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Teeth That Fall Like Rain

Cailey came running into the room tonight, “MOM! I think I’ve got a loose tooth. Wiggle it!” Since I was changing Jensen’s diaper, I suggested that we wait until I had a chance to wash my hands. She viewed the contents of the diaper and readily agreed.

She followed me into the kitchen, dancing around, barely able to contain herself while I scrubbed up. Not unlike a surgeon about to prepare for a procedure. At 6 1/2, this would be her first loose tooth. I knew she was past due to lose that first baby tooth. But, mentally, I’m just never ready for that rite of passage.

She opened her mouth wide, and I reached in to check the bottom left tooth. Loose. I checked the bottom right tooth. Also loose. Since I have a rather suspicious nature, I looked behind the baby teeth. Sure enough, I could see two adult teeth already starting to emerge. It all looked a little crowded in there to me.

Visions of high orthodontia bills danced in my head.

I reported my findings to her. Two loose bottom teeth. She let out a whoop. Her older sister, experienced in such matters, came up to her and embraced her in an uncharacteristically loving hug. Without attempting to break a rib.

It brought tears to my eyes.

Cailey looked up at her sister. “Emme, is it going to hurt?” “Yes,” her sister replied, matter of factly. Taking it in stride, Cailey turned to me flashing her pearly white, perfectly spaced full set of baby teeth, “Mom, I’m growing up.”

I held her face in my hands as long as I could, memorizing that smile that always lights up a room. In a few months, or hours (if I know my tenacious and impatient Cailey) that smile will be forever changed. She dances away from me, sooner than I would have liked.

To celebrate, we break out the Fudgcicles. After a few thoughtful licks, she goes on to list for me the foods that she will no longer be able to eat. Most of them belong to the vegetable food group.

Nice try.

Then as she licks her stick clean, I tell her to go brush her teeth. She looks at me as though I were insane. “Mom, I can’t brush my teeth. THEY ARE LOOSE.”

Clearly, she forgets that I am experienced at this Tooth Fairy business. It takes a lot more than that to pull the fairy wings over my eyes.

Parenthood. It’s a mixed bag, my friends.


17 Responses to Teeth That Fall Like Rain

  • Ah yes, time to eliminate those pesky veggies =) This is cute.

  • I have a six-year-old with no loose teeth yet. Your comment about the changing smile makes me realize that I really don’t want her to lose any of them…though it would eventually be (a little) worse if she didn’t, I guess. But I love her smile now!

    Thanks for the post.

  • I just went through this with my soon-to-be 7 year old. She looked like a little shitzu with the extra teeth down front. We had to go have them pulled-sad day. She came home with a new smile-and I love this one too! Yes, it was expensive-$100 per tooth.

  • Oh Dee Dee,
    You are funny, yet the babyhood is going, i hear ya. My 5 1/2 boy is the only one in his class that hasn’t lost one, and that’s okay by me !

  • Do you do the whole “”note to the Tooth Fairy to leave the tooth” thing?

  • Oh those sweet smiles that turn into toothless grins! What precious times!

    I know you have a while before this “rite of passage” happens but remember to get Jensen’s voice recorded before it starts to change…and at his size who knows…it may happen just a tad early!

    For me that was the “change” that took me by surprise…with all three sons. To never hear that sweet little boy voice again….
    ah, where does the time go?

  • My six-year-old daughter lost another tooth this weekend. She’s lost five since November of last year. Crazy. The tooth fairy is running out of quarters due to that girl.

    The spaces in her beautiful smile are reminders of sweet time going by.

    But frankly, I’d rather be in denial.

  • It is a mixed bag, but fortunately, it goes with every outfit you’ve got!

    And life is always better with fudgecicles!

  • That is too cute. My youngest can’t wait to lose a tooth, she asks me every day to check her teeth for any movement. She’s sooo jealous of her older siblings and their toothless smiles!

  • Happy Monday to ya’ Dee Dee. I just spent some time catching up on your blog and can I just say you are stinkin’ funny. Thank you for the laughs and the tug at my heart over the baby tooth thing. My youngest just sprouted big people teeth. My emotions are having a hard time catching up with her rate of maturity. Sigh!

  • When my oldest came to me last year with her first loose tooth, I became temporarily insane. The next day, I took her for close-up pictures of her smile because I knew it would be days before it was gone. I love it that I have those pics now.

  • I don’t think I’m going to be ready for my girls to lose their teeth. It’s just another piece of evidence that they are growing up too fast!

  • My oldest girl point blank asked me if Santa was “you and Daddy”. Then later that week, her first tooth fell out. She matter of factly said, “I guess the tooth fairy is you guys too.” That was a hard week. It came without warning. We didn’t even get to put her tooth under her pillow. She kept it safely in her jewelry box until her twin sisters lost it somewhere in the house. I enjoy your sweet reminders that they grow up fast!

  • Oh sniff – “Mom, I’m growing up.” Okay, that one got me.

  • I just realized that I missed my son’s first tooth loss. He was riding down the sidewalk on his two wheeler for one of the first times, forgot where the brakes were on his handlebars and used his face on the sidewalk instead. Now, 2 1/2 years later, the adult tooth has a big chunk missing. You can bet I’ll notice when the reconstructive dentistry bill comes!

  • That is so precious! Thank you for encouraging me that those sweet moments will keep coming for awhile yet…