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Career Change?

Cailey has long asserted that she wants to be either a fairy or a mermaid when she grows up. Leaning more heavily toward mermaid. Since that goal seems more attainable. Disney World actually employs mermaids, after all. And pays them. Something like $2.50 an hour.

We encourage our children to set their standards high.

No doubt, she’s mermaid material. Her baths can last up to 2 hours. She has renamed the bra, “booby caps,” in honor of Ariel’s costume. And when she swims, she can remain underwater for nearly two minutes. Which is about the amount of time it takes for me to panic, kick off my shoes, disrobe, and throw myself into the water to save her. She always manages to surface. Surprised anyone made a fuss.

Reason #243 why I should drink.

I became concerned, however, when I spotted this artist’s rendering by Cailey the other day.



“Um, Cailey, is the little maniacal boy trying to hurt the mermaid?”

Exasperated sigh, “No, he’s only going to capture her.” She may as well have added, “Stupid mommy.”

I’m just hoping that she’s rethinking her future career as an aquatic creature. Something a little less dangerous that requires both of us to remain on land.


11 Responses to Career Change?

  • If you’re given the chance to choose a career for Cailey, what would it be 😉 ?

    As usual, this post gave a smile on my face 🙂

  • My 4-year-old has remained steadfast in her desire to be a Barbie princess when she grows up. Nothing like those oh-so-realistic career aspirations to make you smile. Or hyperventilate.

  • Weeki Wachee!

    Yep, you need to visit Weeki Wachee and watch the real LIVE mermaids swim. It is located on Florida’s West coast. A great day trip!

    We even get in for FREE with our Central Florida Zoo Annual Membership. Of course, what I save on admission I more then make up for in the Gift Shop!



  • LOVE the picture! At least Caailey focuses on animate objects for her career–my son wants to be an astronaut, fireman, policeman, builder, and…an AMBULANCE. I’m quite sure he just doesn’t know what an EMT is, but he insists it’s the ambulance he wants to be. To top it off, he says he does not want to get married because he’ll be too busy with all of his jobs. Typical man already!

  • That is hilarious! Love that picture.

  • What are you talking about DD? There are fairies at DW too. Tinkerbell for one… Well okay, it’s the only one I can think of at the moment, but still. Plus, if they put her on a wire, I’m sure she can push for higher pay… I’d say $4.25 at least. That’s to compensate for any fear of flying she may have.

  • I could hear the eye roll implicit in Cailey’s statement.

  • One of my 4 year olds was drawing a picture of the little mermaid the other day. She drew the big purple circles on her chest. Stupidly, I asked what they were and she replied, “Her booties, Mom.”

    Oh . . . booties.

  • My daughter from a very young age wanted to swim with whales and dolphins. She’s currently in college studying psychology in order to work at Shamu stadium at Sea World. She also went to Sea World Career Camp twice.

    Have you ever watched Mermaids with Cher? Cailey sounds just like the little sister in that movie!

  • So funny!! Our four year old wants to be a teacher so “I can tell everyone what to do and have snack.”

    I enjoy your blog, I laugh out loud at times, and I wanted you to know you make my day. This is an award I’m passing on and you can find it at my blog at http://thesurrenderedscribe.blogspot.com/2008/04/take-that-clint-eastwood.html


  • My 4 1/2 year old just informed me today that “I have been praying for a mermaid tail everyday and HE ISN’T ANSWERING MY PRAYERS!!!” I think it is time for some sort of theological discussion.