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Snack Time

The girls recently finished a fun filled week of VBS. Every day, on the ride home, I would ask Emme what her favorite part of the day was. Hoping above all hopes, that she would tell me about what Bible story impacted her little life, or which scripture she had hidden in her heart.

“Snack time.”

Day after day, she would go into great and glorious detail about her snack. Which usually included highly nutritional marshmallows, chocolate kisses, gummy bears, and the occasional pretzel. Oh. And the frosting. Snack time is never complete without the frosting.

Brain food.

Cailey didn’t care so much for snack time, as she was usually relegated to a separate area with the other peanut allergy kids, to be force fed a diet of the dreaded banana and animal crackers.

In other words, she endured torture at VBS. And suffered snack envy, as Emme would go into the daily detail of her high caloric intake.


On the way home after the last day, I looked into the rear view mirror at an unusually pensive Emme, who was staring out the window. Silent.

“Well, how was snack time?”

“Um. Not so good.”

Cailey’s ears perked up.

“What did you eat?”


Odd. How can you go wrong with the delicious goodness of Betty Crocker cupcakes? “How were they?”

“Well,” long pause, “I couldn’t finish it because some kid threw up his cupcake next to me. And it splattered on my shoes.” She swallowed hard. And shuddered. “I had to go to the bathroom and wash my shoes off. I don’t want to talk about it, anymore.” She turned back toward the window.

Cailey suddenly sprung to life, pelting her sister with inquiries about the vomit in question. Quizzing her about the color, consistency, and amount. When Emme could not summon the strength to answer, Cailey filled in her own blanks with her vivid imagination. Out loud.

After a few moments, the back seat became quiet. And I heard the familiar “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” as two windows were rolled down. I looked into the rear view mirror again, and I saw that two daughters sat on either side of the backseat. Like green bookends. Looking out of each of their respective windows. Breathing deeply.

Smugly, I enjoyed a little peace and quiet for the remainder of the drive home. Pondering the affect this would have on their respective sugar addictions.

I think I might suggest that next year, VBS Snack Time include a Pepto Bismol chaser. And Craft Time should most definitely involve a paper bag.

16 Responses to Snack Time

  • What VBS week would be complete without the benefit of revisited snack time?!

    “Pepto Bismol chaser” – ha! That is good, my friend, good!

  • That is so horrible and so funny all at the same time! Quite the picture in the backseat of the car – I am sure!

  • I just wanted to let you know before I comment, that I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I really enjoy it!

    My boys have been attending a camp this week that is similar to VBS, but the parents are asked to bring a snack for their kids. Apparently this church doesn’t take lightly the threat of peanut allergies, because (brilliant mom that I am) in my hurry to pick out a last minute snack on the way to camp I forgot about the warning they had sent out requesting that people not bring peanut snacks, and I sent my kids with peanut butter crackers.

    I realized my error as I was driving home, so when I picked them up later that evening, I inquired about the snacks. My oldest had been sent to a table to sit alone with his snack, while the other child was denied snack time completely. Thankfully, I think they have forgiven me. 🙂

  • So funny!

    Why oh why do they give them cupcakes with mounds of icing? Are kids not crazy enough without getting them drunk on cupcakes?

  • OK – That’s funny! I’m so proud of you for not freaking out at the prospect of 2 children barfing in the back seat!
    On the other hand – poor Emme! What a lousy way to end VBS!

  • This hits home for me! I have been part of the snack planning for VBS for years.

    Last year I was not. The director planned donuts and ice cream for snack! I was teaching pre-K and said,”NO WAY!”

    Our class had goldfish after I prompty made a run to Wal-mart.

  • My kids are at VBS right now and I’m telling you, it came at the perfect week this year. Haven’t heard about any snack episodes, though.

    Maybe that’s a good thing.

  • It’s amazing the differences in kids…one loves gorey vomit stories and the other gets sick just thinking about it.

  • As one with a sensitivity to wheat, it’s sometimes scary to hand out food in Sunday School. “If you have an allergy, please don’t take any of this.”

    Great story. I can just imagine the girls in the back seat. Hilarious!


  • Oh my goodness…

    Brings back memories from 4th grade when a friend turned to me in the lunch room and proceeded to — well, let’s just say I can relate to poor Emme.

  • I remember getting sick on kool-aid at VBS. Too much sugar. It was worth it. :0)

    Roxanne Kristina @ http://www.sharingnotes.blogspot.com

  • This is fabulous. I love a little sister to sister torture. Oh the things I have to look forward too!!

  • There was something leveling about day five, huh? Nothin’ like vomit to even out the injustice of snackage, lol.

    (and since my youngest purged the other night? my visual is waaaay too sharp on this one!)


  • I experience snack envy daily. Great post!