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A Rose by Any Other Name

I love a good soaking in a warm bubble bath. With the door closed. And double locked. Maybe even a chair tilted under the knob, just for good measure. Soft music playing on the alarm clock radio. With only the faint glow of the bathroom night light illuminating my glass of hard Bourbon Ginger Ale. Heaven.

My Cailey inherited my love of a end of the day bubble bath. She wants to be a mermaid when she grows up. So, the tub is the natural place for her unwind. Only I make her keep the door open, no music, lights on blindingly bright, and she’s lucky to get a glass of water.

I do throw in the bubbles, though. Mostly out of necessity. To aid in getting her clean. Saturday night, I set her up in my tub. She happily sank back, bubbles up to her neck, her hair upswept in a clip.

She looked like an angel as she beamed up at me. When she was sufficiently wrinkly, she gingerly got out and I wrapped her in a large thirsty towel and held her close. I smelled of her soft neck and said, “Cailey, you smell just like a flower.”

NOT FOR LONG, MOM,” and just then she cranked out a gaseous expulsion that forced me consider repainting the bathroom.

I’m not kidding. It brought tears to my eyes.

And not in a good way.

Moving on.

Since I’m on the subject of smelling good. Or not. I wanted to vent my frustration over something that happened this weekend.

I’m not a perfume person. I use to be. Back in the day, I could layer on Anais Anais or White Shoulders with enough gusto to curl your hair. But, when I was pregnant with Emme, the smell of perfume, any perfume, would send me screaming into the next zip code, just to escape the assault on my delicate senses.

And since then, I haven’t gone back to the perfume counter. However, I do enjoy a nice scented lotion. I found a wonderful citrus-y lotion at Bath & Body Works, called Tamarind Nectar by Breathe Delight. I LOVE THIS LOTION. I buy a couple of bottles at a time, and I’m set for 6 months or so.

I was just about out of my beloved lotion, and happily, I found myself in the mall. I bounced into Bath & Body Works and aimed myself at the familiar shelf, brushing aside the apron clad worker bee, “I know just what I want.” And then I stood staring, in disbelief, at a shelf that no longer held Tamarind Nectar. The apron clad sales person stood beside me, thoughtfully gazing up at the same shelf.

Where is it?” weakly, I asked. She explained to me that my favorite scented lotion, the one that I’ve dearly loved for nearly 9 years, has been discontinued.

OH THE HORROR. She gently took me by the elbow and showed me a couple of other inferior scented lotions that offered a citrus type aroma.

IMPOSTORS. HIDEOUS IMPOSTORS. I thanked her for trying, and I left empty handed. Head hung low.

I’m on a mission now. To locate a new citrus-y scent, that won’t overwhelm my delicate sensibilities. Or send me into financial ruin.

And I knew just where to turn. Does anyone have any citrus scented lotion type recommendations?

And really y’all, after the t-shirt suggestions, I’m still laughing. I think we should go into business.

32 Responses to A Rose by Any Other Name

  • Have you tried looking on eBay? You might find some there…

  • I just about gasped when I read this as for 2 years now I have been using nothing but Sun Valley Ginger-Citrus body mist and lotion from Melaleuca as my personal scent. The body mist is being discontinued and I just bought TWENTY bottles of the lotion (yes, that is how much I love this stuff) for fear that it is going to be discontinued as well. AMAZINGLY, it also works (REALLY works as an all natural mosquito repellent and smells glorious. And believe me, we have mosquitoes…. If you know someone who is a customer of Melaeuca they can order it for you off of factory store which is the only place they are carrying it now.


  • I agree with Maxime………Ebay is the place to look! I just got my beloved perfume that has been discontinued from Mary Kay on there. You may even be able to get a really great deal on it! I sure did =)

  • No, but I have a bottle of Anais Anais in my closet somewhere.

  • Try the BBW website. A sales clerk told me my favorites were discontinued a year ago and I’ve been buying them at their website since!

    Nice to know that my little Princess is not the only one that can melt paint! She ususally waits till we are trapped in the car! At that point we get to choose – do we want to die from the scortching heat or the “fumes”! What happened to sugar and spice and everything nice???? : )

  • I have had the same issue with their products. I had one that I absolutely loved and was my husband’s favorite and they discontinued. I managed to get some on Ebay, but now the prices for it on Ebay have gone way up – I’m sure they know it’s discontinued. Annoying!! You should check their other citrusy smells, there is one I use that is really good. Something with mango…sorry, it’s at home.

  • I’m developing an addiction to Philosophy products (something with coconut for myself). They have a pink lemonade scent. You can find it at Sephora stores, or online at sephora.com, philosophy.com or beauty.com.

  • I hate it when they discontinue the good stuff. I’m not sure if it’s citrusy – but I love Amazing Grace (found at Ulta and Sephora). Pure delight!

  • Like Sarah at themommylogues and Jillian, I have developed a love of Philosophy products…or rather, my husband has. I got a few samples of Amazing Grace bath and shower gel the other day, and usually use it if I shower before bed…then hubby sniffs my arms and ooohs and aaaahs over how good it smells, and where can he go buy that for me etc. I’m not sure that him loving it is necessarily a great thing as he doesn’t need any more encouragement if you catch my drift…..
    I digress..It’s smells nothing like citrus, but it’s very feminine, but still light and clean smelling. I have a feeling I’ll have a gallon sitting in my shower in the next week or so.

    Good luck with your hunt! Bath and Body works has discontinued many-a-product that I loved. So frustrating!!

  • While you were there did you happen to sniff the Pink Grapefruit scent? That one is my favorite at B&BW, but now I fear it being discontinued too!

    Burt’s Bees has lots of great citrusy scented products too.

  • I’ve got nuthin’ for you in the citrus-y department. Being in a high, veryveryvery dry, altitude, I’ve been using Vaseline hydrating lotion. I can buy it in bulk at Sam’s club.

    And the scent is fresh, but faint. I love it.

    I hope you find a new citrus-y lotion you can love!

  • My college daughter is one of those apron clad elves. She does not enjoy her job. I notice that people are just bathing themselves in their scents. When I’m running, a woman can get out her car, go into a building, and by the time I get to where she was, her scent lingers. This is outside, for Pete’s sake. If I’m in a car with too much perfum, I start getting carsick.

  • I second the Bath and Body Works Pink Grapefruit scent. Wal Mart has some really good smelling stuff, and it’s cheap, too… the Simply Basic line. I love the vanilla scent, but I know they have citrusy ones, too.

    My new personal favorite, though, is Johnson’s new Melt Away Stress line. Sometimes I just open the bottle and sniff deeply. I have lots of stress that could use some melting.

  • Oh, and I agree about the perfume. It made me feel ill when I was pregnant. Also, I’ve been having migraines for the past couple of months and have discovered that strong perfume scents are one of my triggers, particularly smokers who can’t really smell that well, but are afraid they might stink, so they bathe in strong perfume. My mother-in-law, who moved in with us several months ago, is a perfume-bathing chain smoker. Awesome. Strong doses of ibuprofen are my best friend right now.

  • My favorite B&BW salt scrub was discontinued last year and I ebay it now by the case… it’s cheaper than the store so far! Good luck!

  • Everyone agrees…Pink Grapefruit! It’s yummy enough to eat! I had to laugh with you because I, too, was a White Shoulders and Anais Anais fan at one time. And let’s not forget Love’s Baby Soft and Sweet Honesty from Avon for the little girls!

  • I just checked eBay and they have 5 auctions for your beloved scent as well as a number of buy-it-now of the same. Stock up, girl!

  • I feel your pain. I was so mad when they discontinued the Kitchen Herb hand soap. I loved it! It sells like hot cakes on ebay. Once in a while it shows up in random stores. Why don’t they just bring it back? Gah.

    Anyhoo, I’m sure this has been suggested (I didn’t read the other comments), but you might want to check out ebay. Good luck!

  • I’m smell sensitive too, so I have no suggestions. Just wanted to empathize…in fact, I had to move to the back of the church one Sunday because someone with the most hideous smelling perfume sat in front of me, and I just couldn’t take it. I’m sure everyone just thought the hubby and I were fighting!

  • I wonder if Mia and Cailey were separated at birth and you are really the mother of twin girls?

    I’m with you on the pregnancy induced scent issues. To this day Pleasures and Happy make me sick to my stomach and cause an immediate headache. How sad is that?

    I’m a Plumeria girl at B&BW – I’m not sure if they have discontinued that yet or not – it’s been awhile since I’ve had to be in there. Trips are quick because well, the scents, it’s odoriferous to the max and I can’t take it. There will be much gnashing of teeth if I return and am disappointed to find the inevitable has occured!

  • You can still find some of it on BBW website and Ebay. I checked for ya 🙂

    Also, this might be too perfumey, but Clinique happy has a nice citrusy scent. And Dove has a new line of products called go fresh Energizing with a body wash and mist that has a light citrus scent. Plus it is relatively cheap so if you hate it, pitch it.

  • I so know your pain. I had a favorite scent of lotion from VS that they also discontinued a number of years ago.

    Still haven’t found a good replacement.

  • DeeDee-
    The first thing I would do is ask for a manager at Bath and Body. I’ve learned that sometimes they discontinue an item, let it come back in a few months and rename it! So there may still be hope. :>) Maybe the manager can give you some insight.

  • Someone called Bath and Body Works and they sent her some discontinued items…..check it here;


  • DeeDee,
    I can totally relate! I remember being so repulsed by people’s perfume when I was pregnant, I would walk away from them to avoid the smell so I wouldn’t get sick all over them.

    As for Bath & Body Works, how I miss my favorite, Juniper Breeze! They sold it for years, and I thought it might perhaps be immune to being discontinued, but last year, when my husband went to get me some for Christmas, they were GONE!!! He got me some great replacements, but sadly, none are quite the same as my beloved Juniper Breeze! I feel your pain!

  • I have had that happen with a lipstick that I used to love! I hate it….I don’t use much BBW’s stuff, but Victoria Secret’s has some awesome scents, lotions and after bath spray….

  • I love Trader Joe’s “Refresh” Citrus Body Lotion with vitamin C…the bottle promises a “unique aroma-therapeutic blend of orange blossoms and grapefruit.” Quite economical, too.

  • Hi DeeDee,
    I actually used to work for a Bath & Body Works Outlet store in Lake Elslinore, CA (not sure where you live). They would carry it there off and on and they do phone orders. The best part is it would only cost $3.99 (usually no more than $4.99, depending on the current promotion). I was in the store not too long ago and they still had some. There phone number is 951-245-1383. I hope this helped! 🙂

  • Note to Crista,
    they also had Juniper Breeze Body Cream at the outlet store. Always try an outlet store. Juniper Breeze will probably become a “classic” which means they will probably bring it back on special occasions.
    Outlet stores will sometimes carry the discontinued fragrances people are seeking and for far less than the full price on the website. They have true outlet prices!

  • Crista, email me about the Juniper Breeze, k? I have an idea for you.

  • I’m a B&BW “Pearberry” addict, and it was discontinued last year. They do bring it out twice a year (right after Christmas and July) for super sales. And I STOCK UP! I bought enough of the stuff at the Christmas sale to last until summer, and now I’m set until next Christmas. Unfortunately, it’s now gone down another notch on the availibility scale and will be brought out only once a year in the future.

    Every now and then I find a few “back up” scents … Mango Mandarin works for me too, as well as another “fruity” scent in a green bottle (can’t remember the name). And there’s a new one … “Coconut Lime Verbana.” I discovered that one after I depleted my savings on all the Pearberry so I won’t be indulging in it for awhile!

    I can’t use any of the scents with “flower” or “blossom” in the name in in the bottle. At all. I break out in a horrible rash and my sinuses swell and drip. TMI, I know … even for this site. I used to be a teacher and recieve a lot of B&BW product at Christmastime … I would lug it all in the store in January to exchange for “my” scents!

    Don’t know why they can’t keep what works … I meet tons of desperate Pearberry addicts at the sale bins each December and July!

  • Clinique Happy is quite citrus-y… Or, I second the Walmart Simply Basic stuff. It’s soooo cheap! I love their coconut and lime scent.

    I advise you to be somewhat cautious buying perfume on Ebay. Sometimes when people are selling off a lotion or perfume that’s been discontinued, they’re selling old stock. Old stock oftentimes doesn’t even smell the way it “should” smell…. Just a little advice from someone who already made that mistake! 😉