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Stage Mom

Our church will be holding a Music Camp for the youngsters this summer. For one week, the children learn the music for a 45 minute show, including hand motions and/or a few dance moves.

This will be Emme’s 3rd year, and Cailey’s first. It is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to learn about performing, in a setting that is glorifying to God. Emme has always enjoyed it and has been anxiously looking forward to it.

But, this year, she wanted to audition for a singing solo.

Because, entertainment is in her blood, y’all.

I pause to take a deep breath, and make a long distance phone call to my dad in Texas, apologizing once again, for all I put him and mom through.

By a stroke of good luck, the show our church is putting on, is the same one that the girls performed in with their Musical Theater Homeschool group last month.

So, they already know all the music. In fact, the entire family, plus the neighbors living 10 feet away on either side of us already know ALL THE MUSIC.

I’m pretty sure that I could stage the show myself, in my kitchen, and perform it in its entirety as a one woman extravaganza. Complete with curtain call. And the perfunctory refreshments afterwards.

Last weekend, the auditions for the solos were held at our church. Both Emme and Cailey were auditioning. I accompanied them, because that’s what a stage mom does. Besides, they can’t drive. As we arrived, and signed in, I saw notices posted everywhere that these were “closed” auditions. No stage mothers parents allowed.

The nerve.

Undaunted, I teamed up with my friend Brianna, whose daughter was auditioning with my girls. “Pssssst,” I stage whispered to her, after our girls entered the sanctuary, leaving us stage moms out in the cold, “I know where the catwalk is.” The catwalk looms directly above the sanctuary stage. Where the auditions were being conducted.

Her eyes lit up. This is why I love Brianna. She’s game for nearly any adventure. She’s the mother of twins, after all.

Hastily, we tiptoed down the long hallway, leading to the back room which housed the cat walk ladder. This gave me just enough time to really consider what we were about to do. My mind immediately goes into disaster mode, and I imagine the worse case scenario.

It’s a gift.

Forgetting the fact that I’m deathly afraid of heights, the catwalk is a bit precarious. I’ve never actually been up there. But, I do know that the only thing separating the cat walkee from certain death is a pole, disguising itself as a railing.

If Cailey was embarrassed by the events at the deli, just imagine her horror, when her only mother falls from the cat walk, and is splattered all over the stage. Just inches from her.

Just then, Plan B began to take form. I came to a screeching halt towards the end of the hall at a set of double doors. Brianna crashed into the back of me.

Pssssst,” I stage whispered once again, “Check it out. If we press our eyeballs up to the crack in this door, we can have an birds eye view of the stage. And if we’re really really quiet, we’ll be able to actually HEAR them.”

Brianna looked relieved.

With faces pressed against the door, Brianna down on her knees, me up on tippy toes, we waited for our daughters to perform.

There was only one time that an uncontrollable fit of giggling nearly gave us away. We envisioned what it would be like if someone were to, say, bolt through those particular double heavy wooden doors. We’d both be sprawled across the hall, flat on our backs, because we would never see it coming.

The crack was quite small. I had to cup one hand over my left eye, in order to focus the right eye on the two feet of stage we could actually see.

Indeed, we did get to see the girls perform their songs. I could tell my girls were nervous. It was all I could do not to holler out, “SMILE! ATTA GIRL. YOU ROCK!” But, that would have given our position away.

Not like falling out of the rafters. But still.

All in all, they did well. We were very proud of them for having the courage to try. We haven’t heard about the outcome. But, the motto around here from my little divas in training is, “If I get it, I’ll praise Him. If I don’t, I’ll praise Him.”

And while I want my daughters to always have their hearts desires, I know they will face many disappointments. And how they handle those letdowns, will be a testimony to their character. It is in the failures that their resolve will be strengthened.

And this stage mother will be there to kiss away the tears, and to act as head cheerleader through the successes.

Always ready and willing to scale any heights to watch over them. 🙂

15 Responses to Stage Mom

  • I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the girls! If they are anything like you, they are a shoe-in! Regardless, the fact that you are teaching them to praise Him through either circumstance is a testiment to you! And for the record–I would have been peeking through the door as well! 🙂

  • “If I get it, I’ll praise Him. If I don’t, I’ll praise Him.”

    LOVE IT!! You are teaching them well. 😉

  • You are doing well with them, DeeDee. All you need is the prerequisite flowers to hand them as they come off stage because every girl loves to get flowers after that kind of production.

    (I’d have totally done the catwalk with you. As a matter of fact, The Girl told me that she wants to do Drama next year. Thanks for the inspiration as to how to be there without really being there!)

  • I was just going to say what WendyDarling said! You are teaching them well! “If I get it, I’ll praise Him, if I don’t, I’ll praise Him.” It sounds like a motto I need to remember more often myself!

  • Aww! Way to go DeeDee!

    May I say the visual I had of you two peeking through the door was priceless. 🙂

  • I related to your post today so much — as my girl just tried out for cheerleading for the first time EVER. Let’s just say that cheerleading genes DON’T run in our family…… I was on pins & needles awaiting the results — and we, I mean she, made the squad! But like you, we were going to praise the Lord in either event. God bless, and keep us posted!

  • The whole time I was reading I was thinking “please tell me they didn’t really go up there, please tell me they didn’t really go up there…” And its not because of the potential embarrassment factor for Cailey; its because I missed the news last night.

    And surely “Stage mother arrested in local church for ascending the forbidden ladder” would have been the headlining story.

    I would never have forgiven myself for missing that one. ;o)

  • Well, not ALWAYS ready and willing to scale new heights!

    PS> I love that movie!

  • The fact that the girls had the courage to try out speaks volumes about their confidence and character.

    And if my daughter were auditioning I would have been crouching uncomfortably between the two of you peering through that crack in the door. It would drive me nuts not knowing if she made it through the song, if her voice cracked or if she nailed it.

  • Even as we stifled our giggles, I wondered if it would be blog material! I love the laughter that you bring to my life. I hope that we have many more opportunities to “laugh at our days to come” together. We just might not always be “clothed in strength and dignity”… Which proves I would have followed you up that cat walk!

  • Whoa, be careful! Once they get the ‘theater bug’ it’s ingrained permanently. My 6 yr old sets up “one person shows” — in 12 acts — almost every night.

  • LOL, I love to read your blog.

    Good teaching mom and good for the girls for trying out!! I hope they make it!

  • I am chuckling imagining you guys standing by that door straining to see and hear your girls!

  • As I am highly visual, this was too funny!!
    You remind me of…well…me. Win, lose, triumph, or tank, I’d HAVE to watch!!

  • you’re good mom!