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Busy Mom’s Club – Week 3

My Ensemble Includes a Suit of Armor

This is week 3 in Lisa Bergren’s Busy Mom’s Devotional. She is discussing how we must always be vigilant, never cease praying, and have eyes in the back of our head.

Which comes in awfully handy when trying to figure out which one of your offspring placed a full open can of soda back in the box in the pantry. Upside down.

And the “never cease with the praying” is helpful to keep you from sending that particular child off to the military academy. With his Blues Clues blanket and a case of diapers.

The Bible passage for the week is one that I love, about putting on the full armor of God. To read Ephesians 6: 10-18, go here.

Recently, Emme began sleep walking. Which adds a whole new dimension of excitement to our already action-packed nights. She is fearful of sleeping. Fearful of dreaming. (And yes, we severely limit her television viewing, so nothing of a scary nature is permitted.)

Well. Except for Barney. Even he scares me.

One particular night, recently, she woke us all up after a particularly frightening dream. This was one that she just couldn’t shake, even the next day.

Fiddledaddy knew just what to do. He gave her a pep talk about just how BIG Jesus is, and how we can call on Him, any time of the day or night to protect us.

“Jesus is WAY bigger than any old scary dream. In fact, Jesus can kick that scary dream’s BUTT.”

“Butt” was for emphasis. No one is allowed to use the word “butt” in our house. But, he really wanted to shake her up, and get her to laugh herself out of her fear.

And it worked.

And, interestingly, all tiny ears in the house stopped what they were doing and appeared from various corners. Prompting me to put an abrupt end to the conversation. No ifs, ands, or BUTTS about it.

A few days later we went through the drive-thru at McDonalds (don’t judge me), and we prayed over our lunch in the car.

Because really, the time to seriously implement a meal time prayer is when you are getting ready to dive into a cholesterol laden double cheese burger. Prepared most likely by someone who isn’t as vigilant about hand washing as you are.

Fiddledaddy finished the prayer with a resounding, “In Jesus name, AMEN.”

The children all echoed “AMEN,” from their respective car seats. And then Jensen piped up in his 3 year old voice, “AND JESUS KICKS BUTT.”

Amen, little man.

I’m now busy preparing the speech I most likely will have to make to our children’s pastor the next time Jensen is in Sunday school and the blessing is said over the animal crackers and juice.

Because along with the full armor of God that I need to wear each and every day, the control top pantyhose of humility completes my outfit.

17 Responses to Busy Mom’s Club – Week 3

  • This was so funny! Thanks for starting my week with a laugh! 🙂

  • LOVE this post! LOVE IT! Sunshine

  • “Because along with the full armor of God that I need to wear each and every day, the control top pantyhose of humility complete my outfit.”

    Ok, I’m writting this down and putting it on the fridge. Awesomeness.

  • “With his Blues Clues blanket and a case of diapers.” Fantastic!!

    I’ve been working on my speech for when our 4 year old tells her Sunday School teacher that we had hotdogs and sauerKRAP for dinner 🙂

  • Amen, sister!

  • I absolutely love your comment about the control top pantyhose of humility!

    I too am printing that one out to hang on my mirror.

  • LOL… I LOVE it!!! 🙂

  • At least your children learned the most accurate way to use the word “BUTT.” I say yell it from the mountaintops! Jesus does kick butt and it’s just the best way to say it!

    And cheers to you for the McD’s drive thru. I think it is one of life’s occasional necessities.

  • LOL! Priceless! I don’t know which I like better – “Jesus kicks butt” (and he DOES!) or the control top pantyhose of humility!! 😀

  • I would read your book I think if you wrote one I don’t read books, you ARE a great Author!

    Your children sound very dangerously cute i say dangerously because you found an upside down can of soda open in your pantry, eek, even THAT scares me, I pray I can sleep tonight I suffer from insomnia.

    I invite you to come by and visit me at Yokoso sometime, in Jesus name Amen !

  • How do you manage to crack me up every day?!! “…the control top pantyhose of humility…” I’m not attractive with coffee coming out of my nose.

    This poset reminds me of the Veggie Tales movie that we watched during the time our DD was having bad dreams. When she would wake we would sing the “God is bigger than the boggie man…” song. That was always good for a giggle. Afterwards, I would have her think about a fun theme (Christmas, birthdays with balloons and cake, etc.) I would help her paint a picture of this pretend event in her mind until she went to sleep. As time progressed she was able to use this tactic on her own to get back to sleep.

  • Ok. That really made me laugh. The sweet thing is that this is probably something your kiddos will remember as something really funny that dad said one night to help little sis and it will be a cool memory. The memories of what they will say in Sunday School will be funny also, just not at the time. 🙂 Good laugh for the evening.

  • Sounds like Jensen was being led by the Spirit.

  • OK…you got me. I’m agree with everyone else…I can’t decide whether the Jesus kicking hiney was funnier or the “control top pantyhose of humility.” Why didn’t Paul think of those? Men!… always thinking about war and fighting and “kicking butt” 🙂 LOL

  • This was the funniest thing that I heard (read) all day. “Jesus kicks butt.” Yes he does little man, he sure does.



  • Love it, love it. I, too, will be quoting this woman in future conversations with pals…and maybe in my new mothering book!

  • You know, sometimes we need a new perspective on the person of Jesus. We do tend to see him as meek and mild, but he is also the Lion of Judah … and he kicks … Sinbutt, which would be a great name of a cartoon character kind of like Sinbad. In fact, Sinbutt and Sinbad could be evil twins and Jesus could …. nevermind.