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Sign of the Times

We live in your garden variety type Florida neighborhood. Palm trees and flamingos dot most well manicured lawns.

And because we’re rebels, we don’t have any palm trees, and we’re not all that manicured. In fact, we wouldn’t know when to mow if it weren’t for the tersely worded letter we receive at semi-regular intervals from the Homeowner’s Association.

Which we immediately file in the circular file.

There is a rather pinched-faced elderly woman who has been appointed as The Lawn Police. She drives the streets slowly in her 3-ton Cadillac, peering over her spectacles, and stopping only to take notes.

I make it a point to be friendly and wave.

Anyhoo. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but it’s election season. How do I know? My sweet homeschooling neighbor a few doors down placed a “Vote for McCain” sign on their front lawn.

Then, I noticed that, directly across the street, at a particularly well kept house occupied by two gentlemen, a “Vote for Obama” sign appeared.

Now, theirs is an impressive lawn, let me tell you. Each blade of grass is never out of place. The bushes are topiaried and well trimmed. In spiral and sphere shapes. There is a beautifully lit fountain out front, which looks and sounds like someone is peeing. But, it could just be me. Since I lean toward the gutter anyway.

Within a few days, both signs had been moved down toward each respective sidewalk. Facing one another. Sort of representative of a silent debate.

Today, as I pulled out of my driveway, I noticed that someone had switched the signs completely. The Obama sign graced the homeschooler’s lawn, while McCain made a more conservative statement planted in the lawn of the tree triming liberals. (I’m just guessing, but they may have soiled their own lawn when they noticed the swap.)

Kudos to the pranksters. A BRILLIANT SHOW OF REBELLION.

I wish I’d thought of it.

Unfortunately though, later in the evening, I noticed that the signs were back in their respective yards, facing off once again.

And as it turns dark, I just may ready myself in some black attire, and sneak down a few houses to, you know, mix things up a bit.

The word you’re looking for is delinquent.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

28 Responses to Sign of the Times

  • Oh come on, at least get into the mix by posting Ron Paul signs, well, to the extreme left of course! Or perhaps make your own – “Vote for Cookie Monster – cookies for breakfast!”

  • We have earnest liberal neighbors who post many a sign in their yard, and another neighbor who gigglingly posts republican signs just to irk them. That’s what I call community.

  • When we used to live in the suburbs our neighborhood was just like you described yours to be. Even down to the little old lady ready to make calls to the council to report people not keeping their lawns just right!
    Now we live out in the BOONIES (I am a city gal) and people out here mow with Humungo tractors or riding mowers for people like us city folk LOL
    I have a feeling you should buy some HOT pink, really awful, tacky, lawn ornaments and “share” them with some neighbors!!! LOL

  • Bwahahahhahaha

    Sounds like something I would do….giggle.

    Fortunately, no signs are appearing here on Victorian Lane.

  • I must admit I’ve done something similar in my teen years…and I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was! We had this aunt who was rather tightly wound to say the least! We gathered …er swiped, all the election signs we could find and stuck them up all over her yard one night….about 200 of them…lol

  • Reminds me of a story of two old men. True story too. One was mayor of a small town. The other his best friend. Lived across the hwy from each other. A fairly, major, four lane hwy for this small town. Anyhoo, as you would say, some of the citizens were trying to get the town to go “wet” as we say in TX. That means that liquor/beer could be sold in town. The major had a sign in his yard opposing it and his friend across the street had one for it. The mayor won and the friend had to keep going across the state line to get his um, er, whatever it was he wanted. 🙂

  • Ah. The joy of neighborly competition. Don’t ya just love it?

  • Your sign could say, “Let’s put Jesus in charge”. The HOA would love it. I promise.

  • Don’t you love HOA’s? They keep us on track for our weed pulling.

    As far as the signage goes, the best thing I’ve seen is we had an HOA nazi living around the corner from us and someone planted a stop sign (concrete and all) in the center of his yard. The man had to have it removed and instead planted a tree – two feet away from the tree the builder gave us. Since the house is only 2 years old, it doesn’t look bad now, but as soon as those trees are big it’s going to look horrible.

    In my mind, that’s the prank that keeps on giving.


  • Was it your kids? That’s something those unsocialized home schoolers would do…hee hee (with five of them myself.:) I was just reading old posts and see that you went to She Speaks. How fun. I went in ’06 and now with the addition of the blogger track…I want to go again.

  • Make sure when you don yourself in all black that you wear the stocking on your head. (And for the love of pete get a better photo this time…LOL)

  • The fountain may remind you of peeing because if you are like me, the first sound you hear in the morning, every morning, is that of a little boy peeing. 🙂

  • During the last election, down the street was a house with both John Kerry and George Bush signs. What’s that saying about a house divided?

  • I would soooo dig deep inside and let my inner deliquent loose just to do that with you! Especially because, frankly, I don’t like either of ’em. 🙂

  • I think a pink stocking cap would complete the look.

    (Watch out for the frog though. You know how they like to wait for you in the dark).

  • One of my favorite memories from when we lived in Florida is receiving the letters from the Homeowner’s Association. Apparently church vans with logos on them are not welcome in driveways.

  • Wellllll, if your going to have some fun – HAVE SOME FUN! I think a huge flock of flamingos needs to land in BOTH yards!

    What? I can say that. I live in Central Florida and I personally have 4 frolicking in my back yard! I love them! Oh, they would be in the front – but my porch is on the back so they live where I can see them! : ) I’m not ashamed! heeheehee

    Happy Day!

  • Oh I love it! Brilliant. I’ll keep that in mind, but I’m a chicken so I don’t know if I could actually pull it off…

    And I’m sure our lawn would NOT be approved of in your neighborhood. It is pretty much dormant right now and full of weeds. Ick.

  • If you will do something radical with those signs, I will pay you.

  • I am just catching my breath after a huge belly laugh over this one! I had just dropped by to make sure that this was the proper URL for your blog as I was typing it into an email to tell send to a friend who is looking for speakers for a conference.

    I am sending her right over to this post!!

  • This story reminded me of a former co-worker whose mother had one of those ordered, manicured precise lawns. They had a huge group of family coming in from Kentucky for a wedding and early the morning of their arrival my friend LOADED their yard up with every psychodelic whirlybird, pink flamingo, rainbow windsock, those birds that the wings spin round and round…well you get the picture. So when the family pulled in the drive and mom ran out to meet them she stopped short with her mouth open in horror while the rest of the family rolled on the manicured lawn in fits of laughter. I dare ya!

  • They better anchor down those missiles…err signs. I see you have entered Fay’s 5 day cone of uncertainty. Don’t feel bad, we are in the 3 day cone.

    Question: How come the hurricanes never blow the mosquitoes (or frogs) away?!!

  • Then you could always place an ad in your town’s newspaper saying that the HOA Nazi’s house was a drop off point for any and all donated items for a giant fictional yard sale.

    Works like a charm.

    Not that I would know or anything though.


  • Too funny. How many people, with different political debates, wish they could be so rebellious?

  • You are so BAD!!! Wish I’d thought of it first. 🙂 hee hee

  • I hear that if you put pink tights over your head, you won’t be recognized either. It’s just a suggestion…