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Some of you (okay, two) have been asking if I still get up at 4:30 in the dark of the morning to exercise. That is, sweating, on purpose.

Which completely goes against my nature.

The answer is a very tired, yes.

Up until a few months ago, I ran only when being chased. The weights I lifted were my industrial sized son, who can and does wrestle me to the ground. And my idea of a stretch was trying to pass off the extra weight as premenstrual bloating.

I’m still meeting my SIL, Trish, 3 to 4 mornings a week. And we’re often joined by two other sisters. Which is comforting. Because we know each other very very well. And it’s perfectly okay that we don’t look or smell good that early.

It has gotten a little easier since Jensen seems to have turned a corner and is sleeping through the night more often than not. As soon as that leveled off, though, Emme began sleep walking.


But thankfully, the nocturnal wandering seems to have abated. Or at least she’s not coming into our room and flipping the light on.


I’ve gotten it all down to a science. I preset my mini Mr. Coffee pot with the pre-workout dose of caffeine. I pull out my mug the night before and measure the required amount of sugar. I set a spoon and saucer out as well for stirring. And most importantly, a stick of gum sits beside the pot, so that I don’t offend anyone I might happen upon in the dark of the night as I exit my house.

I’ve noticed, however, the stick of gum has been missing the last few mornings, and the silver wrapper sits atop the garbage as evidence.

Fiddledaddy has denied any wrongdoing. He is trying to focus blame on the resident sleep walker. I’m not buying it.

As a bonus, the plague of frogs (for which I dedicated an entire blog category) that had greeted me in weeks past as I attempt to exit my house quietly have all but disappeared.

Or perhaps they are just biding their time, lulling me into a sense of false security.

Here’s the part where I’d love to tell you that I’m svelte and muscular, and can slither into white hip huggers.

Are hip huggers even in style anymore? Were they ever?

I’d love to tell you those things, but I would be lying. Which is frowned upon in most Christian circles. I will tell you what has happened because of a regular exercise regiment.

•My endurance has increased. I no longer fall to the floor after 10 minutes on the treadmill. In fact, I’ve increased my cardio to 25 minutes. And I could go longer. If you double dog dared me.

•I’ve increased the weight of the dumbbells (a term I find offensive) that I use during the workout DVD. And yes, we’re still using the P90X Beachbody workout. I have some definition in my arms, and the turkey waddle that plagued my upper arms is gone.

Good riddance.

When I started, the 3 pound weights made me cry like a little girl. Now I heave the 12 pound weights like matchsticks, and may even step it up to 15 pounds next week. If you triple dog dare me.

•I can wear a pair of shorts without people pointing and laughing at my legs. Any pointing and laughing that happens, has nothing to do with my legs. Of that, I’m certain.

•Most importantly, my depression is much MUCH more manageable. My doctor told me last year that I absolutely had to start exercising, if I ever wanted to get better. The next step would have been medication. Which can cause weight gain. And excessive body hair.

That put things into a better perspective for me.

Yes. I’d rather be sleeping in. But, I’m proud of myself that I’ve stuck with something that is actually good for me.

I’ll leave you with my favorite exercise quote. It sums it up rather well for me.

“I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing.”

~Marsha Doble

23 Responses to Exorcising

  • Oh! How I wish I could fit THAT into my morning!! I am up pretty early to make sure I get all of the stuff done that I didn’t do the night before. Exercising is the one thing I just can’t manage to get in. It all started when I was in school (2nd time around) and was too tired to complete my homework. Then I added in Bible Study and traded school work for work for school (I’m a teacher) Long version short.. I still can’t get motivated for exercising, early morning!! I think it’s awesome that you’re doing this!!

  • Dee,
    I’m so proud of you for sticking with it! It really helps motivate you when you actually see some results.
    I’ve been getting up early for the last two months five days a week to work out and I don’t feel like it’s made a difference in how I look, but I know I have more stamina and that makes you feel good to be able to actually PLAY with the kids instead of just WATCH!!!
    Keep it up & if you can, keep giving us updates on occasion. It helps to hear other people going through the same thing!!

  • Congratulations–you inspire me! And…I double dog dare you AND triple dog dare you!!

  • I have to say… I’m quite inspired!

  • I’d do just about anything to prevent excessive body hair….. Way to go girl! Keep it up!

  • LOve, love the quote…with four kids myself I am firing on less and less neurons in the morning anyway might as well make the best use of my reboot time!!

  • Oh wow. I am so impressed, and strangely very proud of you. Which is weird since we’ve never met. You almost make me want to jump on this wagon. 🙂

  • I’m with Katy: I double dog and triple dog dare you.

    You go girl!

  • I think that is awesome. Good for you. I just started walking again after 7 month hiatus and I am SORE. From walking.
    Keep up the good work. You’re an ancouagement to me.

  • I’ll double dog dare ya’! I do 45 min on the treadmill (when I actually get ON the treadmill — I suppose that’s an important step — LOL).

    So, here’s to continuing your efforts! And, I’ll leave the early morning exertion to you… The most I exert myself before about 9am is lifting my shirt so baby girl can nurse. And I like it that way! 😛


  • exercise makes me gerr…

  • Ha-ha! Marsha is right on. I loved that!

  • Question about the fitness DVDs…I noticed there’s 12. Does your group rotate through all of them or use certain ones each week?


  • That is SO awesome!

    I had a pretty good exercise routine going for a few weeks but then I got busy and it went by the wayside.

    Maybe I just need to start trying to go earlier?

    I’m with you. When I started I could barely do 6 minutes. Now I can do 30, but I could probably go longer if I weren’t so DARN BORED!

    I guess I need to start running with other people!

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  • I have Turbo Jam and I totally love it, but it looks like fluff next to P90. That one looks seriously intense. I am suitably impressed. Way to go!

    If you have a moment, I do have a question for you. Thanks.

  • You go, girl! I’m trying to start a little group myself, although we’re whining about meeting at 6am.

  • Amen DeeDee. I’m proud of you.

  • Wow! That is great! I really need to get into an exercise routine. I just am not disciplined enough. Keep up the good work!

  • I’m so sorry DeeDee but I must confess my love for you.

    I love you!

    Thank-you for making me laugh. is that ok?

    I love the quote.

    perhaps I should exercise early too, but you know i go to bed at 5am sometimes b/c of insomnia. although, after a good run i may be ready to hit the hay sooner than I think.

    Just today i was thinking about the scheduled time I should run, and oddly enough I think you’ve decided that one for me. So thank-you!

  • Okay, I tried to get past the spelling error on your post (I really did). I’m a “former” teacher and now homeschooling, so I guess I’m still a teacher! Anyway, the spelling error is really funny! You wrote Exorcising instead of Exercising, as in the exorcist, like getting rid of demons. The funny part is if you don’t really like exercising, it sometimes feels like exorcising! I hope you don’t feel bad that I pointed out the spelling error, it really gave me a good chuckle thinking about what my attitude toward exercising is and what it should be! Love your blog!

  • I’m going to have to post about this, or it will drive me crazy!!! I did that on purpose. “Exorcise.” But, I couldn’t find a way to fit the reference of “The Exorcist” in without it being awkward. I’m horrified that anyone thinks I’m a horrible speller. My grammar stinks, but no one has invented “grammar check.” Yet.

    But, that’s the attitude I have about exercising as well! 🙂

  • Hi Dee Dee-
    I’m glad to hear it was an intentional spelling. It fits how a lot of us feel about exercise! I enjoy your blog! I just bought a funny book about comma usage for my son. It’s called: Eats, shoots and leaves. Have you heard of it?? I think you and your kids would get a kick out of it! Maybe your library has it. It tells how putting commas in the wrong place change the meanings of sentences and make them pretty funny!
    Keep sharing your funny stories, they’re a blast to read!