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Evidently, My Computer Has a Brain

A question came up regarding the pending piano acquisition. I don’t have it yet, because apparently, pianos weigh like 5000 pounds, and have to be moved by trained piano movers with big strong muscles.

So, I can’t just throw it in the back of the van, like I do every else I want to drag home. I’m a notorious dumpster diver, and I really really miss my little black Toyota truck. Which would do me absolutely no good in this piano situation.

The piano belonged to Fiddledaddy’s grandmother, and has been passed between siblings. An e-mail went out recently from my SIL, to see if another family member wanted to inherit it. Since I happened to be on-line at the time, I responded with flying fingers.


Fiddledaddy, had other ideas about where it should go. (And after I plow through 5 bottles of Excedrin in the span of a week when my children begin playing, I may be in agreement.)

However, as noted in yesterdays post, I used my genius for good, and negotiated a deal which would procure us a piano.

Once we figure out the perfect location for our new piano, since it will be a permanent location, we’ll arrange to have it moved. Another issue has been our flooring. We want to get rid of our light green carpet. Another wise choice when building our house in 1999 BC (before children). Light green seemed a good choice at the time, as I figured it would be the same color as pee. Just in case.

I was wrong.

I say, just install a drain, and keep the concrete.

Because flooring is expensive, y’all. So much so, that I may be forced to knock off another bank to finance such an expense.

Which is a nice transition, as I wanted to discuss the mug shot I spoke of in the same post regarding the new leather furniture.

Yesterday morning, before the benefit of caffeine. I had an idea. I got Cailey’s pink ballet stockings, and sat down in front of my computer. I have a Mac, and have Photo Booth, but have never utilized it.

But, for your entertainment, I thought I’d give it a try.  Because I’m just giving like that.

As I struggled to pull the stockings over my face, my daughter asked, “Um, Mom, what are you doing?”

“Nothing. Go eat your breakfast. There are Cheerios on the floor.”

Once I got the stockings over my head, I couldn’t see the keyboard, so I put my reading glasses on over the stockings. Which were over my face.

Are you getting the picture?

Good. Because you have to use your imagination. My computer wouldn’t let me publish the image. Not kidding. I did everything right, but I could not post it.

I thought it was hysterical. AND you could see my beautiful furniture in the background. Bonus.

Emme called it “disturbing.”

Later, when Fiddledaddy saw it, he said it looked demonic. And since my Mac is a Christian, it could not, in good conscience, post it.


So either, A) I’m going over the edge fast, or B) my computer is smarter than I am. I choose C) all of the above.

I e-mailed it to Trish, and she had to agree. Too scary. But, she wrote, the family room look like it’s right out of a magazine!

Except for the woman wearing pink ballet stockings over her head, (and pink and blue reading glasses) in the foreground.

Better Homes and Psychopaths.

It’ll be an instant hit.

21 Responses to Evidently, My Computer Has a Brain

  • Uh, did my copy of the email get lost.



  • Oh my gosh, I’m laughing very hard right now over the image you have produced in my head!! It would have been even better to see the real deal, demonic or not! You make me laugh…thanks, I needed that.

  • I am laughing so hard I can hardly type! I am really glad your MAC is a christian, that is really important!
    We still want to see the new furniture!

  • Oh Dee Dee, I’m going to pee my pants! It started with just putting in a drain and leaving it all concrete, but the image of you with pink stockings and glasses…and your computer won’t LET you post it. I’m dying!

  • I’m laughing SO hard picturing you like this, I would give anything to see this picture!

  • Macs are smart, I’ll bet it’s just skeert of the picture. But I’d love to see it!

  • Okay we so have to see that picture! I love that I’m not alone in my freakness 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, I can’t stop laughing at the idea of you trying to photograph yourself with pink ballet stockings and reading glasses. So, so funny. Thanks for brightening my day. Only thing better would be actually getting to SEE the picture.

  • Surely there’s a way to get that picture posted! Funny!!

  • Oh my gosh, I’ve actually laughed to tears! I’m with the others, we must see that picture! Hey, it can’t be any worse than what we’ve already conjured up in our minds 🙂 Thanks for that post, I needed a good, long belly laugh!

  • I’m curious now to see this pic.

    haha why’d you put the hoes on your head again?

    and I agree carpet is highly overrated, concrete or wood floors all the way!

    carpet reminds me of tp, we should be wiping the floor, not the other way around!!

  • Too funny! I’m glad someone else has nasty floor covering. The people who owned our house before us put in ugly BLUE carpet that shows every piece of dirt and I have a white cat. What kills me is I know we have solid wood floors underneath.
    Thanks for the laugh. Have a great day!

  • You had me rolling with the stockings on your head…but then the reading glasses!!:D Maybe FiddleDaddy work some of his technology genius so we can see the picture???

  • Okay 2 comments…totally unrelated, well, not totally.
    1) If you lived anywhere near the Fl/Ga stateline, I’d LOVE to give your kids piano lessons…no Excedrin required, I promise!
    2) Your mention of the cost of flooring made me think of Hubby’s statement to the kids at dinner the other night: “Due to the recent economic setbacks, we’re going to have to let at least one of you go”
    I’m not even gonna’ go there on the picture front 😉

  • Ha! I love that your computer refused to publish it! Too funny!

    Borrow a computer from the library please. I don’t know if I can live too much longer without seeing that picture…although the one in my head is entertaining me just fine right now! 😀

  • *Snort* Love that you tried it!! Surely FiddleDaddy can work his computer powers to make it happen. Please??

  • Send it to a friend who has a PC. They are definitely NOT Christian. (Something from the other side, I believe.) Then we can all see the beauty that is you in a stocking mask.

  • Well done! Long after the blog is old and stale, and you’ve installed your last white carpet, their music will continue to soothe their souls, bless others, build their brains and bring beauty to their homes.

    And it will be all because of you.

  • The public has spoken. Show picture.

  • I’m giggling so hard, tears are coming out of my eyes! Thanks for the laugh!

  • We have blue carpet that we put in our brand new house in the 90’s. I have been regretting it for quite some time now. The only good I have to say about it is that it doesn’t show stains as bad as the light popular carpets. I would love to replace it; just need my dh to be willing to finance it LOL