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Busy Mom’s Club – Week 1

Lisa Bergren’s book, The Busy Mom’s Devotional starts in the season “Winter” at week 1. And even though this is Spring, and I know this because I can officially wear white now, I have a deep need to start at the beginning.

And Week 1 starts with Core work. I’ll explain in a minute.

Because of incredibly busy time constraints, and family commitments, I knew I couldn’t sit down to write this until Sunday night. For Monday. And I’m emotionally, physically, and spiritually drained.

But, it’s in those desperate moments that God usually has something to say to me. Because that’s when I’m listening most intently. While breathing into a brown paper bag.

I had the intention of starting this journey with you on Week 15, which would be the Spring Season of Faith. And as I started to write, my inner spirit was filled with so much turmoil, I had to stop.

And listen. Press delete. And start over.

Lisa begins by talking about her exercise routine. If you work out, or are thinking about working out, or just know that you need to work out but don’t have time, then you’ve probably heard the term “core work.”

Frankly, it didn’t hit home with me until Len Goodman started slinging the phrase around on “Dancing With The Stars.”

Our “core” is what holds us up. It is the center of strength from which everything else flows. And by exercising those muscles, we are building a foundation for strength and endurance.

So. If our core is weak, we’re spinning our wheels. And getting nowhere fast.

And this is what Lisa is talking about. Beginning to work on our “core” with God at the center. If we have a relationship with our Creator, then life has a way of falling into place.

Not necessarily where we want it. But, where God wants us to be. I just know that I’m a mess when I’m out of sync with working on my relationship with God.

And I have to admit to you, that I’ve been letting that relationship slide. Letting the busyness of life take control of me. Which is the main reason I’m doing this on Mondays. ACCOUNTABILITY. And you know what that means. When I publicly screw up, you can call me on it. Gently.

And people, I almost quit before I even began. Not more than 20 minutes ago, I sat at my computer with my head in my hands thinking out loud, “I can’t do this. I can’t do this.”

And I felt the need to go back to the beginning. When, as a new Christian, I was hopeful and optimistic. Excited even. A spirit filled walk is full of hills and valleys. Life cannot be one long hilltop experience.

And God knows, I’ve been in a valley. This last week, over a post about poker of all things, discussion came about in my comments section about revealing my testimony. What lead me to Christ. In Los Angeles.

I’ve been reluctant to do this. Mostly because it is so private and personal.

I know what you’re thinking. WHAT? You can discuss menstruation and projectile vomit at the drop of a dime, but you can’t talk about the most important decision of your life???

I don’t usually talk about spiritual matters on my blog. Truthfully, I feel that discussion is not where my gifts lie. Other bloggers do a much better job. Besides, I’m such a work in progress.

But, this last week, I realized that I’m not alone. Not just in “oh good Lord, what were you thinking entrusting me with children?” But also in those moments that I’m spiritually walking aimlessly.

The scripture passage used in Week 1 is from Esphesians 1: 15-21. The words that jumped off the page for me were;

“ask the God of our Master, Jesus Christ, the God of glory- to make you intelligent and discerning in knowing him personally, your eyes focused and clear, so that you can see exactly what it is He is calling you to do…” (verses 17 and 18)

I know He has plans for my life. I don’t want to wander aimlessly in the desert.

Next Monday, I want to open up a discussion on what lead you to believe. I will host a carnival on Seasons of Faith – Sharing Your Story and put up Mr. Linky. And I will join in, IF I DON’T CHICKEN OUT.

And even if you are still searching for answers, please take this journey with me.

Have a wonderful week, y’all. And may God bless you.

(This was a scary one to write. Indeed it was.)

24 Responses to Busy Mom’s Club – Week 1

  • Good for you for writing it!

  • I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now and applaud your honesty about family and say “bravo” to your willingness to share your faith over the blog lines. As a busy mom and Christian your words have ministered to my heart today. I look forward to every Monday.

  • I’m on board!
    My core needs a bit of strengthening!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Looking forward to Mondays! 🙂

  • Dee,
    I certainly understand how you feel about your journey of faith being more personal than anything. I feel the same way, although I always find it fascinating (and a little bit victorious on behalf of Him) to hear other people’s walk.
    Do what you feel like He wants of you in revealing whatever you choose.
    Also, I think I need to get me the devotional because I’ve been floundering the last few months and need some fresh reading around the Scriptures.

  • I am very proud of you for doing this. As I stated in my comment last week, I have been praying about this for quite some time. As soon as talk of a carnival showed in your comments I began fervently praying (more than usual), and even considered fasting. 😉

    I knew God was leading me to participate, and I don’t mind telling you I am scared to death. Actually, I started writing it already.

  • Thanks for taking the risk and doing this post and series! You will be great and I look forward to participating! Big Hugs,

  • While reading your post and the comments, the Lord reminded me that is really isn’t about us anyway…it’s all about Him! I, for one, have recently comMitted myself to boldly “make Him known and the power of His resurrection.”

    You are going to do a super job. Just let Him do the work…His yoke is EASY, and His burden is LIGHT!!

  • Dee Dee, I’m excited for you! It’s funny to hear you say you don’t feel as comfortable writing about issues of faith, because I see it everyday here. I wish I could be as funny as you are and as honest about my personal foibles as a follower of Christ. That’s what makes the message worthwhile. It’s real.

  • Thanks DeeDee for doing these I too fine myself letting my relationship With our Lord slipe by b/c of the busyness of life take control and having a little one at my age 47 is hard I get so tried I fine myself so tried all the time even when I wake up in the morining, but I know I need to come and dwell with the Lord ,I too think I will go out and by the book I look forward in perticpating in these and I know the Lord has chosen the right person don’t let fear stop you girl you have a minstery in side of you so don’t listen to the words of the enmy and trust in God, you will see what a blessing you will get from doing these. marina

  • I’m so glad you’re taking the risk. I believe God will bless you for it, and that your readers will be incredibly blessed.

    I commit to praying for you each Monday! 🙂 Starting right this minute.

  • Great post! I’ll jump in next Monday also and post mine, though it’s of the boring raised-in-church-saved-as-child variety. I’m thinking your’s might be more exciting 🙂

  • Great post! I cannot wait to read next Monday’s – have an amazing week! Thank you for your honesty and willingness to do this. Sunshine

  • Way to go, girl. This is a beautiful, honest post.

    I can’t wait for the carnival next week.

  • DeeDee, you’re the bomb! I’m so proud of you, venturing into this part of your life. My pastor talked about us all being “living stones” on Sunday–such an odd concept, isn’t it? But we are! Together, we are the creation, the testimony, that God is building in our world, whether we be teeny tiny pebbles or big boulders. He wants us all! Can’t wait to read about your faith story as it unfolds…
    Lisa Bergren

  • The dudes in the bible even admitted they weren’t “equipped” to talk about it. Paul said he came with no eloquence or good speech and look at what a bang up job he did! It’s good you’re uncomfortable, keeps you real, keeps you humble, keeps you honest. I’m looking forward to it!

  • Don’t underestimate yourself DeeDee! You write so much better than you give yourself credit for – especially on spiritual matters! Everytime you’ve witnessed it was easy to see the Lord’s hand in it….so quit worrying! He’s got your back! My book is on the way, I can’t wait for next Monday! This is an awesome thing you’re doing!

  • I was watching Cold Case last night. The subject matter was scaring me out of my brains. When is was almost over my 16 m.o. cried out and I went in to comfort her. While doing so, I was reflecting on the hour I was spending in front of the tube, letting my imagination run wild and feeling my anxiety level peak. Then the Lord reminded me that His spirit is not one of fear — why am I seeking out such experiences??

    So I did what any good woman of faith would do, I went back into the living room and finished the show. (B/C I couldn’t just leave it hanging, right??!)

    Something about that incident has been bothering me since then. I feel my own personal balance is off. Then I read your blog and the Lord quietly showed me it’s a core problem.

    Thanks for sharing. I looked you up this morning looking for a laugh and got a whole lot more!!

  • Don’t be afraid! You have no idea how many times you’ve pulled me back from the ledge with just a snarky comment. 😉

    Letting other women know that it’s okay to struggle is an eye opener. Everyone struggles but when you are surrounded by mini Mary Poppins (practically perfect in everyway) it gets overwhelming.

    My core needs some series help. I sometimes look at where I started and wonder how did I end up here?? Where did my faith go?

    Don’t worry about saying it right – just be real.

  • Your gift is in words – No matter what story or topic you’re telling. I can’t wait to read what’s next!! I’m out to find the book to participate in the study! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Dee–

    Thanks for that post!

    When I start getting in the ruts thinking that I’m not a good mother or I’m too busy, I try to take the long-term view.

    When I look at each day, I can see all the ways that I’ve failed.

    But when I look back over the last 6 months, or the last year, I can see some amazing times God has given me with my children. I don’t always notice them at the time, but in retrospect they take on more significance.

    I think one problem with busyness is that we get focused on the now, and we feel guilty constantly.

    But when we can take the long-term view, we can see how our kids are growing and maturing and becoming more Christlike.

    Anyway, looking forward to following this with you!

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  • I have been reading your blog for approximately a year, even went back to the beginning and started reading (one of my quirks). I think it is great how you share the “real” life story of being a mom. Sometimes we all want to put on a face about how our life is but so many more people could benefit from the truth and know that sure it’s a struggle sometimes but God has given us this job and knows we can do it. It would be awesome if you would tell your story of how Christ called you to Him. You never know who might read it and be touched by it. God will always use our mistakes if we will let Him. Keep it up!

  • This is a great idea…Christ loves us to be transparent. I just happen to feel more safe when I am opaque. Looking forward to growning with you.

  • Oy. I was away for a few days, and I’m finally catching up on my reading. I want to participate, but what an emotional rollercoaster. I’ll read yours if you’ll read mine!