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Domestic Help Wanted

My housekeeping skills have taken a hit lately. And by lately, I mean since my first child was born over 8 years ago. And the subsequent adding of children has only made matters worse.

Much worse.

A friend e-mailed me the other day because I’m looking into some new curriculum, and she graciously offered to let me stop by and look at hers, as long as I didn’t take notice of her house in disarray.

She has 6 children. Like that’s an excuse.

I e-mailed her back, informing her that if she were to ever stop by my house, she would be able to eat off the floors. (snap)


Plus 4 Cheetos and some petrified play dough.

So. I’ve begun delegating housework to the children. It is my master plan that in the near future, I will be lounging on my couch, eating bonbons, and asking the servants children to fetch me my Metamucil.

I’m starting small. They inherited my housekeeping genes after all. Both girls have to make their own beds. Which seems simple enough. But my Cailey loses focus easily.

I asked her the other morning if she had made her bed. She covered her mouth and giggled, “Go see Mom.”

This is what greeted me at her door.

Shaking my head I wandered into the kitchen, where Emme was making her own breakfast.


Tomorrow, lessons begin on “how to clean a toilet.”

I’m hiding my toothbrush.

34 Responses to Domestic Help Wanted

  • I just have to laugh at your daughter’s breakfast! I laugh because I know my son (he’s 7) would take one look at that breakfast and say it rocked. Any meal with pickles is a good meal to him!
    He has ventured into the land of getting his own breakfast, but it usually consists of baby carrots, apples, crackers and maybe a cheese stick..or half a bag of raisins if he thinks he can get away with it!
    Well, at least your daughter’s breakfast was sort of balanced, some protein, some starch and a vegetable! Aren’t kids a blast?!!
    Thanks for the laugh!

  • Her bed looks similar to the way we made our beds at summer cam for inspection.

    Rock on, darlin. Rock on!

  • This got me chuckling this morning. And it seems to me you’ve got it exactly right — a home punctuated by joy, silliness, and laughter. Beautiful!

  • Haa haa haa! So funny. Unfortunately my housekeeping skills have suffered, well since birth, and I have passed that on to my children so we’re in the same boat. But still, what a funny, happy way to start a morning!

  • At least the children’s creativity is not being stifled by Mom’s Bon Bon goal.

  • Hahahaha!!! That is AWESOME! My kids make similar meals, if they are allowed.

    BTW, my daughter has the exact same comforter set!

  • The bed was funny, but that breakfast was hilarious!
    I’ve trained my son to bring the phone to me whenever it rings – totally saves me from unnecessarily burning calories.

  • You’ve gotta love the creativity! I love kids’ senses of humor!

  • Sometimes my girls “clean room” is all under their bed…hmmm, maybe I should try that.

  • LOL! Aren’t kids grand?! Love the breakfast. They say it’s all about presentation!! 🙂

  • Ok … I’ve decided that everyone in the whole wide world needs to read your blog ! So … I’ve told the whole wide world about it … well, as much of the world that reads my blog anyway !! This post had me rolling !!!! SO FUNNY !!

  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!

    Pretty much my house on any given day, and I needed to laugh this morning!!

  • Vegetables (pickles) check.
    Dairy (cheese) check.
    Carbs (crackers) check.
    Looks like your doing a great balanced diet.
    What curriculum are you looking into? It’s that time of year and I have been doing alot of looking myself.

  • the pajamas on the bed with the little head sticking out is hilarious! at least your kids are creative.
    btw, we have the same fiestaware plates in different colors – love them!

  • Connie,

    It’s hard to see, my photography skills being what they are, but she had two Polly Pocket heads sticking out the feet of her pjs.

    And I inherited most of my Fiesta Ware from my Mom. I love it.

    Oh, and Happy Mommy, I’m looking into KONOS. I’ll do a whole post on curriculum soon. I may even turn it into a Carnival with Mr. Linky. Since he’s been so cooperative lately.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I thought I was the only one with kids like that. 🙂 My kids made “birds” for lunch the other day–pears, grapes, salad, and tooth picks. Then they left the salad behind because they don’t eat it–I do. 🙁

  • I am a fairly new reader and tend to pop over to your blog now every day. This is by far a favorite. I love the things that our kids to do make us laugh. The snack and the bed-making are priceless. Thanks for sharing your life in the blogosphere!

  • Your kids crack me up! Glad you can keep a humorous perspective 🙂
    My daughter used to save EVERYTHING. Every scrap of paper, sliver of crayon, odd sock… Periodically I’d have hubby take her away for a few hours while I excavated her room. I always carried out at least one large bag of garbage. Ugh. When she got old enough to clean the room herself, she’d store all those “precious” things under the bed, in the closet, in any drawer space she could find. The clutter would be gone from her floor and bed (for a brief time), but heaven forbid if someone tried to open the closet!
    Then lo, and behold! her year at Word of Life Bible Institute worked wonders and now she’s quite good at keeping her apartment neat and tidy — including the closets! It was shocking really. I wanted to ask “Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?”
    But instead I am accepting it for what it is: a true modern day miracle from God!

  • You might want to hide all the toothbrushes in case anyone is feeling a bit vindictive.

  • Cailey obvioulsy inherited your funny gene, so I wouldn’t worry overmuch about the housekeeping gene. They’ll be fine.

  • Don’t forget to hide your hair brush too.

  • Now that right there, that’s hilarious! Or as my kid brother (whos 22 and autistic) would say, “hirarious!”

  • Aww, man! I thought things were going to get easier as my kids get older (my oldest of four is about to turn 5). You sooo just burst my bubble, lady!

    But, at least I got a good laugh.

  • Thanks for the entertainment Dee Dee !my nickname is just D I also like number 74 and 75 from your “About” page. I can relate.

  • AAAACK!!! It’s the momma of 6 kids who told you not to pay attention to her house!! What a way to “make” your blog. 🙂 LOL Actually, for those of you who are reading…I am “cleaning-challenged” too. Sandra Felton would proudly call me a “messie.” 😀

    What a great breakfast…Do I see a hint of Matzah? I recall having those “crackers” on Saturday night. 🙂 We’re still trying to finish off the 20 boxes I bought thinking it would be a great idea to really see what it’s like to “truly” celebrate Passover. The “no yeast” fast lasted all of 12 hours in our home…long enough to sleep and get home from church on Sunday morning. Oh well…

  • Hilarious! Did you see there is an article on the internet about a FL woman who found an alligator in her kitchen? I had to laugh, thinking of you and your frogs; guess it coulda been worse, eh?

    As for curriculum, all I have to say is, “Go Sonlight, go Sonlight, goooooo Sonlight!” Started with them, and will never use anything else!

  • I love the picture of her bed- that is too funny :).

  • I’m laughing at Cailey’s bedmaking skills. She’s too funny!

  • These are the funniest pictures. I love it. Hey, we’re all housekeeping challenged in some way. Just don’t notice the dust at my house. I hate disturbing it!

  • They could start a bed and breakfast! What fun!

  • I love it! Your girls are just as funny and witty as you…

  • DeeDee – I love your girls. They crack me up.
    What is that on top of that slice of cheese???

  • Love the little donkey on the cheese! My kids bring a veritable Schleich-made zoo to the table too.