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Checking In

I haven’t fallen off into the ocean. Or disintegrated from the heat. Although, another 3 degrees might do me in. No, I’m still here, but just haven’t had time to write anything coherent.

Not that that is a prerequisite to posting.

All of my free time, which occurs at night when the children are blissfully unconscious, (and is usually reserved for blogging and toenail pondering) has been spent working on this speech I’m giving Saturday.

And y’all, I’m happy to report that I’m finally able to get through it without revisiting everything I’ve managed to keep down throughout the day.

My joy knows no bounds.

In fact, I’m even starting to enjoy myself. Color me surprised. I’m having so much fun that I’m considering setting up my own blogradio station!

I’m kidding. I’d fire myself before the end of the first podcast. But I really do enjoy the sense of power I have when I throw on the headphones and mic.

I just need a sidekick. WHO SHOULD IT BE?

9 Responses to Checking In

  • Well,definitely God, but if he’s not up for a radio interview, maybe Bobcat Goldthwaite.

  • Lucille Ball… oh wait, she’s dead…

  • Seriously, I think a blog talk radio is a wonderful idea for you!! 🙂 I would definitely listen.

    But, please don’t do it on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm, because that is when I listen to Eric Dodge’s show. 😉

    You don’t need a sidekick, just have guest speakers. Even “call in speakers”, like Lisa Whelchel, Big Mama, BooMama, etc… 😉

  • You do realize that “the children are blissfully unconscious” can also be translated :

    “The children are re-charging their batteries”

    Just thought I’d remind you of this fact.

    Seriously… you could just do that cool podcast thing…

  • How about Antique Mommy since you are almost twins anyway.

  • I’m glad you’re feeling better! Enjoy the process, you’ll be great tomorrow!
    As for a sidekick – no sidekick, just guests….

  • Antique Mommy or kelli – I would pay a pretty penny (sorry recession and all) to hear that one! 🙂

  • Ok, I’ve been having this sort of recurring blogging idea, and you are the first person I’m mentioning it to: What if we set aside a day in a month or so when we all did a video post? Wouldn’t that be fun. You could wing it or write and then read your post with editorial comments. I think it would be fun.

  • Oh, the choice is so obvious.

    Jensen, of course. ;>)