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Plate Spinning

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without saying anything on my blog. I have plenty to say, mind you, but no time to jot down my meaningless thoughts. Tropical Storm Fay did indeed leave us with water damage, so my house is in disarray. Worse disarray than usual. But we were very very lucky. It coulda’ been much worse. While I’m spinning an entire plate service, I thought I’d trot out something from the archives.

In the words of that famous Cal-ee-fornia Governator, “I’ll be back.”

Planning Ahead

(originally posted August, 2007)

“Always wear clean underdrawers,” my Mom would always tell me. “In case you’re ever in an accident.” Followed closely by “Put a dime in the toe of your pantyhose should you need to call home. From a bad part of town. And don’t have your purse.” And yes, I did keep a dime in the toe of my pantyhose, but no, I never had to resort to ruining a good pair of Leggs to retrieve it in a hurry.

My mother taught me that preparedness was key. If you’re thinking ahead, mentally prepare for the worse case scenario. That way, you’re never caught off guard, and in all likelihood, the situation is never as bad as you imagined it.

In other words, it coulda’ been worse.

However, this has often put me in the situation of allowing my thoughts to immediately go to the dark side. For example, if I cannot get in touch with a loved one, I’m quite certain that it’s because some horrific accident has befallen them.

Unwittingly, I must have passed this way of thinking down to my oldest daughter. The same daughter that we’ve dubbed “Melancholy Molly.” Yesterday we made our weekly pilgrimage to the library. We loaded up our cart with all manner of 29 readers, a video on Amphibians, Pocahontas, and a book about “The Incredibles” for Jensen, since he appears to have superhero type powers of amazing strength. But, as we were preparing to check out, Emme let it be known that she wasn’t finished with her book selections. She simply had to find some books written in Braille. Not about Braille, but written in Braille. Because she is teaching herself how to read in Braille in case, you know, she is suddenly stricken with unexplained blindness.

A couple of weeks ago, she wanted me to buy her a wheelchair so that she could get use to motoring around in it, should she ever lose the use of her legs. She commandeered Jensen’s high chair, and fashioned it into a makeshift wheelchair, when she realized that I wasn’t going to honor her request.

And then today, the girls were watching “Pocahontas”. During the portion of the movie where Pocahontas is talking to her Dad about how much she misses her mother, Emme called to me in the kitchen, “MOM, is Pocahontas’ mother dead?” I answered, “If it’s a Disney movie, then yes, you can be sure the mother is dead.”

Long pause for reflection.

With a slightly shaky voice, Emme added, “Mom, that’s terrible. If you were dead I’d really miss you.” I leaned over the kitchen counter to see where this was going. The conversation between the two sisters took a rather macabre turn. “Who would do the cooking?” Cailey asked her sister. “Well, me I guess,” replied Emme, who had already begun mentally preparing the menu.

Cailey looked up at me with a sad expression, “Mom, I would cry for a couple of days. Maybe longer.”


They continued to mull over various household tasks that would need special attention.

Like the laundry.

Which reminded me that I needed to check to make certain that everyone has clean underdrawers.

My mother would be so proud.

12 Responses to Plate Spinning

  • My 7 yr old goddaughter was wondering what would happen to them if something happened to her parents. Her mom said they’d come live with us. “But mom, I don’t know their phone number. How will I call them to let them know?” It took a bit of assuring before she understood that someone else would call us. And she wanted our phone number, just in case.

  • That is pretty funny; I loved the wheelchair anecdote!

  • Oh, how funny. Kids are awesome.

  • How true about Disney. I can’t even watch The Lion King.

  • Sorry you are having to deal with the after effects of Hurricane Fay. That must be pretty stressful. All the best – your loyal fans are rooting for you!

  • We, here in Georgia, are also dealing with Fay’s wrath, although not to the extent that you are. You are in my thoughts & prayers. Thanks for making us laugh even though you are going through Fay clean up.

  • Gosh, we lucked out this time with Fay, but I’m so sorry you didn’t. I hope things improve quickly for you.


  • Good luck with the clean up. I hope things go smoothly for you.

  • We are still praying for you. 🙂

  • I’m glad you and yours are all okay. We may be dealing with worse than Hurricane Fay. We’re dealing with four children all taking turns being sick with the fever and the vomit for the past week and just when you thought one was done the other gets it and then the first one comes back sick all shuffling through the deck of kids. Day 8.

  • Let it be said that if I am having a Not so good day, or I need to remember to laugh! i look to you. You are my inspiration! Thank you for your blog! My dh often asks me “What did Fiddle Dee Dee do to make you laugh today!

  • Oh sweet friend… We are in the middle of a three day down pour.

    Have mercy.

    I am praying for you and your spinning plates.

    And all your bloggy sisters say… “Come back soon DeeDee, very soon!”