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Two Very Different Turnips…

…that fell from the same tired old truck.

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to adequately describe how extremely different my two girls are. But, I think I’ve found a way.

For an Easter present, they each received a disembodied head.  Courtesy of the clearance aisle at Toys R Us.


Exhibit A) on the left, belongs to the sister who can burp the alphabet. She chooses her wardrobe by “eenie meenie miny mo” and never met a puddle of mud that she didn’t like. She delights in inappropriate bathroom humor, and lives to push her sibling’s buttons. In fact, she has them on speed dial. She’s a free spirit who would style her hair with the electric mixer, if I would permit it.

Exhibit B) on the right, belongs to the sister who color codes her closet. She is the proverbial backseat driver who is ever vigilant so that she can inform the driver (me) if they are about to break the law in any fashion. In a preemptive sort of way. She does not limit her driving critique to her own family van, but will also alert other drivers of their wrongdoing with a well placed scowl. She’s our resident narc. And every hair on her curly head is present, accounted for, and in it’s proper place. Or we don’t leave the house.

Oh, and she has a crush on Mr. Rogers (but is blissfully unaware that he is, in fact, dead.)

I’ll let you decide which head belongs to which sister.


28 Responses to Two Very Different Turnips…

  • So funny!

  • This looks like Courtney Love vs. Jessica Simpson. Or PMS versus normalcy. Funny, funny stuff. And, we should all hope our daughters fall for the Mr. Rogers type, but alas ….

  • I have to say that they are a little creepy (the disembodied heads, not your girls). I have a sister in law who has an irrational fear of dolls. God saw fit to give her two boys. I guess He felt she could live with her doll avoidance issues. Have a great day, DeeDee!

  • I wanted one of those heads so badly when I was a kid! Now I understand the reason for those hands sticking out there, but it does look really creepy.

  • I remember getting one of those before for Christmas and thought it was great fun! Unfortunately it did not teach me to better do my own hair/make-up…

  • That so reminds me of myself and my sister.

    I was exhibit B. sigh…

  • 🙂 That’s too funny! That is definitely my sister and I- I think both of my girls turned out to be Exhibit B. 🙂

  • Are the hands attached to the base? That’s a little scary.

    I had one of these when I was a kid. My brothers took it, shaved her head, and painted a beard on her to use as John the Baptist’s head in Children’s Church. I have been forever scarred.

  • So funny! I am glad I’m not the only one who buys for a good price!

  • You just described myself and my sister! Opposites, I tell ya!

  • I had one of those heads when I was a little girl a MILLION years ago. Mine was just a head, though. The arms make them a little creepy….. Your girls are me & my sister, too! I’m Exhibit A!

  • SO funny! Especially this, “lives to push her sibling’s buttons. In fact, she has them on speed dial.”

  • TOO funny!! Am I guessing right that Cailey is on the left and Emme the right? Is Emme your oldest? My oldest is my back seat driver. DRIVES me nuts!!!!!!

  • I think Emme is Exhibit B, Cailey is Exhibit A. And I’m getting this solely from the fact that I am the oldest in my sibling group, and Exhibit B sounds like an oldest child.

  • I’m trying to decide which one I associate with…the disembodied head on the left or the disembodied head on the right. Hmmm…

  • Oldest children are perfectionists so I guess Exhibit B is Emme, and middle children are “care-free” so I guess Cailey is Exhibit A.
    Please tell us if we are right!

  • I am an Exhibit B that gave birth to an Exhibit A five years ago. My little Exhibit A can ruin a perfectly good set of nice clothes without ever even moving around. And the hair! I think she may actually style hers with a mixer when I’m not looking. Sweet mercy, having to comb the tangles just might do me in. Or make me go deaf from the screaming (hers, not mine).


  • Hey, I didn’t know that you found my disembodied Barbie in my parent’s attic… Mine would be Exhibit A, thankyouverymuch.

  • This has me laughing! This picture exactly describes my twin sister and I. She was a tomboy and I was a lover of sequins. Now as adults, she is the one who wears fluffy pink fur and I often forgo makeup. Total turnaround I tell ya.

    (I should mention that I used to be an over-the-road truck driver which started the whole no makeup, unstylish clothes phase I am finally coming out of.)

    Anyway, I’m new to your blog and am enjoy it.


  • What? Mr. Rogers is no longer among us? I’m in denial.

    I loved him! My father, although quite a bit heavier, was just like him. Very soft spoken and wore a sweater most of the time. Good stuff!

  • Please tell me those girls aren’t made to share a room!

    And I can see why she likes Mr. Rogers, that whole changing the shoes to slippers and blazer to sweater EVERY FREAKIN’ DAY!!! I’m just glad I didn’t have to wash HIS laundry!

  • Oh my, those are frightening. Although I had one too. Mine didn’t have the hands though.

  • May I be the first to congratulate you (and your daughter) for passing on the “Parrot Torch”. (Although, I hope that the “McDonald’s thing” isn’t part of the package.) Now if I could only figure out if it’s the “mixer-head” …or the “resident narc”… LOL although I’m leaning toward the “resident narc”. 🙂

  • I use to look like B but after having kids I now look like A – except stuffed with too much fluff.

  • Love it! My sisters and I were like that!

  • Honestly, I looked like Right Head when I left for Mayo … and totally look like Left Head now.

    Lawsie, 10 hours in the car and 4 hours in the gown ….

    No one should be put through that.

  • I have 2 girls, almost 4 & 18 months. I love watching them develop their own personalities.

    I think if they had those dolls, I’d have to put them in a closet at night. If I woke up and stumbled across those bodiless heads I’d be more than just a tad freaked out.

  • Growing up, I couldn’t care less about how I looked. My one and only daughter is fru-fru through and through.
    And the hands sticking out made me do a double take that I think I can claim as whiplash on my health insurance.