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Butterfly Kisses

She held my hand tightly, as we waited for her name to be called. I looked down at her fingers, intertwined in mine. Slight traces of once deep dimples sprinkled her tiny knuckles. She wore her favorite adjustable ring on her pointer finger. Why had I not noticed that before?

“Mom, it’s time!” she stage-whispered to me, as we took our place in line. She fidgeted nervously, as she walked by my side down the aisle, still holding tightly to my hand. I smiled at her, and squeezed her hand. She looked up at me and smiled back, adjusting her little white cap. We took our place on the stage. Flashes of light were temporarily blinding. Cherished memories, to be placed in scrapbooks.

We took our seats again. I felt her breathe a sigh of relief, as she placed her head on my shoulder. I watched as other families, applauded their graduates. Finally, it was time for the homeschooled Seniors.

A slideshow was presented, showing each graduate, from birth up to the present. Eighteen years, passed in just a few minutes.

I looked down at the tiny blonde head beside me. In the blink of an eye, I will be putting together pictures for her high school graduation. Will she still hold my hand tightly? Will she rest her head against my shoulder? Will I be able to hold the tears back?

Congratulations, my baby girl. You’ve just graduated from Kindergarten. We are so very proud of the sweet girl you are. You are a bright light to everyone around you.
And as a post-note, later in the evening, I caught this same sweet pink-flowery-dress wearing angel, in a belly crawl on the ladies bathroom floor, scurrying under the door in an attempt to scare her older sister seated in the stall.

Pray for me.

16 Responses to Butterfly Kisses

  • What a sweet sweet post. 🙂

  • Yes, it is a good reminder to not blink too quickly!

    My oldest two are now taller than I. . .I’m hoping they will allow me to rest my head on their shoulders. 😉

  • I remember when my baby graduated from kindgarten. You would think I am talking about a teenager but my baby is going to be eight this year. That blows my mind! Enjoy this time.

  • Very, very, very precious!!
    My first baby is getting her learner’s permit this week…uuuuuugh!

  • My youngest has been known to catapult himself OVER the bathroom stall wall via the tp dispenser in order to startle the neighboring unsuspecting potty go-er. Fun times.

  • Ahh, that brought tears to my eyes.

  • Such a sweet post. My one and only will be doing that next year. Seems silly, but how did five years fly by so fast?!

  • Beautiful, beautiful post. I’ll pray for you, but I have a feeling that y’all are going to be JUST FINE!

  • Ahhh. The ying-yang of five-year-olds.

  • What a great post! My daughter Graduates from Elementary School in two weeks. I can’t believe how the time has flown!

  • Thaaaaanks. I’m crying. I am SO nervous for that day! I’ll be a puddle!

  • You got me all teary eyed!

  • What a beautiful post. My first baby had his kindergarten graduation last night, and I have to admit to crying just a little.

  • Awww, that’s so sweet. (I say, as my two middle children start fussing and fighting right behind me).

    It’s easy to forget the sweetness when they do stuff like crawl under bathroom stalls but knowing they’ve passed one stage of life and are heading into another just does something to us.

    I’m glad you were there and took it all in. I’ll be in your shoes here in a couple weeks. Thanks for that great post!

  • See that is why we skip over Kindergarten. I couldn’t take the pressure.

    It was bad enough when we attended a graduation reception and I realized in 10 years (at the most!) I’d be having a reception. Or a coronary.

  • The year I graduate my oldest, my youngest will graduate Kindergarten. An ending and a beginning. I know that I will cry.