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My girls stop their game of tug-o-war over a Barbie accessory and stare at me blankly.

They’re right. There is no baby in the house. Oh sure, there’s a 45 pound 3 year old that still occupies a crib down the hall.

But, he has the ability to climb over the rail of that crib, disassemble the bars, and fashion them into a weapon. Prompting us to place a net enclosure canopy contraption over the whole thing and call it a “car bed.”

He can now unzip the “window” to free himself.

This is a clue that he may be outgrowing the crib.

He still wears a diaper. Which, if you see him running around the house calling himself “Diaper Boy”, may seem a little odd because of his largeness. I buy him size 5 diapers. When I really ought to break down and spring for the 6’s. A size 6 is the largest you can go, without shopping in the Depends section.

The other day, he had finally taken enough of his older sister’s teasing and torture. When he had been quiet for too long, I found him sitting on said sister’s bed, indian style, arms folded across his chest, wearing a scowl.

“Whatcha doing buddy?”

“I going poo-poo on CayCay’s bed.”


A clue that it might be time to begin potty training.

I still attempt to trap him in his stroller when shopping. Especially now that I have to read itty bitty ingredient lists on EVERYTHING I BUY. This stroller in question has seen better days. He ripped the canopy off months ago in disgust when he kept banging his head on it. He is tall enough to put his feet either on the wheels or the floor, forcing the entire contraption to come to a full and complete halt. Whether I want to or not.

A clue he may have outgrown the stroller.

And now, much to my horror, he has acquired the skill of unbuckling himself and sliding out under the tray. When I’m otherwise engrossed in ingredient reading. And, he can reach up and clear everything from the 5th shelf down. In three seconds flat.

A clue that I may need to be looking into military school much sooner than expected.

And yet, I still hold him close, and rock him in the night. Breathing in the sweet smell of his hair, and listening to his soft baby breath on my neck. While his footy pajamaed feet drag the floor. Clearly, he is outgrowing both me and his rocking chair.

But I keep on rocking my baby. Because I’m clueless.

23 Responses to Clues

  • Good writing! Your last sentence had me grinning.

  • So sweet. (My “baby” is two, and I can so relate to this!!!)

  • My baby just turned 18, and he still comes to me, sits down beside me, lays his head on my shoulder, and I rock him still.

  • If you haven’t you should read the book -Love You Forever-by Robert N. Munsch and Sheila McGraw.

    If you can read it outloud without crying you are a better woman than I!

  • Your 3YO outweighs my 4YO by at least 10 pounds. At least. But hey, I outweigh you by at least 10 pounds, so we’re even.

    No matter how big or how oldthey get, they are still your footie pajamaed baby.

  • My footie pajamaed baby is leaving for college soon. Instead of rocking, I will be texting!

    And I still cannot read Love You Forever without crying.

  • Aw, sometimes it seems like they’ll be little forever and other times they seem to be growing up so fast.

  • I have l long since given up the crib and we just gave up the stroller. But I will always rock my 3 yr old baby! The oldest will be 8 this weekend. Seems like I was just rocking him.

  • I totally understand your feelings. I think the “baby” is always hardest to get past the baby stage. I just moved my 4 1/2 into a twin size bed…my almost 18 into a queen size bed! The twin was the 18 year olds bed till this weekend!

  • The baby is always the “Baby”! I’m convinced. We finally decided we need to start disciplining our baby–she’s been a princess for 2 1/2 years too long. It’s just always easier to request of the older ones, “Just give the baby that toy she’s screaming for. She doesn’t understand.” But when you fast forward 18 years and imagine, “Just give the baby the car. She doesn’t understand”, you realize even though she’ll always be the “Baby”, you still gotta step in at some point. Man, I hate that!

  • My baby is 8 and is almost as tall as I am. And yet, I long for the mornings when he comes down (still in his footies) and he snuggles up to me for morning time. I’ll take it as long as I can get it.

    Clueless can be a very good thing.

  • I love this song by Sara Evans

    The lyrics are not your story, but I love the story they tell.

  • I was smacked with serious “That’s my BABY!” emotions this weekend. Our 4 yr old had to have her head stapled up (not stitched, stapled!) It made me realize just how little she really still is…and what a baby I am!

  • My baby turns four years old today. He has rejected the booster seat at the dining room table and has been wiping his own self in the restroom for weeks now. It’s when I get sort of sad and start to wonder exactly what it is he needs me for when he runs up and gives me a kiss for no reason. And he still lets me rock him sometimes. Once we get past all the knees and elbows, it’s nice.

  • Loved the article about you on HOTM. I am a contributor there.

    I’ll start my 17th year of home schooling next year… thought I’d ask if you have any good websites for used curriculum. I’ve got a couple I use but neither of them have the curriculum I’m looking for.

    By the way, I LOVED the picture of the tube top…I had a few of those in my day too! : ) and yes, I have pictures too!

    : )


  • Awww. So sweet. I’m pretty clueless, too. My (last) baby will be three in just a few months and I’m clinging for dear life to the crib, the stroller, the size 5 diapers (yep, we have those, too). Fortunately, he still lets me rock him at night. “Me baby,” he says. Yes, yes he is the baby.

  • so true so true. I am feeling the same way about my baby right now. Keep them young is my goal in life.

  • Ahhh… sigh… and sigh some more. Drink in every minute of that rocking chair time.

    I love his choice of potty places. That just made me laugh out loud.

  • Love this post. As long as I have breath, they will always be “my babies”

  • Trust me — we are all clueless when they are just so darn cute and loving!! My 13 year old still gives me kisses and hugs in front of his friends. Occasionally he still sits on my lap and gives me good long hugs just when I need them most 🙂

    God bless,

  • Probably one of the sweetest posts I’ve read in long time. I’m lovin’ your little guy (but secretly happy he’s your’s!).


  • My baby will be four next month. He can outlast me in any temper tantrum and out run me in any grocery store. But he I can outlast him in the hugs and kisses department. So, in my book, I win everytime.

    Sounds like you win too.

  • I came over from Blogher and you are a fabulous writer. What a great post!