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Laundry Soap, It is Tasty


I feel as though I’ve been trapped in my kitchen since Jensen’s diagnosis on Monday. Finding ingredients and recipes, and then cooking for a wheat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and citrus-free diet for him has left me lying on my cheap kitchen linoleum, in a fetal position, crying like a little girl.

A very hungry little girl.

Did I mention that I’m also cooking Phase 1 meals of the South Beach Diet for Fiddledaddy and myself? Even paint chips look delicious to me right now.

Actually, in all truthfulness, Phase 1 has not been bad at all. The Oreos are still in the house. And I haven’t touched them. After the events of Monday, I considered it. But left them alone. Which is so very not like me.

And tomorrow, Saturday (I’m writing this post Friday night, which is so confusing considering it is for Saturday Stirrings) we end Phase 1 and I get to have OATMEAL for breakfast. I will then lick my bowl clean. And do the OATMEAL DANCE. This is the dance I’ve invented specifically for the occasion of ending Phase 1. Not to be confused with the Underwear Dance that I perform on my back porch when the temperature dips below 60 after a long Africa-hot summer, here in Armpit, Florida.

Both performances are worthy of an appearance on Dancing With the Stars. Only I dance alone. Because the neighbors pull their blinds. And bring in their patio furniture.


I wanted to give you a progress report. Jensen is looking incredible. His skin is clearing, and he has not had the wild scratching fits that have plagued him for nearly two years. When he does have a breakout, I’ve been able to (for the most part) pinpoint the culprit and eliminate it from his diet.

Thank you all again and again for all the helpful information and websites and the encouragement that you have sent my way these last few days. I have no fewer than 400 e-mails I need to sift through. I’m totally floored. Well literally, since I’ve spent considerable time curled up by the refrigerator exhaust plate.

A while back, when I realized I needed to be more proactive in dealing with Jensen’s skin problems, I started making my own hypoallergenic laundry detergent to use when washing his clothes. Then I double rinse, and use those blue dryer balls instead of fabric softener sheets in the dryer.

My dryer has balls.

I just needed to say that.

This recipe came from my good friend, Lisa M., who is one of the most talented cooks I’ve ever met. I heart her. And her cooking. But, don’t eat this one.

Homemade Laundry Detergent

1 Bar Ivory Bath Soap, Grated
1 Cup Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
1 Cup Powdered Borax Laundry Booster

I whirl all this together in my food processor, so it makes a fine powder. Then use approximately 1/8 Cup per small load. And then clean the food processor really really well. Or you will be indeed eating laundry detergent.

If you have your own recipe to share, edible or not, link your post below, then link back here, and finally, have a wonderful weekend.


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14 Responses to Laundry Soap, It is Tasty

  • I’m going to go back through the comments you got and take a look. I’ve been plagued by a rash on my back (and now legs and chest, oh happy day!) since October. Mybe something in there will help.

    Meanwhile, I’m off to go bathe in Clear Calamine. Thank goodness it’s not he pink glow in the dark formula anymore…..

  • I want to say, “Hang in there”, but that sounds so lame. I do hope things get better over at your house soon!

  • I’ll keep my eyes peeled for recipe options you can use for the little fellow. My niece and nephew are gluten and dairy free and I tell you, I think they eat better then the rest of us. My niece is almost 13 now and turned into quite the little chef – it will get easier as you get use to this lifestyle change. Praying for you!

  • No Saturday stirrings from me, just some encouragement that every time you have to make a major lifestyle/diet change it is terribly hard in the beginning. Good for you for making such a huge change for your son and I just know things will get easy.

    It’s Saturday morning so enjoy your oatmeal dance. 🙂

  • I’ve made my own laundry soap for years. I use the same basic ingredients and method. However, you may be able to save yourself a step and not blend it. I have never blended it and everything is just fine here! (I do use the fels naptha bar soap.) We don’t have sensitive skin issues, so maybe the blending helps with rinsing or something. I am also able to use 1 T of the stuff instead of 1/8 cup. If I’ve got a heavy load I toss in another T. Works for Me!

  • I love making my own laundry soap! It makes me feel very productive and proud of myself. So proud that I often eat chocolate!

    To make up for that, I’ve got a healthy recipe in the Saturday Stirrings today! Hope you like chicken!

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  • I’m glad to hear that he’s feeling better. I hope things continue to improve for both of you.

  • I’m so excited for you that he’s feeling better. When it’s a dietary problem it’s amazing how quickly you can see a change.

    Also, just so you know, if it is a gluten problem, the dairy thing may go away after a few months. It did for us.

    When I first had to put my kids gluten-free, my only rule was it had to be gluten-free. Nutrition would come AFTER I figured out what gluten-free stuff they would eat. So here’s a list of some mainstream gluten-free junk food for you. You’ll have to double-check to see if they are dairy free.

    – Oscar Meyer hot dogs
    – Delimex taquitos: The kind in the corn tortillas. They come in chicken or steak and don’t have cheese. Read the label to make sure you’re getting the right kind and that they don’t have dairy.
    – Mission Tortilla Chips – the plain salted kind. Also the taco shells and the corn tortillas. Mission is a big staple in our house.
    -Peanut butter: Put some on celery or apples, or smear a gob of it on a plate and let him eat it however he wants to. Or let him have some tortilla chips.

    Also, a good thing to know is that Kraft, McCormick and Frito-Lay all have a policy of clearly disclosing any allergens. So any gluten or dairy will be listed in plain english and not behind a latin name or behind vague descriptors like “modified food starch” or “natural flavors”. Kraft is the parent company of so many brand names it’s not funny. So if you’re reading a label and it says Kraft, you can be sure there’s nothing in there that’s not on the label. A lot of what I buy is from those three companies.


  • The internet is a wonderful thing! It’s so cool to see all the helpful suggestions whenever a blogger posts a problem or issue. I feel like I’m getting an education. And it just may come in handy some day if/when I meet someone who has a similar problem.
    And the homemade laundry soap is such a great idea!

  • Just FYI–the kids and I all are severely allergic to Ivory. Instead I pick up a block of glycerin soap at Michaels (Large block for about $8) and use that instead–it works perfect and is much more gentle.

  • Out of curiousity, have you ever checked out Charlie’s Soap?

    I’m sure making your own is cheaper…but…with Charlie’s, you don’t have to use fabric softener of any kind AT ALL, because it’s reallyreallyreally clean rinsing.

    And, you only have to use 1 Tbsp. per load (or 1oz. if you get the liquid version) – even large ones. I bought it when I started using cloth diapers, and I now use it for ALL my laundry. It’s amazing stuff. 🙂 It’s hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Pretty cool.

    www (dot) charliessoap (dot) com

    I think.

  • Hi there – just thought I’d leave you a quick comment – my 3yo has eczema and we have been doing the skin thing for about 2 years. There are a couple of good internet groups on yahoo for ideas and support. Just search basic keywords – eczema, dermatitis etc. The start of the journey is overwhelming and highly emotional, but it does get a little easier as it becomes more a part of your lifestyle. Now our whole family eats much healthier whole foods. Another big one is to get rid of all SLS – hand soaps, shampoos etc. It can make a big difference. Good luck!!

  • Great news about Jensen’s condition improving. Sorry the solution has to hit so hard, though. Perhaps in his lifetime there will arise a medical option.

  • Keepin’ you in my prayers..can’t imagine what all changes you’re having to make..just reading all the comments makes my head spin. If anybody can do it, you can! Hope the oatmeal was all you were looking for it to be! 😉