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There will be a few alterations here on the blog, that you may notice in the coming days. It’s a widely known fact that I love change. You would recognize this should you peer inside of my closet and see fashions that were popular in 1986. Or gaze upon my collection of 45s stashed in the garage.

Because we all know that this CD business is a passing fad, and vinyl will be back in vogue any day now.

Yes, I embrace change with ease.

When I began this blog nearly two years ago, I wanted to call it “Fiddledeedee.” For two reasons. My name is DeeDee. Yes, that’s my given name. (For the sordid story of how that came to be, go here.) And, both my mother and grandmother often boasted that their favorite movie was “Gone With the Wind.” Fiddledeedee was a popular southern exclamation in my house growing up. Translated, it meant, “step away from the pork rinds, they are for company.”

However, there was already a blog called “Fiddledeedee.” Which no doubt had little to do with pork rinds.

So, on the fly, I blurted out, “It Coulda’ Been Worse. YES, THAT WILL BE THE NAME.” (insert maniacal laughter) Because it demonstrated my sunny disposition and how I’m always looking for the silver lining in all situations.

When I changed to my own domain, Fiddledaddy recommended strongly that I change my blog name to Fiddledeedee, since miraculously, that name had become available.

I dug my heels in. “NO. No one will be able to find me. The name stays.” I’m always open to good advice that way.


I called him Saturday night, after a blogging session at She Speaks. “We need to change my blog’s name to Fiddledeedee.” As if the idea had just occurred to me.

“That’s what I’ve been saying. Who have you been talking to?”

“The girls.” (The girls are Sophie, Melanie, and Shannon.) “It’s too confusing, I need the same URL as my blog name and that’s how everyone knows me, as Fiddledeedee, and blah, blah, blah, OKAY YOU WERE RIGHT. Pffffffft.”

So, very soon, the header on my blog will be Fiddledeedee. I know that some of you already have me on your blog rolls as “Fiddledeedee” because you already knew that Fiddledaddy was right. A fact that he will not let forget anytime soon.

But, to the rest of you all, could you change my blog name to Fiddledeedee, should you happen to have me on your blogroll? The URL will happily remain as Fiddledeedee.net.

Also, it pains me to say that I’m going to discontinue Saturday Stirrings. I’ve been doing quite a bit of soul searching, and have decided to try only to post Monday through Friday. And you may have noticed that I discontinued my Busy Moms Club Devos on Monday.

I seem to have spread myself a little thin. I need the time on the weekends to prepare for the week, and care for my family. They keep insisting on clean underdrawers and THEY ARE ALWAYS HUNGRY. What is with that?

Thank you so much, all of you ladies that have participated in Saturday Stirrings. I have appreciated your recipes and encouragement! And I’ll miss you all trying to TEMPT me with all the delicious food.

Hopefully, these changes will result clean laundry for my family, and a higher quality of blog material.

But, probably not. That kind of change is too much to hope for. Fiddledeedee. (Now, when you see Fiddledeedee, you will forevermore associate me with Pork Rinds. So be it.)

I will have much more to share regarding the conference in the coming days!

23 Responses to Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  • Just reading about change makes my stomach hurt…

    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

  • Ive been a lurker for awhile and wanted to comment saying im reading and cant wait to read more!

  • Fantastic, so glad you are making the change!!

  • can’t wait to hear all you learned.

  • You could call yourself Just A PMS Short Of Satan and I’d still read you, DeeDee. But I’m glad that you don’t. 🙂

    Welcome to the wonderful world of M-F. You’ll find that you actually like it, I think. I love having my weekends “free”.

  • I’m so happy for you! Now you are ONE with your name. Simplification is a good thing.

    I am with you on the less blogging, more clean underwear thing. My problem is getting the underwear to jump directly from the clean MOUNTAIN of clothes on the bedroom floor to the drawers. They are sooooooo slow at learning new tricks.

    🙂 I was afraid when you said change that you were going to do something drastic… like quit blogging. Heaven forbid – our men might think we were Martha Stewart and then they would expect a perfect house all the time! Blogging keeps them in line, I say.

  • Hi DeeDee,

    Looking forward to the changes. Good thing you recognize spreading yourself too thin. I would NEVER do that. ;p

  • Well of course you’ll change – after talking to the girls you just have to!

    I’m still biting my fist in jealousy that you got to hang out with the Blogging Queens, btw. I almost went up for prayer yesterday but thought I would get laughed at. 😉

  • I just changed your name on my blogroll 🙂

  • Bring It, Sista. Can’t wait.

  • I love your blog and think the name change is a great idea. I am more of a lurker here because I am too lazy to sign in every time to comment. 🙂 But your blot is great.

  • Do it! Do it! It’s going to be great…

  • Looking forward to the changes.

  • I like the name fiddledeedee.

  • Aww shucks. I’ll miss Saturdays at your place.

    Can you come out & play?! Tag! You’re it! 😀


  • Done and done. Seeing that Gone With The Wind is in fact my favorite movie, the change makes me happy. And I guarentee you I will forever associate you with my favorite movie and not rinds made out of pig (whatever that might be)

  • I will change you on my blog roll, too! Yes we could have messed with security at the airport, but I have heard that the Charlotte jail is not as nice as the Embassy Suites. My friend had to throw her peanut butter away (she travels with it to keep her blood sugar level) and she took two big bites before it hit the trash can. She couldn’t talk the rest of the way through security. I messed with her instead.

  • Making changes can be fun. Keeps us on our toes.

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip.


  • It’ll be FABULOUS!

  • My blog was originally entitled “Home Sweet Home,” but when I wanted a domain name I realized that any URL with that in it was for real estate. As a result, I changed my blog title to My Home Sweet Home in expectation of the eventual domain name purchase.

    It turns out that wasn’t much better, so now I’ve got the ridiculously long myhomesweethomeonline.net for a domain name.

    I’ve posted my recap, complete with pictures!

  • We completely understand, and support you in the change. I will make the change on my blog roll. (Once I figure out how.) 😉

  • Now you make me have second thoughts about my blog’s header. Should I put my url in my header and make that my blog’s title??? Hmm…I’ve thought about it. Perhaps I shall…Idk, we’ll see. I LOVE change!!! Look forward to the newness. Demara AKA D

  • I debated that for a while when I was adding you in my blogroll – I mean adding you in my blogroll as Fiddledee (which like what you saud, many called you anyway) or stick with your name It Could Have Been Worse. …

    I will change it …

    Happy changing!