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If It Were Up to Me

I don’t talk politics on my blog. Mostly because there are bloggers out there who do it well and are so much more eloquent than I am. And actually know what they’re talking about.

I have no problem discussing butt paste, menstruation, vomit and inappropriate laughter at funerals. Because these are things I deal with on a fairly regular basis. Well. Not so much with the dealing of the funerals. Which is really only a problem if someone dies. I just started giggling.

Clearly I need help.

I wanted to weigh in on the current presidential election. And help Mr. McCain select a running mate. And if you’re a member of my family, I KNOW, I usually only discuss politics after a glass of inexpensive Port. The kind that unscrews.

So, I’m really really stepping out of my comfort zone. And perhaps stomping on a few toes. I don’t do it very often so please bear with me.

Which, let me just say this one other thing. Praise God that we live in a democracy where we can have a healthy debate, and even disagree strongly with one another. Thank you to those men and women who serve in the armed forces to ensure that continues.

This is who I would like to see Mr. McCain pick.


I think she’s brilliant. And would make an excellent Vice President. Just in case Mr. McCain was wondering what my personal opinion was. I thought I’d offer it.

I’m just thinking of myself as part of a focus group. And the fact that at the moment I get to focus on something that doesn’t involve wiping someone’s bottom, makes it all the more exciting.

Who do you want to see chosen as running mate? To whichever candidate you support.  Just pretend we’re all sitting around sipping something with an umbrella in it, and keeping it all very civil.


30 Responses to If It Were Up to Me

  • I couldn’t agree more with C. Rice as a running mate…DH and I frequently watch her and comment “now THAT’S a woman I could vote for”.

  • I would actually rather see her run for President.

  • I think you have made an excellent choice. I’ll have Condi’s people call your people.

  • I’ve often thought of her as potentially a good president. Maybe we’re all predicting the future?

  • I agree, I agree, I agree!

  • McCain isn’t my first choice for the Rep nominee, but I can get on board. He’s on the same side as me as the things that I really really care about.

    I never thought of her being a VP- but now that I do I think that she’d make an excellent VP.

  • I completely concur.
    Sometimes when I watch C-Span (not that I do that often) and she is on there before some Senate Committee, I think, how does she stay so calm? I would just want to yell and scream at some of the things said, and she doesn’t even quiver. Grace under pressure…

  • A spoonful of Condi would sure make the McCain go down!

  • I just started hearing yesterday that she’s a possible for VP. I have no idea where she stands on the issues important to me. I just hope she’s more conservative than McCain! I’m only voting for him because the alternative is unthinkable!

  • I agree with Kim that McCain would be more tolerable with her. I’m not sure who else would work. That would also set her up for president in a few years.

  • I honestly hadn’t thought of her but she is a good one! I had wanted him to choose Huckabee. I mean, a Bass-playing Baptist – that describes my husband, and that’s a better way to choose than trying to figure out any of their “policies”.

  • I’d vote for Condi in a HEART-BEAT…I think your choice is superb!

  • I completely agree. And Kim said it well…..it would make McCain more tolerable. C. Rice is just an amazing woman and would make an excellent VP.

  • I’m a big fan of Ms. Rice. Heck with VP, I’d vote for her for P.

  • I don’t know about Rice. Yes she’s smart and strong. But she (and the US) haven’t done much to take a stand with religious tolerance. For example, consider China and the torture of the missionaries presently trying to live peacefully within those borders. Even months after a letter of petition from Family Research Council and a call from the House Coalition for US to call for protests of this behavior, Rice has yet to acknowledge them both or even either of them. I’m not sure where her priorities lie. Were something to happen to McCain, I don’t know that I would be pleased with that replacement.

    That being said, I’d rather have McCain and Rice than any of the Democrats hopefuls. While McCain has experience and a proven track record on his side, his opposers cannot say the same. They’ve done nothing to validify that they can accomplish much as Senators. Clinton hasn’t passed a single bill (thank goodness as they are for things like a Woodstock Memorial) and has the 13th highest “pork fat” spending in the Senate. Obama, I don’t agree with most of his stance as it is often racially motivated and a stance for intolerance, nor do I feel comfortable with the people that he admires and uses as council, his wife included. He wants to bring about change, but I don’t want the change that he would like to have.

  • You have great taste, m’lady.

    Butt cream, vomit and all.

  • I refuse to discuss politics on other people’s blogs–since I am a Constitution Party with Libertarian leanings I am almost always in the minority.

    However I love that I am not the only person who inappropriately giggles at funerals.

  • Here I was ready to drum up a write-in campaign for “Fiddledeedee” as VP. But I guess Condi might be good, too.

  • I hadn’t thought of her, but you’re right -she would be great! She’s very smart and poised.

  • I’m not all gung ho about any of the candidates . . . it really is a shame that the best person for the job will never get it . . . with that said, Go Ms. Rice!

  • Too bad she’s not running for president herself…I might actually vote for her…

  • AMEN AMEN AMEN SISTAH!!! I totally agree with your choice, and so does my husband. He suggested the same person not too long ago, but I think she may be too smart for the job. Sort of like having the MBA be the file clerk. But I’d still love to see it happen.

  • Huckabee would be good too. I sometimes cross over party lines and I’m thinking I may have to this year. I normally vote for the candidate I feel is morally right for the job just as much as politically. I don’t know what to do this year though…I think we need a major change and I’m not sure McCain would do anything different. It scares me to think I may actually vote for someone who I disagree with on so many things…but where I live jobs are few and far between, people are losing homes and jobs every day and it is getting scary.

  • I don’t really know that much about Ms. Rice. I’d like to see McCain choose a running mate who is unequivocally pro-life, since he is not.

    But really, I don’t have much hope for this election. I cannot vote for either of the Democrats for, oh, nearly 50 million reasons (does anyone know how incredibly pro-abortion Obama is? Scary.) but I’m not wild about McCain. In all honesty, I was never “wild” about any of the candidates. But I can’t NOT vote, either. *sigh* It is a predicament.

  • I completely agree, but she has said several times that she is totally not interested. Sigh.

  • I LOVE her! Having her on the ticket would absolutely sway me…not that I need swaying.

  • I love Condi! I’d love to see that ticket. But I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. She’s so closely allied with Bush.

    Still, I’d love to see it…

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  • I decided long ago that the only way I was going to vote at all was to write in Condi for president. Unfortunately, I’m not sure she agrees with me — or us.


  • That’s a good pick – never thought of her. But I bet he’ll pick Romney.