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Making Room for the Fairer Sex

Jensen has an eye for the ladies. The objects (as in plural) of his affection happen to be two sisters. Both are exquisitely beautiful visions in fluffy pink. One is his age, 3 (Sister “S”), and the other is an older woman of 5 (Sister “T”). Whenever he happens upon these two, he insists on a hug. He hugs the older sister considerably longer than the younger.

I can understand.

I’ve seen many a young boy actually swoon when Sister “T” sashays by. Her mother told me of a story about a wild and wooly boy in her preschool class who terrorized all of his classmates. Boys and girls alike. One day, he sat next to “Sister T” and whispered to her, “You know I would never hit you. You’re my best girl.”

I’m sure she was relieved.

Still, I think Jensen could take him.

The only glitch to this crush, is that the sisters also happen to be cousins to Jensen. First cousins. Therefore, a relationship would be frowned upon in these here parts. Still, he’s innocently unfazed.

Last week, all of the children gathered to celebrate my nephew’s 8th birthday. The kitchen table was full of cousins, dining on birthday cake. “Sister T” was fashionably late, and meandered up to the feeding trough table. She looked around at all of the chairs which were already filled, and questioned, “Where am I going to sit?”

Jensen’s eyes lit up. He put his fork down (he was dining on a very delicious allergen free cupcake btw), scooted as far back in the chair as possible, and announced, “YOU WILL SIT IN MY WAP.”

A proud parenting moment.

I’m raising the perfect gentleman.

Or, a wolf, in little boy’s clothing.

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