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American Enterprise

I overheard Fiddledaddy talking on the phone to his younger brother the other day. His younger brother lives in a house heavily laden with estrogen as well.

Fiddledaddy: “So, Emme is all into this American Girl business.”

(I am able to report the other side of the conversation because I’m telepathic. And had recently cleared the waxy buildup from my ears.)

YB (younger brother): What are you talking about? I have no idea what this American Girl business is.”

Fiddledaddy: “You will, dude. You will.”

YB often looks to Fiddledaddy to be better prepared for whatever the latest little girl phenomenon is that will threaten his very existence. He was forewarned of the invasion of the Polly Pockets and all their itty bitty shoes and accessories. But no amount of sufficient warning can prepare you for that.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that the American Girl Doll broo-haha has been around awhile, and is not going away any time soon. The American Girl doll stands 18 inches tall, is bedecked in either colonial type clothing, or her attire can be custom ordered to match your little darling’s outfit. There are books, movies, games, paper dolls, a magazine, and much much more.

And wait! She can be yours for only $95.00. And up.


A couple of years ago, we snagged a couple of 18 inch knockoffs on the Wal Mart clearance aisle for only $7.00 each. And we managed to pass them off to our girls as American Girl dolls. Until Emme’s grandmother started giving her the American Girl catalogue.

After careful scrutiny, it was noted that the Seven dollar knockoff paled in comparison to the grandeur of the pinnacle of American Girl dollism. I’m speaking of course, of Felicity.

Emme has calculated that if she saves her allowance, she should be able to purchase Felicity in the year 2012. In other words, she’ll probably have died a slow and painful death of old age by then.

(Not to worry, girls, I am watching e-bay like a hawk. I’ve got Emme’s back covered. But, it is kind of nice watching her go the extra mile to do chores that will net her a nickel or two. Because I’m not stupid. I can make this work to my advantage.)

Emme has gotten creative in her endeavor to attain the entire American Girl collection. She has taken a number of catalogues, and painstakingly cut out each advertised doll. She as amassed approximately 73 1/2 such paper dolls.

I say 1/2, because the younger brother finds it sporting to run over the thin paper dolls, (after the sister has carefully laid them all out across the entire family room floor), using his hot pink radio controlled Barbie Jeep. Which has been spotted driven by a headless Barbie.

I’m just thinking out loud here, but I have brilliantly assessed that the drive-thru ATM machine I frequent, which has instructions posted in braille, was erected for headless Barbie. In a hot pink radio controlled jeep. Am I wrong?

Somebody is certainly making a lot of money from all this American Girl business. And who am I to slap free enterprise in the proverbial face?

I have a whole list of chores prepared for my young daughter. And if I plan it right, she’ll be earning herself a Felicity doll at just about the time I’m packing her to head off to college.

Free enterprise has nothing on me.

23 Responses to American Enterprise

  • I just read in my local paper (here in SW FL) that a 70’s American Girl doll is in stores. Her accessories include a furry “foot” rug, mood ring, jiffy pop …
    Makes me feel old. My daughter who is now 23 had a Samantha doll, and an American Girl baby. (Do they still sell those?) She had to have to hispanic baby, because she was “more tan” than the others. Thanks for the daily laughs, keep em coming.

  • Does she know about the American Girl restaurants yet? Can you imagine!

  • Praise GOD my daughter hasn’t caught the bug — She has a Bitty Baby but loves a $2 yard sale doll better (that’s my girl!) and has a Target Knock off but really could care less. Of course she’s only 5 so she has time to catch on…..

  • My DDs don’t care about the dolls, but the books, the movies, and the non fiction books about growing up, manners, friends, etc. are truly excellent. I’m very grateful for the American Girl company and what they’ve put out there for girls and I will happily support it and buy the products that interest me.

  • Caroline wanted Kit Kittredge for her birthday and I agonized over whether to spend the money for a doll that would end up alone and desolate in the playroom. I ended up going with the Target knockoff and she doesn’t really know the difference. YET.

  • We survived two of our girls’ obsession with AG. They have several of the dolls only because they were happy to have only ONE gift at their birthdays and grandmas pitched in! It was really very fun, and they dolls are well-made. I have to admit, when this Christmas came and went without even one request for an overpriced doll or outfit, I was a tad bit sad. Sad, but not as broke.

  • oh I hear you! My daughter LOVES the American girl doll. She got Julie Albright for her birthday but only because hubby adn I went in on it with her grandma. lol that is the trick.I do love the message these dolls send though, and I love the books that come with it etc. It is better then bratz who are like little barbie hoochie mommas. plus their feet come off ewww. oh the next thing to watch out for is the webkins…they nickel and dime you to death but they are cute. 🙂

  • Deedee,
    Do you have a laminator (every good homeschool mom should have one!)? They sell for only about $20 at stores like Target/Walmart. Anyhow, for all that hard work of cutting the dolls out, I was thinking you could laminate them for her, to keep Jensen from tearing them all. Isn’t that what girls used to do 100 years ago? Cut pictures out of catalogs and play paper dolls? You could start a new tradition with your girls, for a fraction of the cost of buying the real thing. Wait till your girls discover that there are American Girl stores, where you can take your doll and have her cleaned and you can have tea with your doll! I just had my first girl, 3 1/2 years ago, after having 2 older sons (she was our surprise!!), and all this American Girl business has me so excited. My tip? Find relatives that are willing to splurge on holidays. My daughter has Bitty Baby, a bathtub, a diaper bag, and all her other accessories, along with a crib and a highchair, and we’ve only bought her a couple of the small accessories. The rest? From very generous relatives!! Hey, it’s better than those loud obnoxious toys that sing, “Grandma got run over by a reindeer!” when you squeeze them!!

  • Kate and Jenna,

    You raise an excellent point. These dolls are definitely sending a far better message than the Bratz dolls, and the rest of her trashy friends! 🙂

  • Did you know that American Girl makes a doll for TARGET?? Sells for $20, and has all the features and accessories. It’s called Our Generation, and they have quite a few to pick from.

    I LOVE American Girl dolls, and always wished I could afford one for me!

  • For years we have taunted a friend by buying Polly Pocket dolls and accessories for her kids, safe in the knowledge that we *thought* we were infertile….. my wife is now pregnant. Looks like we are about to face our comeupance….!

    The Broken man


  • My daughter is so into the whole American Girl phenomenon that last year we planned a vacation around it! We headed to Chicago for a long weekend and the highlight of the trip was a day at the American Girl store. I have to admit that I have learned a lot about American History through the stories of these American Girls! My daughter receives the dolls and their never ending accessories for Christmas from the grandparents! With two girls I think you have a while to go with American Girls!

  • I took my daughter to the American Girl place in Los Angelos back in April. It was so well marketed that you actually smiled as you were spending the money. We also had a American Girl tea party for my niece and all her friends brought thier dolls with them. I kid you not, one girl had 9 dolls, all bought by her mom and dad. Plus all the accessories. My daughter nor niece will never be that fortunate, (in thier eyes) but they do appreciate the one they got from grandpa for Christmas. This mama refuses to spend 95 on a doll.

  • My 10 year old got her Felicity for her 9th b-day…Thank you Grandma and Papa! This year they sent her the riding outfit and a new hair brush. I love the dolls and all the stuff…I love looking at the catalog that is!
    My 13 year old got a Life of Faith doll when she was 10. Elsie Dinsmore. Very like the AG doll, only with a Christian slant…love her, too!

  • You slay me with that braille thing. I have two daughters. I LOVED the dolls; the girls, they loved them not-so-much. Sigh. I could buy them in hopes of a doll-loving granddaughter?

  • Um, when exactly can I expect this to start?? My daughter is only 3, is there time?

  • I’ll have to remember this approach because later this month my in-laws plan to introduce Princess to American Girl by taking her to one of the stores while we are visiting. I had managed to keep her ignorant of this enterprise but my MIL is ready and willing to spoil her grandchild. She had also better be prepared to shell out the bucks for a doll during that trip because I’m not going to do it.

  • Around here I pay 25 WHOLE CENTS to change stinky diapers… my children make a killing, and I pay gladly. Thought I’d pass that on…

  • I am not sure, but I heard on a Christain radio station that American Girl would not use “Merry Christmas” They are trying to be politically correct. It kinda of puts a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Yeah, we’re into the American Girl nuttiness at our house, too. Kit was a birthday gift paid for by my husband and me and BOTH sets of grandparents. I never thought I would give in to the marketing. However, after complaining to my mom about the ridiculously high cost of the doll, I immediately segued into a rant about the crappy role models out there for girls (Where can I find a decent doll that doesn’t wear hooker makeup or already have boobs?) and immediately flip-flopped on the whole American Girl thing and ordered a doll that night. Sheesh.

    Anyway, if you are interested, my rant is posted at:


    I have no clue how to make that a real link to the web site so also feel free to ignore it! I am a tech moron.

    Oh well. Tomorrow we’re off to see the Kit movie (the 10 a.m., $2.50 a ticket plus free popcorn show at the local theater) on Thursday.

  • Yeah, it’s a steal alright. As in, you should steal one.

  • You know, I just clicked on submit and then re-read my comment where I suggest people steal a doll, breaking a commandment.
    I was just trying to say I would never spend so much $$ on something so frivilous.

  • I just re read my above comment.
    I would spend that much $$ on something so frivilous.
    I lied.
    Just scratch all my comments.