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Dining In

Overheard in the kitchen at the House of Fiddle last night:

Cailey: (leaning over the baby gate) “What’s that black thing?”

Me: “Your dinner.”


As you might imagine, since having to put my boy on a wheat, dairy, gluten, yeast, and citrus free diet, I’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time in the kitchen. In fact, I’m in the kitchen right now, with a stack of library cook books propping up my computer.

Like I will become a proficient wheat, dairy, gluten, yeast, and citrus free cook by osmosis.

It could happen.

One happy byproduct of this whole situation, besides my little man feeling GREAT for the first time in his three year old life (he’s been SINGING y’all, never before has he sang), is all the money we’re saving NOT hitting the McDonalds drive-thru every time I climb into the van.

The children, who are all going through McNugget withdrawals, do not see this as a positive. And I didn’t either, until Fiddledaddy sent me this link.

This is the number one reason why I’m extra nice to anyone in the food service industry. Well. Also because my mamma raised me to be polite. And you can never be too careful.

I live in a family of practical jokesters. But, everyone here in the House of Fiddle knows not to mess with mama. Because I am the main preparer of all meals.

I could get even with them in ways that are too horrific to think about. And they know this.

I’ve noticed that since I’m spending extra time in the kitchen these days, the people around here are serving up an extra helping of nice to me.

Which is almost as good as going out to dinner.


17 Responses to Dining In

  • You are a good mama, Dee Dee. Keep up the good work!!

  • Lovely. And we go to our Sonic on Mondays. That’s when they offer .99 kids’ meals. I bet when I order 4 of them, they get so angry about the money they’re losing, they spit in my sweet tea!

  • I think you’ll soon find that everyone enjoys eating at home, at a table, together, and the food will taste better than fast food. It’s how folks use to eat all the time! LOL

  • I am familiar with the Drive-Thru Withdrawls.

    My checkbook register has way too many entires for fast food places. Ack!

  • Keep up the good work! It will get easier as you get into a routine and develop your own recipes. Your family’s tastebuds will change, and you will find that fast food really doesn’t taste like food at all. I’m serious! God’s food, made with real ingredients is FAR more flavorful as you wean your tastebuds from all the chemicals and artificial additives. Mmmmm! I’m looking forward to Saturday Stirrings to see what you come up with,

  • It will get easier–especially as he continues to feel better. Once you figure things out start making extra and freezing it I make tons of pancakes on the weekend and the kids eat them with syrup, jam, or as egg sandwiches all week.

  • I have heard many horror stories about the things the cook staff will do to your food. GROSS! It it for that reason I to try my best to be friendly to the people waiting on us when we eat out. Keep up the great job in the kitchen. I am sure your little man loves his mama even more.

  • eeewwwww! I got breakfast at Sonic this morning! And I already ate it!
    I bet it’s so rewarding to see how much better your little guy is feeling!

  • Hang in there, honey! It will get easier.

    My sister has a son with lots of allergies, wheat, dairy and eggs, and has done an amazing job with his food. She has even made birthday cakes and brownies for him!



    That is her blog, and those are the food allergies and recipes. One of the best things she makes is the Ham, with or without the orange peel. That is delicious and leftovers are so good.

    I know she is happy to share some tips, if you need some.

  • You are tackling one of my biggest fears. I have watched other friends exclude all the wheat, gluten, etc., and said, “we would never eat again if I had to do that.” You make it seem possible and I’m fearing that God might be preparing me for something????

  • Yeah, that Sonic thing is one of my greatest fears, no matter what restaurant we’re at.

    My first job was at a steak house, and I still cringe every time my dad sends back his steak because he can still see pink. No telling what he’s ingested in his 70 years.

  • Well as disgusting as I think that is, I can think of worse things to ingest.

    Way to go, DeeDee. You’re doing a fantastic job bringing a smile to your Jensen’s heart!

  • Good luck with the No gluten, dairy or citrus cooking. We have to avoid gluten around here, (or at least I should, but don’t always) and it’s hard.

  • I’m so happy to hear that Jensen is singing. That made me cry.

    Yes, I’m a long-time lurker. 🙂

  • Wonderful. If Jensen is singing, maybe he’ll sleep, too!

  • I am so, so happy that he is feeling better.

  • Wow! That is quite the diet, and you would have to be quite the cook to prepare your son’s meals!! GFY