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Help From the Homeschool Contingency

I am scheduled to speak at the Heart of the Matter Online Virtual Homeschool Conference which begins next week. My time is Saturday, August 2nd, from 11:45 to 12:45 EST.

My grand plan included pre-recording my talk, so that I might employ the use of EDITING techniques. Because of, you know, my propensity to say something inappropriate when nervous.

My plan, however, was foiled when I recently learned that the conference software will only work on computers that run Windows.

Pffffftttt. My Mac spits on the use of Windows.

You see, we’re an all-Mac family. I worried that my burgeoning career as a homeschool speaker would be short-lived.

(And in truth, it may be, if I get really really nervous.)

A new plan was hatched. I will be throwing myself on the mercy of my in-laws, and commandeering their inferior Windows based computer, so that I might give my speech, and then be open for a little Q & A.

One hitch. I have to speak live. Not just the Q & A, which I did try awfully hard to figure out a way to pre-record that as well. You know, anticipate the questions, and pretend it was live. But, that would have been deceptive. Frowned upon in Christian homeschool circles. And by God.

Therefore, live it is. I will have a fog horn sitting by the computer, should I have need of censorship. And perhaps a small glass of my mother-in-law’s stash of Port Wine.

I ain’t skeert.

I’m in the midst of putting down my thoughts and doing the rest of my fact gathering. And I wanted to ask my homeschooling compadres for some help. I will be speaking on the subject of Used Curriculum. There are about a gazillion used curriculum websites. I have a few of my own personal favorites, but I want to know which ones y’all use and know are reputable.

Thank you ever so much!

12 Responses to Help From the Homeschool Contingency

  • I’ve found that there’s almost always a yahoo group of some sort for a curriculum, and someone is always selling on there. It’s not a store with a guarantee, but it’s worth a try!


  • I’m no used curric pro, but I know people who have had success with craigslist. Especially when looking for sets.

  • I’ve used vegsource and be happy with it. Never had any problems. We have a fairly large used/new homeschool store in our area and that’s my main resource for used curriculum.

  • I have forwarded several of your posts to friends and family. Getting great feedback. Just wanted you to know as many of them are not bloggers but now read your great writing.

    You will do great, as usual!


  • Any of my used curr. was gotten at our used Curr. sale for our co-op.

    Does your computer have parallels? I detest windows, but I do have it on my mac for times when I can’t use my mac. Just a thought.

  • An Apple a day keeps the Windows away.

  • Yes, ever since I received that notice I’ve been gritting my teeth. I will have to use Husband’s PC. But I have all ready asked him to take off or somehow kiebash the nazi zone alarm system he uses that keeps you from doing any.thing.

    Looking forward to hearing your tips.

  • eBay…does that count? I have had great luck finding just what I need with so many people selling curriculum, especially this time of year. As an aside, I was just recently introduced to your blog, and your wit, humor and the fact that you have three crazy kids like I do (with another one arriving in a few weeks) have blessed me so much!

  • Hi 😉

    I use this used curriculum site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UsedHomeSchoolBooks/

    It is a yahoo group, so of course you are dealing with individual sellers. I have never had a problem with anyone that I have purchased from, and I have even sold a few things here as well. 🙂

    Also, I belong to one that is strictly for homeschoolers in Texas: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TexasHomeschoolBookSwap/

    (for your other “Texas readers” 🙂

    I am sure you will do wonderfully, and I will be praying for you. 😉

  • My Mac is so busy spitting on Windows that it won’t let me attend the conference. Aaargh!

  • If you know the titles or authors, the best clearinghouse search is bookfinder.com, you can find used books by the gazillions there. Independent sellers who use clearinghouses to sell their books LOVE bookfinder. ABE, Alibris, Half, Amazon, and many others are found through bookfinder. Try it out and see.