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The College Years

Otherwise Known as “Hair Issues and Fashion Mishaps”

The following is in response to “Six Unimportant Things About Me.

Item #6.) I pledged Sigma Kappa Sorority at the University of Texas in San Antonio. Where I earned a BA in BS.

My senior year of high school, I sat my parents down in the den of our home. “I want to be an actress.”

They blinked in unison. I don’t remember which one uttered the words, but the other nodded in agreement. As though they had been rehearsing for years. Knowing this day was coming.

“Just go to college and get a degree. That’s all we ask.”

I sighed happily, and bounced from the room. SCORE. I congratulated myself. There was NO WAY any college worth its degree would accept ME. SUCKERS.

My parents were much smarter than I gave them credit. It seems, there was a little university a few miles away that was fairly new. Getting in was easy. But the curriculum was tough, as they were making a name for themselves. Lucky me.

In the Fall of 1978, I entered The University of Texas at San Antonio as a freshman. After struggling through high school, in both academics and social arts, no one was more surprised than me that I loved college.

I studied. And read books. And paid attention.

My freshman year, I became a TKE Little Sister. The TKE fraternity brothers and all the little sisters became a large close knit group. Eventually I pledged Sigma Kappa Sorority. Because they always kicked butt in Greek Week. And weren’t prissy. And they didn’t reject me.

We all filed into the photo studio to PAY to have these official sorority photos taken. Wearing feather boas. Which I think complemented my feathered hair style, in retrospect. And the whole profile idea was really brilliant.

I wrote the whole incident off as hazing.

Next came the “Pippi Longstocking” year. This was my trademark hairstyle my sophomore year. In my heart of hearts, I was secretly hoping “Heehaw” would come calling. And sweep me away to certain stardom.

My Junior year, I competed in the Miss Fiesta UTSA extravaganza. It was as close as we could get to a Homecoming. Since we had no football team. I was nominated by the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. They were pretty big guys. You didn’t cross them. And they always had the beer. I won handily. Especially with my sorority sister, Margo (on the left, pictured below), as my campaign manager. She stood by the voting area yelling “VOTE FOR DEEDEE.”


She, I think, went on to a job in politics.

The little gal on my right, holding the beer can, was my Sigma Kappa “Big Sis”, Leslie. And that’s me in the middle. Wearing the crown and a strapless floral print.

Which was held up by thumbtacks.

I graduated in 1982 with a degree in Psychology. Which I figured, would come in handy should I ever achieve super stardom.

Or become a parent.

Tomorrow, I will digress in this “Six Unimportant Things” diatribe, to “The Osmond Years.”

I know. It’s just like a yo-yo.

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