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Another Hole in Her Head

Wednesday night, Fiddledaddy sensing I was on the cusp of yet another nervous breakdown, offered to take my place as a Spark’s leader at Awana. Thusly ensuring his super hero status in my fragile mind.

The next day, he alerted me about the evenings events. It seems that as he was hurtling down the road going anywhere from 40 to 50 MPH, Emme chose that moment to announce to her father that she was engaged.

She’s 8, people. I was at least 9 before I was engaged.

My eyes widened. I hadn’t heard this tidbit of information. “Who’s she engaged to?”

Fiddledaddy sighed, “I have no idea. An explosion went off in my head, and everything was a little fuzzy. I may have used the word ‘inappropriate’.”

I was surprised he didn’t total the car.

We both looked over the kitchen counter at Emme, who was busy nibbling on a bagel. Her daddy asked her who her “friend” was that she was talking about last night.

Oh my word. The smile that lit her face. We got a first name out of her. And we discovered that he goes to our church. Bonus. And that he’s in Awana, but not in our particular group. Double bonus. And that he is homeschooled. Ding, ding, ding.

At least I can keep my eye on her.

We had another one of our impromptu conversations about how great it is to have lots of friends, and boys make really nice friends, as well.

The word friends was stressed a few hundred dozen times.

And we did it all while not freaking out and keeping a straight face. But, I watched my husband age a few years.

His baby girl is growing up right before his eyes. And he’s powerless to stop it.

She wants to do more grown-up things. Dangerous stuff. Like drive without a booster seat. Straighten her hair. Pierce her ears.

She’s been really campaigning hard about the ear piercing thing. Especially since her girlfriend from Awana got her ears pierced last week. Her younger girlfriend.

So, last night, Fiddledaddy took advantage of the situation. Emme and her newly pierced friend, Ainslee, were sitting and coloring a Bible picture, while discussing earrings.

Fiddledaddy asked Ainslee, “Did it hurt?” “Yes,” she answered matter-of-factly. “It felt like a car ran over my head. And I can’t sleep because they bother me. And they have to stay in for 6 whole months.” She continued with her coloring. And reiterated, “It felt like a car ran over my head.”

Emme’s eyes were wide as saucers.

Mission accomplished. Not a word has been said about having her ears pierced since Wednesday. This is the squeamish daughter.

She scared the stuffing out of us yesterday when she was in the bathroom. We heard a scream. Followed by, “MOM! I’M BLEEDING. REALLY REALLY BAD!”

Well. I nearly broke a femur clearing a baby gate to get to the bathroom. All the while imagining the worse. Early menstruation. Somebody kill me. However, I discovered that she had picked an ant bite on her leg. And ALL THE BLOOD? It measured in circumference the size of a pin head.

Leading me to believe that she’ll have to be sedated when her menses really does begin. I believe we’ll all be needing some type of medication.

There is hope. She’s not as grown up as she would like. And that fact was solidified in my mind when I saw her get out of her bed last night and head into the family room. Where she scooped up her beloved puppy dog and thread bare yellow blanket. She held them close to her heart as she padded down the hall back to her room.

And I hold that image close to my heart. She is, after all, still our baby girl.


20 Responses to Another Hole in Her Head

  • There is always an inner little girl in each of us DeeDee. My 19 year old still drags out her green baby blanket every time we watch movie and she sleeps with it every night.

    Me? I still sleep with my Donny Odmond albums…lol!

  • Oops, I meant Osmond. I do know how to spell my future last name!

  • I’m nearly peeing my pants laughing. Love the tactic to distract her from the ear piercing. I think my own father used that on me. I didn’t get mine pierced until I was ten or eleven. 🙂

  • oh my goodness DeeDee I think we have the same daughter! My daughter is 8 going on 9 and is the same exact drama queen. But she is still my little girl, and she still comes running to sleep in our room on the floor when she has nightmares. She does no have a blankie but she still carries her favorite pillow everytwhere. around the house that is. lol

  • So sweet – the image you left it on. My soon to be six year old seems to be growing up more and more everyday – which I know she is – but to see it happen before you eyes – I am both SO sad yet rejoice. I LOVE your blog – it is SO good for my mommy heart – it reminds me to find the laughter in each moment! You are a gem! Sunshine

  • I don’t know how it was for you, but I started my period when I was 9-so if you haven’t talked to her about that you might want to.

    My mom explained it to me BEFORE I started so when I did it was no big deal just kind of “oh, okay”. Some of the girls I went to school with were not similarly prepared and were convinced they were injured or dying before they went to the nurse. It was really scary for them.

    But you’re right-no matter how big kids get they’re always your baby.

  • Oh, DD, I’ve had the talk and everything with The Girl. I’m ready for her “becoming a woman” – well physically anyway. I’ve got everything she’ll need.

    But I’m not really wanting it to happen yet. And she’s 11 yo. I want her to stay my little girl for just as long as God will allow it to happen. She’s my girl who loves to hold her stuffed animals, to draw playful pictures and to hold my hand in public still. These are things that I don’t want to pass us by.

    The pierced ears thing, which happened when she was 10, was nothing compared to this watching her grow into a beaugiful gorgeous girl with a heart of gold.

  • Oh, I am not looking forward to the growing up thing, particularly the teen years.

    Mainly because I’m pretty sure Caroline is already smarter than I am.

  • I was twenty-five when I first got my ears pierced because I was so afraid of it feeling like a car ran over my head. It didn’t, but don’t tell Emme that yet. 😉

  • I’m really going to sound like an old lady compared to the rest of this group, but my baby is 16 years old and just got her first boyfriend. He lives 1000 miles away. That is further proof that God loves us moms.

  • My sister told me that she’s heard LOTS of girls are getting their periods early – around 9/10…I hope that ain’t true. But since my dd had been asking certain questions and wasn’t relenting I did do the birds n bee talk w/her recently (she’s 8.5)…

  • We have a running joke amongst fellow homeschoolers about arranged marriages. Still makes me shudder so I joke off the nervous energy.
    Btw, smart move of Fiddledaddy’s part to get details about pain.

  • I was the mom that caved and let my girls get their ears pierced very young. As my youngest was sitting in the chair getting ready, a little girl about 10-years-old came by with her mom and watched. When the shopgirls punched the holes, L let out a cry and the little girl told her mom she’d be waiting a few more years to get hers done. Yep, pain is even stronger than peer pressure.

  • Aw… what a keeper.

  • My girls are 3 and 2…

    I have commanded them heartily NOT to grow up anymore. I think that will solve it.

  • Congrats ont he ear piercing thing… I had to put my foot down and say “Not a chance til your 13”. And I held my ground.

    Of course, it took much threatening of the husband, who thought I was insane to make his princess wait.

    I rock.

    Now, we’re fighting the no dating til your 16 thing. Again. lots of robust dialog with the husband. Who had 3 sisters who started dating out of the womb.


    Now, onto the early menstruation thing. I don’t mean to freak you out, but we hit that milestone in the 5th grade. It was br*a’s in 4th, pads in 5th and shaving in 7th.

    And so my addiction to Miss Clairol began.

    Oh yeah- did I mention she can start driving in 3 months, 8 days.

    God help me.

  • You always make me smile, but especially today.

  • I waited til I was 13 to get my ears pierced b/c I was afraid of the pain. Pain indeed is a great motivator! And Kudos to Dad who worked that angle with finesse. I’ll have to file that away for later.

  • I have always felt that children should let their parents choose their future spouses. After all, we know them the best, and we can see what they need! If you like this boy, you should keep an eye on him!

    My daughter got her period this year and has our lives ever changed. It’s so weird when they grow up. But she got her ears pierced first. So hold off on the piercing thing as long as you can. You never know what it could lead to.

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  • My just-5 year old also has been asking for pierced ears and we have told her in graphic detail about the fact that it hurts. She has gone off the idea – thankfully; she wouldn’t be getting them done anyway but it’s easier when she decides she doesn’t even want them. And she had a marriage proposal on Friday – which was her birthday – but she says she told the boy in question “no. You only wnt to marry me because it’s my birthday today”…. I can see her growing up to be very similar to your Emme…..