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Jericho, We Hardly Knew Ye

I cannot contain my disappointment. My beloved Jericho has been canceled. Canceled. As in for eternity. It doesn’t look like the fans can even save it again this time.


Tuesday night, CBS will air the series finale. And I’ll be glued to my television, bitterly crying into my sugar-free chocolate pudding.

This does not bode well for my television viewing lineup. I’ve completely dropped Survivor from my docket. Faithfully, I’ve watched since Season 1. Even when Richard dropped trowel on national TV. I cried, “MY EYES, MY EYES,” and yet continued to peek. All the way until episode 3 of the current season. When I lost all interest. Forever.

It’s a well known fact that I’m a huge 24 fan. However, Jack won’t be back until January of 2009. I mean, he could get all soft and easy going by that time. A guy can only maintain his edge for so long. And then how will he save the world from annihilation, I ask you. Besides, after all this time has past, I don’t even remember if he was dead or alive after the last episode.

I have my old standbys, American Idol and Dancing With the Stars. But, Dancing nearly lost me after I saw the men dancing last week. Thankfully, the women totally wooed me back. Kristy Yamaguchi was amazing. And I was pleasantly surprised by Marlee and Priscilla.

And then there’s Lost. Which is evidently taking a hiatus until the end of April. The break will do me good, I suppose. That stupid show causes my blood pressure to shoot up to dangerous levels. Levels only reserved for natural disasters and late periods. By the end of nearly every episode, I find myself standing on my bed throwing house slippers at the television and vowing never ever to watch the stupid show again. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

But, I always come back. Like a dog returns to the scene of his vomit. I’m loyal like that.

There is hope for my television viewing experience. Fiddledaddy mentioned to me that I would like a new show called Miss Guided. Translated: it contains immature and inappropriate humor.

He knows me so well.

So, what’s your lineup like? Top 3 picks. Unless, of course, unlike me, you actually have a life.


47 Responses to Jericho, We Hardly Knew Ye

  • We have been re-watching (is that a word) all of Jericho on DVR.

    Personally, I think someone should Eric slap up side the head. And his mama should be the one to do it. I LOVE her. (My fav line of hers- “So, do you want to get naked here, or would you prefer some privacy”. Good stuff.)

    Otherwise, the DVR (which is turning into the only thing we watch anymore) is recording:

    Jericho -sniff sniff. This is almost as bad as Gilmore Girls going off the air. That garnished a sob sob tantrum.

    Top Gear- great BBC car show, Funny as heck, you would love it.

    ER – two episodes a day! Woohoo!

    Law and Order – all 2,376 franchises.

    Dancing with the Stars – oh my, what a lousy season so far.

    Idol – duh.

    And about 31 other shows that aren’t in the love love category.

    24 sits in there, hoping and praying for new episodes .. someday, some way … we’ll find a new way of living …

    Oops! Sorry. I got a bit Westside Story there.

    My bad.

  • Wow. This news is a disappointing way to start the day. I seriously heart Jericho – this second season has been even better than the first, in my opinion.

    Other favorite shows: How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy, American Idol, Survivor, Oprah’s Big Give – and, though I’m not proud to admit it – I can’t wait for Gossip Girl to come back.

    We will miss you, Jericho!

  • Well, must watches? CSI, the one without any cities after the name, has been a favorite for years. Sadly, I have yet to invest in a DVR (though I’m thinking my grandmother and I might be the only two people left!). And Sundays are so exhausting that I no longer stay up for Law and Order: Criminal Intent, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that guy!

    And (she hangs her head in shame) Two and a Half Men. I know, it’s a sit com, and it’s really very crude, but oh my gosh what a riot! And only because life is not right to watch a show for half an hour we also watch the New Adventures of Old Christine. Which is also very funny. Much better than the first time around.

    That’s it, any other night I’m on the puter and my husband watched some crappy sports thing. Not really what I call a life, but…

  • I was thrilled when Jericho came back and when I found out the last show was Tuesday I almost cried. I don’t see how they can end it with the promised “closure” unless they just blow up the whole town. But that would still leave lots of questions.

    My normal top 3 (when they come back)
    Ugly Betty
    Grey’s Anatomy

  • I am sooo hoping that they don’t cancel October Road and Army Wives. Other than that I like to watch Good Eats or any of the CSI’s and Law & Orders.

  • Since we don’t have TV, I am relegated to watching TV on the internet.

    I watch Lost, Dancing with the Stars, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, and I WAS watching Private Practice, but it hasn’t been on my CBS thingie for so long.

    Please, someone tell me that Private Practice hasn’t gone the way of Jericho?

  • We are LOST fans, also, as is my daughter who live far away from us now (boohoo). She goes to a friends house on LOST nights to watch since she doesn’t have cable at her place. She inevitably calls me about the show and screams about the show and how she will have to WAIT to find out what happens next! lol

  • It’s hard to believe due to the fact that when I was growing up the t.v. was on practically 24/7 (and still is at my parent’s house…even when we are in the living room visiting/talking- it’s going) – but I don’t watch much t.v. at all.

    There is no t.v. show that I watch every day or every week. Once in awhile I’ll watch something like Law & Order or an unsolved mystery type of program – but that’s it.

    We do watch some movies (free from the library) when we come across something interesting.

    We don’t even have cable (gasp!).

  • Hello, I found my way here via Antique Mommy. I’m just curious as to what made you quit Survivor so abruptly? I can’t think of anything in the third episode that would have been a dealbreaker….again, just curious!

  • The must sees at our house are American Idol, Entertainment Tonight (think it is the time slot!), Jon & Kate+9, and usually Nancy Grace after the kids go to bed and I’m reading myself to sleep.

  • Kate would kill me. It is still just 8!

  • Wow. Um. Yeah. We don’t have tv so I rely on dvd’s and online. My must watches? Cowboy Bepop (anime) Firefly, As Time Goes By (BBC). The only regular tv shows (still on) that I love are Mythbusters and What Not to Wear–both of which TLC took off their website. Sigh.

  • Whhhyyyyyy? I just do not understand. I LOVE that show!! And they brought it back, just for it to be cancelled again? Hmph. That really makes me mad.

    I’ve been watching the old standby Trading Spaces again lately. They brought back Paige Davis as the host, and that really helps a lot!

  • This is so funny!!! I see that we have similar tastes in realtime TV- Started watching American Idol to laugh at the really bad singers (not a moment of glory, I will admit-says little about my moral fiber) but hen really started rooting for contestants 2 seasons ago and now it is a done deal every week…last season was the first of DWTS that I watched and again it has lead me to start right out the gates with this one- also as I have actually heard of these stars (as opposed to some in previous years…) I DVR John and Kate plus 8 to feel OK with my brood of 2…and then hubster and I watch HOUSE marathons from time to time…although I must confess that the sameness of the plot from week to week does get a little dull-patient has unexplained illness- is subjected to all invasive medical tests known to man, hangs at the brink at death, House has an “aha” moment and it all ends happily ever after!!! OK, I have rambled enough!!! Happy viewing!

  • Thursday night is my big TV night — Survivor, Gray’s Anatomy, and ER (please let that show die. I love it,but its been 14 years and we’re repeating story lines 3 & 4 times). I am a Dancing fan, but my Bible study is on Monday nights and I do like Private Practice. Otherwise it’s Disney or sports in our house.

  • I’m right there with you on the Lost viewing. No other show makes me scream at my TV the way that one does, but I love it. My other favorite is The Office, which is the funniest show on TV, period.

  • We are huge Smallville fans around here. I try not to miss CSI:Miami or CSI:New York and I can’t wait for Supernatural to come back on the air next month. My children’s favorite show, though (besides a few PBS shows in the mornings), is America’s Funniest Videos, particularly the animal ones.

  • CSI:Miami – re-runs on cable. Mama likey Horatio. Other then that, a big, fat, nothing!

    I know!

    Don’t ask how much time I spend surfing…and I don’t even live in Armpit!

  • My big 3 are Ghost Whisperer, Numbers and CSI-Miami. CSI is my train wreck show – can’t help but watch it. Never know what the next “corniest line I’ve ever heard” is gonna be!
    I can’t even watch LOST anymore – it stresses me out….

  • Hmmm I would say my top three are:
    Dancing…although this season is not the greatest other then the ladies
    desperate housewives when it comes back, and thanks to your tip…Major Dad, on HULU. I cannot thank you enough for letting us k now about that. Truly if current tv does not get any better I am going to just rely on Hulu for my old favorites. 🙂 lol

  • Feel your pain about about tv these days! I can’t help myself, but I’ve really been enjoying Miss Guided, and I’m not even a big sit com girl.

  • I think we have similar tastes in TV, because I love Lost, 24, & American Idol (and those are the only ones my husband watches with me, although he would say he only watches 24). I also love Jericho.

    So, here are a few other shows I like:
    * The Office (this one grew on me and now it’s the funniest show ever),
    * New Amsterdam (mmm, mystery & romance, although I’m disappointed that they slept together after only like 2 dates),
    * Law & Order (usually controversial topics that stay with me after the show ends),
    * Psych (I love that in today’s society, people are more apt to believe someone if they say they are psychic rather than if they are really good at what they do).

    There was a show called Life that was good. I’m not sure when their season runs, but it’s not on right now. We have Tivo, which is the only way I get to watch anything. I do not like to be at the mercy of what is scheduled in the small snipets of time I get to watch TV.

    At your husband’s recommendation, I am going to try Miss Guided.

  • I’m ready for Gray’s Anatomy to make a come back. Other than that, I’m watching Idol, Survivor, and The Bachelor. Pathetic, I know!

  • What happened Episode 3 that made you leave Survivor? I don’t remember that specifically!

    My top 3:

    (Am crossing my fingers that Chuck comes back after the whole writer’s thing. Psych is on USA and, with their strange seasons, it doesn’t air new ones until the summer, I think.) NCIS, however, is starting back soon (I think) since the writers are back.

  • Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on BBC – so so funny.
    House – I’m still catching up on the old ones.
    Jon & Kate plus 8 – great birth control 🙂
    Oh, and we watch a lot of Power Rangers around here but I don’t think that counts!

  • Oh no, nothing specific happened in episode 3. I intended to watch episode 4, but, well, forgot. And I didn’t care that I forgot. So, I stopped. Cold turkey.

    Wish I could give up chocolate like that. But, the withdrawals would be wicked.

  • Water for Elephants

    The entire PD James ‘Adam Dagliesh’ series

    Cold Sassy Tree

    That should set me for a week or 5.

    Oh wait… you meant tv shows didn’t you? Well, never mind. I don’t necessary have a life. I just can’t get into what they have on the tv of late.

    Well I do like Lost, but I go and watch it on the internet every now and then to get caught up with everyone. I’m presently about 5 shows behind. It works easier for me if I know that I can have some questions answered if I wanted them to be answered…

  • My TV watching is blah compared to all the other responses! My favorite is CSI, the original, which I just discovered during Season 6. So I had to scramble and rent Seasons 1-6 on DVD! Thank goodness for Netflix! And I just started watching Law and Order: SVU. If I remember, I do enjoy Jon & Kate Plus 8. They live in the same state as I do! The hospital at which their kids were born is about 45 minutes from me.

  • My favorites have been disappointing me these days. I love ER, but haven’t seen it in ages. I also love Law and Order (all except the SVU series which DH and I think is just too yucky). Maybe now that those writers have gone back to work we can see our favorites again!

  • I can’t miss LOST that my most favorite! Then I really like Law and Order. I too have lost all interest in Survivor. I can’t think of any others, even though the tv always seems to be on in the evenings.

  • I just realized last night that Jericho was canceled.


    What we watch:
    Chuck (if he comes back)
    Friday Night Lights (but it might be canceled too!) (But still! It’s our favorite!)
    Las Vegas
    American Idol

    I’m ashamed to go any further. Love me some DVR.

  • My top 3?
    Big Love
    The Hills

    I am pretty much a junkie to anything TV related though.

  • My favs?
    CSI Las Vegas version
    Grey’s Anatomy

    and sometimes Bones and the vampire one that just started this season (can’t remember the name of it!)

  • My tops are
    Grey’s Anatomy
    Side Order of Life.

    Survivor would be on the list, but I refuse to watch anything that gives JFP airtime. Ugh!

  • Well I’m glad that at least three other people watch Jericho…I guess we weren’t enough to keep the show going 🙁

    Since the writer’s strike, I’ve sort of broken the TV viewing habit…it’s a habit I’d happily take up again if there was anything on at all to watch!

  • I’m behind in my viewing – which can be explained in this post – http://truthinsoliloquy.wordpress.com/2008/03/20/cramping-my-style/

    Guilty pleasures: Big Brother, Celebrity Apprentice, Days of Our Lives – and I’m new to LOST.

    At this point, you’re probably really questioning my judgment…. as you well should. What can I say? TV is one of the few things that doesn’t suck me dry.

    It seems you can relate. SO grateful for THAT.

    Love your blog.

  • Oh good golly, you must watch Misguided. I won’t even pretend to know you, but since sometimes when I read your blog I am pretty sure we could be friends in real life, I think you would love it. I LOVE it.

    Also I wish I could break up with Survivor. It is barely watchable, but I feel obligated somehow. I finally gave up ER this year and I feel like I am cheating on it.

  • 24 absolutely. I was so dissapointed to find out it isn’t coming back until January. Especially after the much anticipated return of Tony!

    American Idol, Grey’s Anatomy

    Stopped watching Lost last year, but picked it up again a little this year. Drives me crazy. I’m just not the type that likes to try to figure all of that out. Just tell me what’s going on.

  • To be honest, until they canceled Jericho and Friday Night Lights I only had 3 shows I watched anyway. Those two and “Numbers”.

    Now that Jericho and Friday Night Lights are gone I guess it will be numbers and DVD rentals, reading, other stuff.

    I am watching Dancing With the Stars, but I’ll probably stop watching it once Marissa gets voted off. Us “Big, Beautiful Girls” have to stick together. 🙂

  • The new shows I like are New Amsterdam and The Return of Jezebel James. Jezebel is written by the writer from my beloved and long gone Gilmore Girls and has Parker Posey in it, so I knew I’d love it!

    My regulars are The Biggest Loser, House, Bones, Law & Order (of all kinds), How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs (which is, sadly, on the chopping block), Psych….I’m a junkie for nighttime TV. 8pm or later. You can tell that I’m a mom whose husband works swing shift, huh? 😀

  • I feel ya – 24, LOST, Bones, and The Closer.

  • On our side of the planet, in deepest darkest Africa, we don’t get some of the shows you’re talking about… boo hoo! But we DO get:-

    24 (which I don’t watch… but we do get it)
    Lost (which I don’t watch either, because it creeps me out and I land up sitting with my feet tucked under me on the couch and wishing I hadn’t watched it)

    But my faves are…
    American Idol – Yeah baby!
    Private Practice – brilliant!
    Men in Trees – Jack! Jack! wherefore art thou, Jack!
    Smallville – Hello Tom Welling! We’re inbetween seasons right now though so waiting for the next season
    Greys Anatomy but if only they could get rid of Meredith Grey. Useless chicky if you ask me.
    Desperate Housewives I love love love this show! Sooo funny!
    Survivor… has anyone noticed that “Amazing Race” always wins the Emmy’s??? What’s up with that, if Survivor is everyone’s favourite?

    But Jericho? I’ll have to keep my eye out for that show when it gets here.

    Gawsh – I just had a look at my list of faves. I’m going to have to join Teeveeholics Anonymous! Eeesh…

  • Sad to say, my list is long. Here are my faves: LOST
    Dancing with the Stars
    Heroes (i’m gonna need a re-cap show if we have to wait much longer)
    The Office (took a while but now I’m hooked)
    John and Kate Plus 8

  • You get to watch TV? I don’t even know how to work the remote – I can’t seem to get it away from the men in the house.

    I DO know there’s a show called “Cops.” And poker tournaments! Lots and lots of poker tournaments…

  • I’m not sure what a DVR is. As an AF family oversees we generally get shows in the same season as the “mainland,” but often not until half of the season is over. (Plus side? Writers’ Strike really had no effect here.) What do we watch? Seasons on DVD. PBS has great reality shows about living in the past. Arrested Develpoment? The greatest show never seen. And of course, The Office. I do get to watch Survivor and Next Top Model (Love YouTube). When all is lost..I can always play with the Webkinz.

  • “Survivor” – yep, still hooked

    “Grey’s Anatomy” – when, for the love of Pete, is this coming back?

    “Men in Trees” – just found this awhile back, very cute

    “Little People, Big World”

    “Jon & Kate, Plus 8” – HOLY MOLY! So many kids, one loud Mom and a sweetie Dad.

    ….and if they aren’t on, we’re watching the following on DVD****

    Planet Earth, Everybody Loves Raymond, Andy Griffith, Doris Day Show

    and if I’m home alone….on DVD…. Gilmore Girls, The O.C. and Dawson’s Creek

  • Number one – HOUSE. Contrary to the other commenters comment, it does NOT always end happily. People have died. My whole family loves his barbs and my son wants him for a doctor. We watched Hugh Laurie on Scottish TV in Brit shows when we lived there many moons ago and I’ve always loved him. His ability to continuously speak American astounds me. I buy the DVD sets as soon as they come out.

    CSI – all versions, we love to hate Horatio and his stupid lines and adore NCIS. (I’ll never tire of Mark Harmon. He’s aging well.)

    Lost – it’s a love/hate relationship. I’m a few episodes behind. The writer’s strike has my schedule totally messed up.

    And you haven’t lived until you have young adults in the house watching Adult Swim late at night. (Shudder)