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Bits & Pieces

All I’m able to piece together is a list of sorts. And even I am surprised at the randomness of my disjointed thoughts.

#1. Day 2 of Potty Training came to an abrupt halt at about 2:00 in the afternoon. I have concluded that Junior is not ready. To him, the bathroom is nothing more than a trip to Disney Land. Complete with a water fall. And I, in turn, am not ready for the nervous breakdown I most certainly will enjoy, should Potty Training continue.


I have PMS.

PMS + Potty Training = a visit from the children’s services department.

God knew what he was doing when He saved my most strong willed child for last. I do believe that if Jensen had come first. He would be an only child. Dearly loved and cherished. But, an only child.

The end. For now.

But I’m filing all of your suggestions. Except for the one about floating the Cheerios to use as a target. Because, as I said when I was commenting on my own post, um, no, the kid would retrieve and eat them. While my head exploded into a million tiny brain fragments all over the bathroom walls.

#2. Think back. Way back to the early 90’s. Remember a show called “The X Files”? Hmmm? I was quite addicted to that show. Fiddledaddy was as well. And we would watch it in our respective residences when we were “just friends”, and it never failed that he would call me during a pivotal and frightening plot point.

Scaring the bejeebers out of me.

That was some excellent television, my friends. And do you know what I heard today? “The X Files – I Want to Believe” is coming out AS A MOVIE July 25th. I will be standing in line on that day, wearing a black trench coat. My Mulder will be right behind me. Spitting sunflower shells on his shoes.

I cannot wait.

#3. Thank you for all your sweet e-mails concerning Jensen’s allergy testing. We’re on the right track. I’ve had to eliminate eggs & egg whites, wheat, gluten, peanuts, almonds, peas, legumes, lentils, grapes, grapefruit, fish and all soy. The good news is that he did not test high for dairy, so he can have some cheese every 3 days.

Soy, eggs, gluten, peanuts, and peas are the highest allergen. And people, those ingredients are in just about everything. I am going blind from reading ingredients. But, I’ve found some helpful cookbooks, websites, and great support, ALL THANKS TO YOU!

He is improving day by day.

#4. Thank you all for your complements on the new Blog name and header. I wish I could take credit for it. But, it was Mulder. He’s the talented genius behind the technological workings of Fiddledeedee. I’ve gotten comfortable with the change very quickly. For me. Emme, however having inherited my flair for melodrama, sighs wistfully and says, “I miss It Coulda’ Been Worse“, everytime stinkin’ time she passes my computer.

#5. Can I just say how blessed I feel to live in the United States. Despite all our foibles and problems, we are a free nation. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend everyone!!!

26 Responses to Bits & Pieces

  • I feel your pain on the potty thing. My twins couldn’t care less about using the toilet…I about lost my mind.

    We also gave up and started again later, with much success! 🙂

  • 1. I DID have that one first. He’s 11. We’re now adopting and he’ll be at least 13 before his sister comes home. It took that long to say – our hearts and sanity can handle another child.

    2. We’re excited about the XFiles movies too – and The Boy is old enough to watch!

    3. You are an incredible mother weeding your way through the allergy jungle. I applaud you!

    Have a blessed 4th of July!

  • I’m a wee bit excited about the x files movie, too. And I am so sorry about the allergies. Two of my sons have battled them- my middle son did outgrow a severe nut allergy. My youngest is allergic to almost everything and until recently I was nursing him, so I had to eliminate all those things from my diet, too. I remember trying to read labels in the grocery store through my tired tears. Thinking of you!


  • He may actually do better with the potty training thing once you’ve totally got his diet under control. Food allergies can sometimes lead to trouble in the potty training department, so once he’s feeling better, his body (and brain) may be able to handle it better.

    Good luck – it’s not easy!

  • Oh, my love, I feel your pain regarding those allergens being in everything. I’ve been there. You can do it. I know how overwhelming it is right now, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Your family’s tastebuds will adjust, and you’ll be absolutely amazed at the foods that God does show you that your son can eat. We now have quite a repetoire of meals that even non-allergy family members and friends enjoy.

    Lord, show Deedee your provision. Help her to think outside the box and provide her with tastey, nutritious alternatives. You know where her family is, what nutrients are needed for healthy growth, and exactly where she can get it for her family. Inspire her with your creativity and encourage her by compliments coming from the recipients of her cooking. Amen.

  • I know exactly what you mean about allergens everywhere–my middle child was allergic to corn, rice, and half a dozen other things that were in everything, and the oldest was allergic to all the opposite things.

    And the comment about pms and potty training made me snort my coffee.

  • I only have the wheat thing, but I can relate… it’s in everything.

    But I love them tacos! And it doesn’t bother me when people offer me pizza or donuts. I can’t have them, and that’s that. People adjust pretty quickly to things when they have to.


  • We just potty trained my boy, our second try, but it only took two days! We used this toddler urinal

    The best part (for me) was that daddy took over the bulk of the training since they could go be all manly stand-up pee-ers together in the bathroom 🙂 It’s much easier to aim into, also. He’s never missed it.

  • I, too, LOVE LOVE the X-Files. They frequently show reruns on the Sci-Fi channel and my baby boy (age 25) bought me the first season on DVD for my birthday last year!! I’m hoping he and I can go to the movie together, as his father, the heathen, cares nothing about the X-Files.

  • I liked the X-Files, too, but didn’t watch all of them. I will definitely have to see this movie!

  • Yea, don’t worry about the potty training. My son wasn’t ready at that age either. He just didnt’ get it. At all.

    I agree with waiting because of his food allergies too. His little digestive system is probably so confused right now that it’s better to just not worry about it right now.

    Like they say, he won’t be going off to college in diapers. He’ll get it when he’s ready.

  • I didn’t want to tell you before, but I have seen THAT Cheerio story:

    We tried the naked potty training thing for a couple of hours this morning and I was a nervous wreck. Do they sell raincoats for the sofa?

  • I think I’m finally emerging from the darkness and into the light from potty training Lily, my youngest. She held out on putting her #2 in the potty for a whole month; I’ve only had one other child who’s done that, and it wasn’t pretty.

    I saw the X-Files poster in the theater. Love the concept with their crossed shadows making the “X” behind them. Do you remember the episode where they made it look like a huge bug ran across the screen at the end? Creepy! Or more so than usual.

  • Agreed we live in such a great nation. Was reminded today how we need to help others… had the good fortune of speaking with a missionary in S. Africa today – a blogosphere friend – here’s the story should you have a moment:



  • As a mom with kids with allergies, I feel your pain there. A Caveat for the peanut allergy–that can become life threatening. Ask your allergist if keeping an Epi-pen would be a prudent thing for you to do.

  • It was like Christmas morning when I saw the first X Files Movie commericial. I thought it was all over. Hope is Alive!

    So glad the allergy testing went OK. I hope shopping for food gets a little better.

  • Been outta town for about a week and just now am trying to check back in with all my favorite bloggers. I have to say I LOL when I read that PMS + Potty Training = Children’s Services. Yeah. I’d say maybe you and Junior can start up another week.

    I do love the new blog name too by the way!

  • PMS + potty training is a dangerous combination. I always say, what’s the rush? He’ll figure it out before kindergarten, right?

  • I hope your family is enjoying the holiday! Good luck with the whole PMS and potty training thing, I think I would put it off too.

  • Happy 4th of July!

  • When we potty trained the first kiddo, I found a book at the library titled “Potty Training in Less Than a Day”…yeah, that’s what I thought, too. Until I tried it. It worked!! Though, the fifth kiddo didn’t quite follow in her older sisters’ footsteps. You may be able to find it at your library…it’s worth a shot.

    Oh, and the X-files? LOVE IT!! I also love you calling your Hub Mulder…LOL!

  • I love the X-Files too. Can’t wait for the movie. Boys are harder to potty train. Hang in there. This to shall pass. My son is 3 years and 7 months, and we just are finally having some success. He was not at all interested before. It took a month of constant persuasion with any number of forms of bribery to get him to really try. There is no magic formula. We’re not close to out of the woods yet though. He pees in the potty, but not number 2. And I don’t dare take him out without a Pull-Up on. The bad things is that he’s always been in the 95 percentile for height and weight, so he’s as big as some 5 year olds. I get a lot of dirty looks from moms when they see that he isn’t potty trained. I’m sure they think he’s in kindergarten.

  • I so know what you mean about the difficult child coming last and they would be an only child if they had popped out first. My daughter was hateful through potty training and then I discovered she had just been winding me up because one day she just took that darn thing off, tossed it across the room, said “I’m not a baby” and has never worn one since!

    SO with you on the X Files thing too. Watched every single episode and totally revolved my social life around it.
    V excited about the movie

  • I am all for child led potty training. I tried twice to no avail. After a lot of stress and frustration I decided that diapers were fine with me.

    It is my opinion that you shouldn’t have to potty train right now. With all of the other changes in his little life why force one more thing on him. Let him have one thing remain consistant. I think you should ignore the doctor and do what you know is best. When he is ready training will be the easiest thing in the world. Mine son wasn’t ready until he was three and a half, closer to four. But it only took a few days, minimal accidents (2) and we were done…Day and Night. I am sooo thankful for child-led (almost) everything!!!

  • PMS + potty training + food allergies = the reason why we just eat cardboard. You know, dipped in mineral oil to keep us regular.

    This too (yep, I’m going to say it) will pass.

  • I hear you. I also have a very strong willed child. A child who has been very very difficult to potty train. At four and a half we’re almost done. Please pray for me that we survive.