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Spell Check

Show of hands. Who thought I misspelled the title of my post last week called Exorcising? Be honest.

Because I can’t let things go, much like a dog with a bone, or an old lady with a tissue, I have to make this into an entire post.

I spelled the title, on purpose, in such a way as to bring up the image of the movie, The Exorcist. Because exercising is an excellent way for me to expel the demons.

As it were.

And I thought of including the reference in my actual post, but I couldn’t figure out a way of saying it without being awkward. (Like I’m never awkward.)

As an aside, my parents took me to see The Exorcist when I was 12.

I haven’t slept since.

Then I got a couple of e-mails from a couple of sweet teacher-type readers who had a hard time getting past the spelling. Which was intentional.

I was attempting to be clever.

Cue the crickets.

I know sometimes you take me to task over my grammar. And I welcome that. And if anyone can come up with a program called “Grammar Check” please let me know immediately.

And I’ll let this go once and for all by telling you that one time, many years ago, I stood in line behind Linda Blair at the bank.

I kept waiting for her head to spin around. But it didn’t.

She looked like any normal mom. Standing in line at the bank.

Still. I don’t sleep.

Carry on.

31 Responses to Spell Check

  • I got it. The humor in the title. And I have never seen the movie “The Exorcist” by the way. I’m way too wimpy. 🙂

  • I got it, too, and I’ve never seen the movie! I’m feeling very smug right now. Hee-hee! (There aren’t many things that I can get without an explanation.)

  • Yep, I caught the “spelling error”, but, since I’ve been a reader of yours for awhile, I figured out you must have meant exactly what you say here. Oh, man, I’m good. :>)

  • I caught it too. Knew you did it on purpose. And I’ve seen the show but it has been a llloooonnnnggg time ago. I sleep very well at night. 🙂 (Oh, I meant to spell long wrong.)

  • DeeDee, I totally got it. And the title completely worked with the post.

  • I got it. I love puns! No one ever gets me either.

  • You have smart readers. We know a good pun when we see one. 🙂

  • ditto to the above…eh I mean ibid

  • Oh, Exorcist makes total sense. And Penelope Trunk had a “fun” (read: highly controversial and entertaining) post about grammar/spelling comments. Snneerrrrrkkkkk. http://blog.penelopetrunk.com/2008/04/04/writing-without-typos-is-totally-outdated/

  • I totally got it, but what I can’t get over is “like an old lady with a tissue”!!

    My 15 year old is even cracking up!

  • Fuschia,
    You should know, that at this very moment, I have a used tissue sticking out of my bra strap.

    Just sayin’.

  • I immediately knew you meant exercising because to me exercise comes from the same place the demons do.

  • Definately knew what you meant right away. I thought it was clever. And I never want to see that movie again, ever. Never. Scary!!!

  • Tsk, tsk. I’m betting a few teachers’ heads are spinning around in embarrassment now.

    And your post reminded me of this dramatic misquotation:

  • Totally got it and smiled at the play on words. I went to see the movie when I was a teen and it so incredibly creeped me out! I haven’t done scary books or movies since then. That (and seeing The Birds when I was a little girl) is enough for a couple of lifetimes.

  • haha still no sleep?

    i see.

    who’s Linda Blair? Brad Pitt I know, but Linda?

    I thought you purposely spelled Exercise wrong, and it was bugging me to no end as to why. I thought I was missing something in that exercise post, but alas I know now what I was missing…the explaination.

    Thanks for sharing~

  • I don’t think I could have held my composure behind Linda Blair. I would have totally done or said something stupid! BTW – I’m with alot of these ladies – almost nothing you write is an accident, so you just wait for the explanation!! 🙂

  • Yup, I got it too. And thought it very funny.

  • Well, I didn’t catch it either way. Which probably explains the plethora of spelling and grammatical errors in my blog. BTW- have you noticed WordPress spell check always flags internet and blog? Curious.

  • Not only did I get it, it’s one reason I love reading your blog. You often use clever humor to convey some serious concepts. It totally works for me.

    Exercise always helps me, mentally more than physically. And I enjoy it, so why don’t I do it more often?

    Also, my dad let me watch the Excorcist when I was around 11. I had to sleep on my parents’ floor for a while. What creeped me out the most was when, after being in the bed for so long, she was over in the chair – I thought, if she can leave the bed, she can go anywhere.

  • I knew what you meant. I get you and your craziness. 🙂 Plus, I know you are SMART. Like magna coom lauday smart.

  • I got the joke. And I’ve only seen snippets of the movie. May be that it was before my time. 😉

  • I am a READING teacher and caught the joke. Very funny post, DeeDee. BTW– you will NEVER catch me watching the Exorsist or any scary movie. I value my sleep too much. Watching CSI gives me nightmares for goodness sakes!

  • You are completely delightful! Sunshine

  • I got your “clever title” when you did it. I liken exercising to “exorcising demons” as well. 🙂

    I did see “The Exorcist” when I was 22 years old. I didn’t sleep for a week. I still dread “horror week” on TV every October, because they always show clips of it and I get freaked out all over again.

  • I got it. No problem. And I’ve never seen the movie – I’m a chicken.

  • I don’t sleep for other reasons. But, man, that pea soup still grosses me out when I think about it.

  • Hi, I just added you to my reader. Just so you know, I’ll never criticize your grammar. I married a man that repeatedly referred to me as “sweatheart”. So there.

  • Microsoft Word does a grammar check.

    Just Sayin’.

    I got the post, very funny.

    I refuse to watch anything scary, we are potty training, and THAT is scary enough!

  • I feel really cool because I totally got it. Maybe because pea soup flies out of my mouth every time I break a sweat.

    I am anaerobic.

  • Hoosier loves puns. And how can you get 31 comments just because you played with a word?!