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Duct Tape, It Ain’t Just For Ducts Anymore

When Fiddledaddy and I were first married, we rented a little house in Tarzana, California. We soon learned that the homeowner employed the liberal use of duct tape for many home repairs.

We hardly noticed.

I mean, silver duct tape blends in so well with black and white linoleum. Why replace it, when holes can be so easily masked by a strip or five of duct tape?

And the whole reason that duct tape was created in handy silver, is for the repair and maintenance of plumbing issues. Albeit temporary.

Until the entire septic system backs up into the house. While you are away on your honeymoon. And your new sister-in-law and her husband are housesitting your very angry cat. And there is only one bathroom.

We had to inform our landlord that the duct tape didn’t cut it anymore. But nice effort.

I’ll admit, that now as a homeowner and mother of three, I always keep a roll of duct tape handy. In case I need to keep a kid quiet.

Oh, relax. I am kidding.

I did, just yesterday in fact, repair the shower head with a well placed strip of duct tape. I’m awfully fond of my shower head. And with the addition of the duct tape, I ought to get at least another 6 months of good use out of it.

But, this last week, Fiddledaddy found a creative use for duct tape that I never would have dreamed of. As you know, Jensen wakes up in the night with fits of wild scratching. I’ve sewn socks onto the hands and feet of his superhero pajamas. Sewing worked oh so much better than the stapling.

And my original thumbtack idea was seriously flawed.

However, my boy has herculean type strength, and has been able to wriggle out of his pajamas, despite my best faux Betsy Ross type efforts. One night, while I was wandering the streets muttering obscenities at the light poles out, Fiddledaddy fastened Jensen into his superhero pajamas.

Using the duct tape.

And he sold the whole idea to this skeptical 3 year old by telling him that the duct tape was really a superhero belt. That even included a codpiece. And Jensen bought it.

So much so, that he refuses to go to bed without being taped into his pjs.

I’m only hoping he grows out of this phase before potty training commences. Or before his first sleep over.

Or at the very least, before his honeymoon. But, by then, I will happily hand him, his nasty Blues Clues blanket, and his duct tape over to his wife. Who I have been praying for since he was one.


I have been so very blessed regarding all the comments yesterday. Your support means the world to me. And boy, when I asked for information, y’all really stepped up to the plate. I’ve been organizing all of the data and informational websites into a file. Thank you again!

17 Responses to Duct Tape, It Ain’t Just For Ducts Anymore

  • DeeDee~
    I just read your last post, and when you said you found a doctor who believes in healing “from the inside out”, I had chills. My daughter, now 9, has suffered her entire life with this same condition. It is a nightmare we never imagined and have prayed for her healing incessantly. God assured us that she was, in fact, being healed from the inside out, so you can see why your words touched me. If you email me, I would love to share some of the treatments we tried as an alternative to medication… at one time she was on 4 oral meds and 3 topicals, while her condition worsened. I am praying for you, and would love to share info. I’m curious about the diet you are implementing… we are still trying new things and always eager for new information, too.

  • I noticed on a receipt from Walmart the other day, “duck” tape. How funny is that?

  • When my twins would play in the contents of their diaper at naptime, I got smart and taped them in their diaper using duct tape. They had to be cut out of their diaper later, but it worked. No more poop parties!

  • Our boys used to take off their diapers at night, so we would duct tape their diapers onto them every night. It worked!

  • We have a picture of my son duct taped into his diaper. The tab had ripped off and my husband didn’t want to waste the diaper.

  • Oh, the diaper…been there…and just the other day.

    But I got one better. My highschool boyfriend’s Dad made a table from wood. It looked beautiful in the garage, but when he brought it into the house something was amiss. It seemed to wobble. After much thought to the reason, it was discovered that the garage floor was not flat, and since he really didn’t like tape measures, eye balling it didn’t work this time. The fix? Duct tape. He duct taped the bottom of the leg to cure the wobble!
    You ain’t seen nothing until you see this!

  • Love your blog, and especially enjoyed today’s comprehensive report on duct tape — too funny!!!! God bless.

  • On the plus side, if he still wears duct tape as a teen, he has his prom outfit all ready.

  • Hmmm. Wait until your daughters discover the use of duct tape as an accessory. I’ve gotten a duct tape purse and Mr. Right had a duct tape pocket protector (which he will never wear because his polos don’t have pockets, but hey! It’s the thought that counts). Always eye-catching and always a conversation starter!

    I’m saying a prayer that God will continue to point you in all the directions that you need concerning Jensen. Hang in there, DeeDee!

  • I used to duct tape diapers around my Doberman when she was in heat…. probably TMI… it worked, though!

    LOL! That will make potty training very interesting! 😀

  • Hmmm. Don’t you have daughters, too? I’m thinking your husband just stumbled on a new dating technique.

    “If you want to go out with my daughter, just know she’ll be wrapped in 10-feet of reflective, sticky material all night. Hope that’s OK with you.”

  • Yep, we love us some duct tape in our house too.

    I pray that he is healing!!!

  • My kids’ favorite wallet is made from duct tape. Love duct tape.

  • I’ve been organizing all of the data and informational websites into a file.

    What, what???? How do women like you exist??? Will you come live with me???? I need organization and files.

    I can’t even find my duct tape. . .

  • Me thinks you should get those 100% cotton socks and tape it onto his hands. Might slow down the wild night scratching. 🙂

    I thought about using duct tape on my kids but I was sure they would just chew through it.

  • I’m getting all caught up here and am very concerned about Jensen. I pray that this (gluten intolerance) is the answer, not that I want it to be, per se, but so that you can have a plan of action, and so that his life will be normal. One of my best friends was diagnosed, and eliminating gluten has changed her life 100% for the better. I’ll be praying that this is resolved soon. You are a good mom!

  • If you are looking for a source for gluten free food items, consider Bob’s Red Mill. They are local for me in the NW, but they do ship. They have a whole section of specialty foods. You’ll find them at bobsredmill.com. Blessing to you and your family as you climb this mountain…one step at a time:)