any minute now…just a few more blogs…)

  • My next home. which will be lakefront btw, will have stained concrete floors…and the drain sounds like a good idea too unless it works both ways!

  • I like your choice…I love the darker, warmer colors.

  • I would stain the concrete.

    Peel and stick come up with the least little moisture. They are about as durable as Lee Press-on nails.

  • I like the tile choice. I am sorry I cannot help with advice. We are planning to rip up all of our carpet and got with tile as well. The carpet may have to come up long before we are ready to buy the tile though. 🙁

    I am so glad that nothing worse happened to your home during the flood. 🙂

    PS… We would love to see before, during and after pictures of the floor process. 😉

  • I feel your pain….we are in ‘Bama and our downstairs flooded compliments of Fay. We have quite a mess ourselves. We aren’t even thinking about color choices yet. We are just trying to get estimates on what it is going to take to ensure this doesn’t happen again. I have three young’uns myself and my nerves can’t handle this! LOL!

  • I did the peel and stick route for my kitchen and dining room. And by “I” I mean I. It’s easy. You peel, then you stick.

    Do not buy the cheapest squares. We had a bit of sticky stuff on the bottom of one chair (I’ve got 4 kids, give me a break) and the square came up. They’re really thin and your husband will laugh at you.

    Buy some Goo Gone. When you peel and stick some of the stick comes off on your hands (so wear a ponytail if at all possible because you don’t want stick in your hair). Then, when you’re handling the squares the stick comes off on the top of the square which then acts as a magnet for dirt and dust. Goo Gone will take it off. So will a magic eraser, but it will also leave a dull mark on the new squares. Then a quick wipe with soap and water (or whatever the expensive squares tell you to use) will take off the goo gone.

    The directions with the squares say to start in the middle and draw all sorts of lines and stuff. That’s math. I started in one corner where I wouldn’t want cut squares and worked my way out from there. Looks great.

    There. Peel and stick squares 101. 🙂 Glad you asked???

  • I am so sorry about your flooded bedroom.
    Yet, I am encouraged that we are not the only people who experience emergency home “updates”.
    Just think how clean everything will be when you get done. New floors. I was spot cleaning our carpet this morning and I almost just gave up.
    I love the color you chose!
    It will surely hide spills, and isn’t that what a Mom is always looking for in a floor covering?

  • Use scissors to cut them instead of a razor blade. Much easier and more effective.

  • Keep it easy and go for the classic “Little Mermaid; Under the Sea” motiff in the master suite.

  • Ha! Like your choice but have to tell you that I came home with a few boxes of these one day to do our enclosed porch with and for some reason (as with most DIY stuff, I assumed I would put the baby down for a nap and lay this floor in a snap. Enter Hubby. There is apparently a process. Cleaning the floor with something, measurements, cutting….blah, blah, blah….It took him 7 hours to do a 14 x 10 floor. Oops!

  • Loved this post. It’s good to have you back. I’m smiling more, me thinks.


  • I have those same ones in my kitchen! I’ll have to ask the Hubs if he has any advice cuz I’m no help at all.

  • Make sure the concrete is super duper clean or they won’t stick properly. It helps if you use a sealant or primer on the concrete first, to keep the dust down.

    We used them in our basement and we’re very happy with how they look.

  • But wait. Concrete floors (stained with color or maybe stamped with a texture) are all the rage these days. Why not leave it alone? You’re hip and modern. You can pull that look off.

  • Go even cheaper and it’s the latest style…stain the concrete. Buy a can of stain from Home Depot or Lowe’s. Then buy a sealer. Done! Alot less headache on Fiddle Daddy and you still get out of the house work while the stain dries.

  • I have peel and stick in my house, that is what it came with, and I HATE it! Not only is it cheap, it looks cheap and as others have stated before me, it takes nothing at all for them to start coming up. My pup managed to peel them up when she was young!

    But, if you are placing them where they wont get wet at all, it shouldnt be as big of an issue.

    Personally, I would stain the concrete and get some throw rugs or replace the carpet with either carpet or wood.

  • I second buying Goo Gone. We used the whole bottle after we installed linoleum squares in our bathroom.
    Another thing- for some reason some squares in certain areas of the floor wouldn’t stick. We had to get some kind of floor glue (don’t remember the name, but it was sold next to the tiles).
    Good luck!

  • Oh my goodness, but that’s a lot of trouble. I wish you luck.

  • Oh, my, what a lot of work lies ahead of you. I am sorry you all have had so much trouble.

    I like the peel and stick, but I have no sage advice for you. For I know that I too would be barred from the whole process, well, except the cleaning up.

    Good luck! Glad you’re back and most of all that you all are safe.

  • I am so sorry you had some water damage, I am surprised we didn’t. Our neighborhood turned into “Lake (insert street name).” I hated even getting out of my car. Now it is so stinkin humid and I am being stalked by tons of misquotes.

  • I vote for the stained concrete. It is the bomb here – everyone doing it and i have to say, it does look nice. Haven’t seen a bad job of it yet. Good luck with the forced remodel job!

  • My advice is to ditch the peel and stick and go with tile. A little more costly on the front end, but oh my lands. It holds up way better and won’t come off were you flood again, heaven forbid. As an added bonus, if you get a tile that looks “dirty”, you won’t have to clean as often!

  • Having lived in Florida, I am not sure how peel and stick would hold up. I would go with regular ole tile or staining the concrete. Tile will be worth it if you sell later. There are so many options out there for a reasonable price.

    Hold out if you can- everyone will need flooring now and you should look out for price gouging. Buy some cheap area rugs in the meantime. Make sure you get a licensed contractor- we’ve been burned.

  • I remember, “Press On!” and it wasn’t a scripture. Sorry you went through what you did, but new stuff is fun.