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Math Games

No one kicked their heels up higher than the teacher on the last day of school, here in the Fiddle House of Higher Learning. I may have pulled a femur. If that’s possible.

But after a week and a half, I already find myself planning for the next year. And already worrying that everything I stuffed into their heads will leak out the next time they sneeze.

I can’t wait for Biology!

But as you well know, learning never stops. I’m always looking for opportunities to quiz them on a random subject. When they least expect it.

Sometimes, the opportunity just falls into my lap. Like last night when I was tucking the girls into bed. Emme loves to play the “how old will I be when such-and-such is whatever” game.

For example:

Emme:Mom. How old will I be when the twins (very good friends of ours are adopting twins) are 5?”

Me: “Well Emme. They are 1 and you are 8. What is 8 minus 1?”

A pause just long enough for the 6 year old sister to horn in with, “SEVEN.”

Me: “So, Emme, you will always be 7 years older than the twins. So when the twins are 5, how old will you be?”

Cailey: “TWELVE.”

I will be enrolling Cailey in college when she turns 10. She’s a little math prodigy. Much to her older sister’s chagrin.

This fun game went on long enough for me to realize that I might want to implement some math drills into our summer vacation.

And then, it continued even longer, until my brain swelled to twice it’s natural size from the headache that was forming.

Emme:Mom. How old will YOU be when I’m 35?”

Now I had to think. Without the aid of my calculator. Or an Excedrin. I answered, unsure if the strain would cause my head to explode all over the pink princess bedding, “Um, 74.”

Emme: “Wow. How old will you be when I’m 50?


Note to self: Pick up paperwork to send #2 child to a boarding school. In a really harsh climate.

14 Responses to Math Games

  • Thanks for the laugh – I needed that today! 🙂 Gotta love that, huh… Harsh climate? How about the North Pole? Greenland maybe?

  • That’s so cute! and a bit sad at the same time!!! Glad they know math well and are getting better.

  • Yep, boarding school’s the only way to go! Maybe she can room with mine 😉

  • LOL! OMG that’s funny! Cailey’s a hoot! Doesn’t pull any punches, does she?! 😀

  • Oh, I needed that laugh this morning! And yeah, if you find a good boarding school, let us know. I might be in need of one at some point.

  • Hey, if you send her now, she could get started on those math problems.

    “If you take one mom and one smartypants girl and put them in the same room, how long will it be before the mom starts drinking and the girl is begging to for her mom to get off of her?”

  • “Dead.”

    *Laugh, chuckle, snort*


  • Don’t you just love these wonderful, warm homeschooling moments?

  • That last question would lead me to a nice bottle of wine, hehee.

    But she already has me beat, I do English assignments now NOT math (that is hubby’s job). This is why I married an Engineer, I knew my weakness, hee.

  • well, as consulation, if the math wizard thing doesn’t work out it sounds like she might have a career in stand up.

  • Oohh my youngest does that to his older brothers. Us sitting at the table and having school when youngster answered all their questions did not go over well. Especially when he couldn’t remember what vowels are but could multiply in his head. What is up with that???

  • When bedtime questions go down that path here in the Jubilant Household, I use the old standby, “Mommy is done playing games now and you should be too!”

  • LOL That is so funny!! I was crackin up!! You have quite a comedian.

  • I’m with you. I quiz my kids all the time.

    Once I was walking into church with my then 3-year-old when a flock of geese was noisily passing overhead. I looked up and said, “Katie, what are those?”

    The woman entering the church beside me looked at me quizzically and said, “They’re GEESE, Sheila.”

    I guess she thought I was serious.

    Anyway, Katie never got a chance to answer that question. But she has now figured it out on her own.

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