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The Backstroke

We’ve had 25” of rain here in Sewer Springs, Florida. Tropical System (insert air quotes) Fay has set some sort of rain record for us. And more is coming. Pass me the life preserver.

I’ve been studying the Book of Genesis just to see exactly how to build an ark. But, I’m adding air conditioning.

I spent more quality time hunkered down in the hall today with my offspring. Not because there were any tornado warnings. But because the children wanted to play “Tornado Drill!” Ad nauseum. And I humored them because, well, it was a chance for me to lay down.

But after Jensen stepped on my head for about the third or twelfth time, I declared one last “ALL CLEAR” and aimed myself for the cookies.

What is it about a natural disaster that makes us lose our minds, and eat stupid stuff? After the ‘94 Northridge earthquake, I started eating Pop Tarts for every meal. I reasoned that there would be more of me to find in the rubble.

There is quite a bit of flooding in our area. We are faring just fine in our little subdivision. Of course, I haven’t ventured further than the mailbox since Monday. But, I can rest easy since our intrepid Homeowner’s Association has rules against water features in our yards. No flooding is allowed on our street. It’s in the by-laws.

I do have friends and family who are adversely affected by rising waters, though. So, please pray for east Armpit, Florida.

Thank you all for your e-mails, prayers, and well wishes. I so appreciate you all.

I’ll keep you posted. Posted. On my blog. I crack myself up. Can you tell I haven’t seen another adult since Monday?

19 Responses to The Backstroke

  • You might have to defy the neighborhood association and get a rubber boat. Just in case.

  • In the by-laws…bwahahahahaha

    Stay dry, and maybe you can venture further than your mail box today.

  • I remember tornado drills. We are in “Tornado Alley”, so we do them quite often.

    We are still praying for all of you!! 🙂

  • Thank goodness for the HOA! You’d be washing away without it.

  • M In laws all live in Armpit Fl. and nearby Alabama (well, Great Grandapa does) , so we’ve been watching things closely here — we’ll keep prayin!

  • I’ve been reading your blog for over a year & a half now, and I swear we must live very near one another with the things I read off of your blog… I too have not ventured past the mailbox since Monday afternoon… and despite the rain, our little subdivision is doing quite well, and our HOA is adament against water features too I’m sure 🙂 I’ve only lived in FL for a year now so this was my first experience and I must say I’m glad this isn’t a typical tropical storm… could the thing pick up speed you know to maybe something over single digits? Our even 5mph would be better than what we have right now… “rain drops keep fallin’ on my head” …. hanging in there with you!

  • I crack myself up too. My wife just pats my arm.


  • I hope Fay has a good attorney, because the HOA doesn’t mess around.

  • Will be praying for you…and that Fay will make her exit before next Tuesday when we head down to the Sunshine State for vacation! Well, hopefully she makes her less-than-graceful exit BEFORE next Tuesday, but I’m always just thinkin’ about myself! 🙂

  • I am so SICK of rain! Posted some pics of me kicking the boys out of house.

  • Tornado drills bring back memories of 75 kids and a handful of teachers sitting on the floor of the boys bathroom…with our heads tucked between our knees…I could never figure out what I was smelling. LOL

    We were knee-deep in water here too. I got so “stir-crazy” that I went out to the drug store…and took a video while we were driving down the road (posted on my blog)…with water splashing up over the hood of my truck…my lifted, really big beast of a truck. I think this was the first time that I was glad my dh lifted it…but don’t you dare tell him or I’ll deny every word. 😉 ha ha

    My 8yo begged to go with me. She said “I’ve been in this house for 2 days. I neeeeeed to get out of here!!” Just like her mama. 🙂 hee hee

  • Stay safe and dry. We are thinking about you.

  • its been raining hear a whole lot too.
    but we really need the rain over hear.
    however with all the rain it has not cool off its still hot and sticky “) marina

  • While you amending the plans for the ark, I would also lose the part about 2 of each animals. Or at least pack a lot of Febreeze.

  • it’s nice to know there are stricter HOA’s than mine. And ‘Can you tell I haven’t seen another adult since Monday?’…yes because you sound like me most of the time…hahaha.

  • Uh Oh! I bet ol’ Fay never dealt with a Homeowners Association before!

  • I have been away far too long. Thanks for the laughs- it doeth like good medicine:)

  • Oh, i well remember those days- I’m from FL, but live overseas now. Oh wait, we have one coming towards us now over here, too, but I’ve been too busy blogging to pay attention…..

  • My parents work for one of the companies that FEMA uses to do inspections after areas are declared disasters. There’s a good chance that she will come your way if she’s selected. It’s amazing how far she’ll have to go, even in the same state!

    Blessings on you all. May you not run out of cookies before the storm is done.