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Weekend Update

The weekend has mercifully come to an end.

The highlight occurred Saturday night, when we all spent some quality time with one another at the local Urgent Care Facility. Jensen, it seems, is HIGHLY allergic to Tilapia.


You know, that mild white fish, which really isn’t all that fishy, and does not come in a package all loaded up with seasonings, hormones, and other pesky additives that could exacerbate his allergies.

And if you cook it in just a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper, you’d think you’d be pretty safe. Right? I mean, I’ve nearly gone completely blind reading every ingredients list on the grocer’s shelf and when the ingredient is simply: “Tilapia”, I thought to myself, “WOO HOO, I’m safe with this one!”

But no. He started scratching his hands until they would have bled unless I wrestled him to the floor, holding his legs in a scissors hold, while I clung to each wrist. And at the same time, I dialed his father’s cell phone to tell him, “HELP! Come home from church as fast as you can.” And who knew I could dial the phone with my nose?

Then, I noticed the welts appearing underneath Jensen’s skin all over his little body, while he screamed so loud my ears began to bleed. The Benadryl that was administered did NOTHING to ease his pain.

Meanwhile, back in the dining room, I hear from Cailey, “MOM, CAN I HAVE A DESSERT?”

Holy mother of all that is good.

Fiddledaddy made it home in lightening fast speed, and we all loaded up into the van. It was “come as you are” night at the Urgent Care, and I fit right in. I sported a stained tank top (which, in my opinion, no one over the age of 40 ought to wear, especially me), sweats, and my hair looked as though I used a hand mixer to style it.

I wouldn’t have gone to the mailbox looking like that.

But, that was the least of my worries. In fact, I didn’t even consider my appearance until we all safely arrived back home, and I caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror. Humbling. To be sure.

The doctor agreed that it was indeed a severe reaction, and gave us a prescription for Prednisone. If I had been thinking clearly, I would have asked for a little something for myself. Something sedative, in nature.

Jensen was much better when we put him to bed. And by Sunday, he was back to his boisterous self. A little scarred perhaps, but much better.

I, on the other hand, had a headache from not having eaten the night before, and considered taking the meat tenderizer to my head, thusly putting me out of my misery.

It is Sunday night, here in the House of Fiddle. My headache has dulled, thanks to more than the recommended daily allowance of Extra Strength Excendrin. And all is quiet. Next week, we’ll likely be taking Jensen to have blood work done, to get a better idea about his food allergies. Jensen’s never had blood drawn before. That should make for an interesting appointment. I have a feeling that everyone in that room will be forever changed.

I won’t forget to ask for a little medication for the mommy. There isn’t a medical professional in the world that would deny me. I’m certain.

Post thought: You know, this is all put into perspective for me when I realize that this is nothing compared to what Heather and her family are going through with little Emma.  I’m keeping them in my prayers.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

29 Responses to Weekend Update

  • how terrible! i’m so glad he’s ok. sounds like you did pretty good under pressure. did you manage to toss her the dessert while you dialed with your nose? moms are so agile.

  • We have a child who started having regular blood draws at 3 years old. I found the trick for her was to place her on my lap, wrap my arm firmly around her and the arm not being drawn from, and stick a lollipop in her mouth. She did great every time. Except the first draw, before we knew the trick, where the tech tried to lay her on the table and didn’t want me in the room. That was a disaster we never repeated.

    Good luck! Just be glad they don’t use the scratch tests for allergies so much anymore. Those are totally miserable for kids. And adults, actually.

  • I’ve been lurking on your blog for a few months and had to come out of hiding to offer some help for your poor little man. There is a topical numbing cream called Emla that does wonders for needle sticks. It’s prescription, but if you can get a tube of it from your doctor, it is truly a balm to a mother’s soul! I pray you will find more answers to bring Jensen some relief.

  • Oh that is not fun. Kids and medical practitioners are rarely an enjoyable combination.

    I have spent a ridiculous amount of time holding down screaming children for nebulisers, eye examinations and an attempt to put a cannula in a 16 month old (with an uncanny resemblance to Buddha). And all of this for very undramatic conditions.

    Good luck, I hope they find get that blood out nice and easy.

  • I’m severely allergic to fish too. Also watch out for Caesar dressing, some Italian dressings, and Worchestershire (sp?) sauce! I hope the allergist is able to give you answers. We’re having my 5yo tested this month to get some answers ourselves.

  • Antique Mommy has some great info on getting blood drawn…give her a holler and I’m sure she’ll fill you in.
    I’ve dealt with the very same thing with my youngest one except that we never really knew what caused it…probably an antibiotic that we now avoid like the plague.

  • Oh how terrible, poor guy. It must have been the sunday for ministers’ wives to go to the emergency room. I also went yesterday morning with my little one and came back with some prednisone. 🙂

  • How awful for all of you! Especially mommy! I am glad that he is better now!

    I would ask for the numbing cream. We used it with our son, 3 at the time, when he had his blood drawn and he did not flinch just watched the lab tech. You do need a ‘scrip from the dr. and apply it about an hr. before…

    I hope the allergy tests will give you some peace of mind about what you can serve him (or not serve him).

  • Oh my.

    So from now on you’ll be cooking new recipes in heels, yes? 😉

  • Oh no! Sorry you guys had to go through this.

    And if it’s any comfort, I, too, have escorted my child to the ER looking…um…less than spectacular.

  • The little man is still in my prayers, as are you!!

  • Oh it’s always a big deal when it’s your baby and they are hurting and you can’t fix it. I am sorry about your awful weekend.

    If it makes you feel better a couple years ago I drove a friend to the ER while I was dressed as Cindy Lauper. Crinoline, fishnets, combat boots, crimped hair, fingerless gloves and all. She fell at an 80s theme party we had. People would walk into the ER, take one look at me and burst out laughing. Which says a lot considering they were at the ER.

    Praying for you and Jensen.

  • My hubby who works at a hospital says you were actually wearing appropriate ER attire. (grin)

    And I had a thought– is it possible the tilapia was processed in a plant next to shellfish? My daughter had a reaction when she ate fish that had been cooked in oil in which shellfish had also been cooked. In her case, at least, the problem food is actually shellfish, not regular fish. Not that you’ll ever take a chance with tilapia again. But maybe be cautious about shellfish too, since shellfish is a much more common allergy than regular fish….

    Mary, mom to many

  • I will definitely keep your family in my prayers!

  • What a horrible weekend. Not so rich with refreshment, eh?

    Praying that you’ll get some rest and some relief from the headache as the new week begins.

  • How scary! I can not imagine what that would be like. I am glad he is alright!

  • Wow – scary! I’ll keep you guys in my prayers..

  • Oh yes, those food allergies can be NASTY. Glad things are clearing up and just think–that is on less thing to worry about, now you KNOW one more allergy food.:) * Whistling in the dark here.

  • Bless your hearts! Enough already, huh? Keeping you all in my prayers!

  • So sorry DeeDee!! Don’t beat yourself up. I know you’re trying and you’ll get there. I can’t imagine how overwhelmed you’ve been feeling. Take it one day at a time. Hugs and prayers!

    And I would slip you something – chocolate, sedatives whatever. 😉

  • That sounds so “not fun”. I am sorry to hear about your random tilapia experience. I have been reading your blog about all the different things you have had to cut out of your little guy’s diet (and basically the whole family’s diet) and I say “you are a great mom”. You are sacrificing with nary a complaint and are rolling with the punches that this wonderful life can bring.

    P.S. I am sure you gave the nurses a chuckle when they saw you come in looking “come as you are”.

    Hopefully this week is better for you.

  • Oh Kara, I complain plenty!!! And Mary, I think you’re right. It was probably processed in a plant that produces shell fish. His uncle has a severe shell fish allergy, so that may be it.

    Thank you all for your sweet words today! He’s really doing well. And I’ll be looking into that numbing cream. (For my head, as well!) 🙂

  • I’m glad your hubby was able to use his Superman capabilities to safely rush you all to the hospital just in time!

    And especially glad that everything is fine, despite the tank top masquerade.

    P.S. You were just hiding behind that stained tank weren’t you?

  • Oh, my. I am sorry for your eventful weekend.

    I have made a trip or two to the urgent care center looking more of a mess than the child I toted along side of me. In fact, once, the nurse who called us back had to recheck her notes to be sure which of us was the patient. God allows us to be humbled in so many ways, doesn’t He?!

    But He is good and faithful and looks not on the outward appearance, but the heart. Thank goodness!

  • Please, please, please get an Epi-pen for him.

    My son carries two on him in a fanny pack at all times. We have two in the house and we keep two at the school. You never know when an allergy attack will worsen and you do not want to be caught without one. I’m actually shocked the Dr. didn’t prescribe one for you already when you were there.


  • Oh, glory. If I wasn’t laughing so hard, I’d conjure up some compassionate words to share. Like, that truly must have been an awful experience (which made for a great story in the end).

    Reminds me of that scene in that Will Smith movie…Hitch…and he starts to swell up after eating the fish.


    It’s not funny, Lisa!

    Now excuse me while I read that post again.

    “Hand mixer.”


  • I work at a children’s hospital and highly recommend getting some EMLA cream from the Doctor. It’s the same stuff that Antique Mommy used on Sean and it definitely helps. Put it on about 1 hour before the blood draw and it does a really nice job of numbing the area. Kids who have a bad experience the first few times can end up being extremely difficult so try to make the best of it!

  • Oh, how scary. I am glad he is OK.

  • My kids love the blood draw. They are fascinated with the blood rushing out of their body into a tube. I suggest taking a polaroid to document, mine always show their bruises to everyone with the story that “mommy held me down, there was blood, I got this bruise, it hurts so bad…..” why is the gift of exaggeration given early?