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Loose Ends and Disjointed Thoughts

First of all, I need to put out this letter of apology out to the blogosphere, and most importantly, to Mary Ann.

Dear Mary Ann,

I’m sorry for the disparaging remarks I made about your recent arrest for possession of marijuana. My husband, just showed me a news article in which you were exonerated of most of the charges. Complete with a much more flattering photo. I apologize for jumping on that media band wagon.

And just for the record, you were one of my favorite islanders, too. Except that I thought the Professor was really smokin’. Only, when I was 10, I didn’t say “smokin’.” But he was.


Again. My bad.



On Easter Sunday, I posted a graphic I found of a drawing of the empty tomb, in 70’s style colors. I thought it was groovy. And it expressed the jubilation I felt on Easter morning with “He is risen!”

Amen to that.

Well. When Fiddledaddy (my live-in graphic artist) saw it, he mumbled something about how I was working “outside of my gifts” and he went off to create a new and improved graphic for me. Because as the creator and manager of the aesthetic appeal of my blog, he felt the graphic I had chosen reflected badly on him.

Too groovy, I guess.

What he came up with instead, was something spectacular. He had taken Emme and Cailey to Easter sunrise service on the beach, and he took some beautiful pictures of them frolicking in the ocean.

Yes, a couple of you referenced the fact that I call our place of residence “Armpit, Florida” while we live within driving distance to this beautiful ocean. Which is true.

If you are a beach type of gal.

Which I am not.

I blame it on too many pain-filled summers spent at Padre Island, Texas in my youth. When I thought it was a good idea to slather myself in baby oil, and bake on the beach. When I’m already prone to sunburn. And peel. And freckle. And dehydration. And bad taste in swim wear.

Also note that using “Sun-In” on your hair during these basting sessions never produced the desired affect. Orange hair and pink skin clash. Just sayin’.

A couple of you e-mailed me to ask how he put the graphic together.

Photo shop, my friends. Photo shop. I know nothing of how this process works. I only know that Fiddledaddy had the ability to erase my braces, and trim my ears in a bit during one near disastrous Christmas photo shoot.

And for that, I will forever be indebted to him and this Photo Shop.

And for the record, I didn’t avoid the Easter festivities because of my disdain for the beach, but rather to save the sanctity of the sunrise service by keeping Jensen at home. Had he attended, everyone there would have ended up in the ocean.

And we would have been in the news. Once again.


crabby.jpgWe managed to go an entire week without killing “Crabby” the depressed hermit crab. Emme kept asking me why he was burying himself into the sand of his tiny prison. I assured her he was just shy.

In reality, I’m certain he was afraid of me and my well known love of sea food. And was equally frightened of my daughters, Dr. Death and her faithful sidekick, Nurse Ratchet.

Evidently, hermit crabs are a hearty lot. If we were to ever consider a pet, like say, when pigs take flight, then I would definitely consider a hermit crab.

Have a lovely week everyone!


11 Responses to Loose Ends and Disjointed Thoughts

  • Padre Island!! I grew up near there in Corpus Christi, and so many get-togethers took place there. I loved it — even though I burned easily, too. I was amazed in later life to visit some strips of sand along a highway and hotels and hear people call that a beach after being used to sand dunes and water as far as they eyes could see at Padre.

  • I Dated a guy from Padre island … small world 🙂

    That shot of the beach is awesome. He done good. Real. good.

  • Worried about you because the Professor was O-L-D. And I cannot get enough of Dr. Death and Nurse Ratchet.

  • We’re going to FL in 3 weeks, and I can’t wait to see the beach, because I am a beach girl all the way. My husband can take or leave it, and won’t walk barefoot in the sand, and hates getting all the sand in the van, but for my sake, he endures. hahaha! Anyhow, just seeing your husband’s great pic makes me so excited to get down there in 3 weeks, and hope we’re past all the spring breakers by that point. It will be sad to be down there for the first time since my grandparents (who lived in Lakeland) have passed away, but I am still looking forward to getting down there, enjoying the warmth, reliving so many childhood memories of visiting them all those years, and of course, visiting Mickey.

    Have you been to Plant City for their Strawberry Festival? They have a place there that sells huge dishes of strawberry shortcake (Parkesdale Farms, I believe) for only a couple of dollars. Plus, (the best part), they have a huge strawberry throne and crowns your children can wear and you can take your touristy picture on their tacky, 1970’s looking throne.

    My other FL faves? St. Augustine beach, Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Cocoa Beach and Teen Missions boot camp (where I spent 2 looong weeks!), the huge used book store in Winter Haven, Honeymoon Island beach near Tampa, walking around the lakes and the downtown of Lakeland, Crispers restaurants, etc… Can you tell I’m excited? Everytime you write about the frogs or the lizards that you see all the time, it makes me remember all the interesting creatures we’d see down there, but I suppose if you had to live with it all the time, it wouldn’t be as fun, eh?

    Ok, sorry to hijack your blog; just had to post my giddiness at being there soon; haven’t gone in 5 years now!!!

    Oh, and the photoshop is great; just got it for Christmas, and started moving my children’s heads from one pic to another; you know how you can never get three children to sit still and face forward for a picture; not a problem anymore with photoshop! hahaha! Ok, I’m done now!
    PS Glad you like the vacuum posts; since my hubbie is an engineer for a vacuum cleaner company, I had fun with that one!

  • Wish I’d had the same forethought to stay at home with Whirling Dervish on Easter morning. But with The Calm One deployed that would have meant The Cruise Director and The Affectionate One would have had to stay at home too.
    Our church likes to cancel the kids’ classes and have them sit with their parents during Easter and Christmas services. And it’s a great thought, in theory. Maybe in a couple of years I’ll appreciate the tradition more. Until then, I honestly dread the holidays services.
    Isn’t that awful of me? Guilt. Angst. Shame. High blood pressure and agitation. I am well acquainted with each of them.

  • Ooh…I had such a crush on the Professor. Something about smart, nerdy men.

  • Just found your site! I wept when I read your apology to Mary Ann. It was beautiful 😀 I grew up going to Padre Island too. Maybe some day we’ll have skin growths removed together and can meet in real life. Blessings.

  • Glad to hear the crab lives!!

  • I just stopped by here via Cindy at Still His Girl. I’ve enjoyed your site and plan to visit again. I took the typing test and I only got 51 wpm. My 9th grade typing teacher would be so sad.

  • We lived in Corpus Christi for two years and moved to SC about 6 months ago. I just today found your blog and found it a fun and entertaining read. I’ll be back. Angela

  • Glad to hear that Crabby did not meet with tragedy during his stay and that you had a great Easter 😀