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I Evidently Have Two Left Hands

My fate is sealed. Should I not make it in this gig as SAHM, I’ll never be a secretary.

Which is a shame. Because I make a fabulous cup of coffee. However, clearly I can’t type.

I went into yesterdays typing challenge post feeling pretty confident. Cocky almost. And the gauntlet was thrown to the floor. The challenge was issued.

And you all answered the call. And kicked me in the seat warmer. A sound thrashing.

And deserved.

I hang my head in typing shame.

But really. Are most of you LIKE ROBOTS OR WHAT? And I’m talking to YOU Kim. 122 WPM? And you even had your husband verify your time.

Well, you’re my typing hero. Robot. Just sayin’.

I’ll admit that I went back and tried a few hundred more times. I only got worse. It seems I’m a perfectionist. Kept going back to fix my errors. That slowed me down substantially.

I even tried cutting my nails. Just like in high school when I wanted to play my 6 string in the guitar mass. The results were similar. I still wasn’t very good. I could make Kumbaya sound like a train wreck.

My new shorter nails only made my typing speed slower. Sort of like when Samson got a little hair trim. But not really.

I didn’t think it was possible to get slower.

But yes. Yes, it was.

The nails just get in my way. So, I’ve lost nothing. Except my self esteem. Fiddledaddy passed me a little while ago while I was typing the great American novel on that stupid test site. “I even type faster than you.”

That does it.

Tomorrow I’m in training.

Well, maybe not tomorrow. Since after watching the latest installment of “Lost”, I will have chewed my fingers down to bloody stumps.

And I’ll be lucky to type 5 WPM.

With my two left feet.

Have a blessed Easter weekend everyone! For tomorrows Saturday Stirrings, I thought I’d shake things up a bit and do an Easter themed recipe swap. See you then!


20 Responses to I Evidently Have Two Left Hands

  • Hehe… at least you’re really funny, and good at blogging, and other cool stuff, right?

  • Oh, glory. Thanks for the laugh, and the link to the test. It was a great ego-boost. Need that in our SAHM world. Don’t exactly get a “wa-hoooo!!!” after doing the dishes.

    But 122?? I mean, WOW. There must have been a-smoke a-blowin!

    Great. A new obsession.

  • Sorry, DeeDee, I just took it and got 101 words per minute. But I used to be able to do 120, so old age has kicked in for me, too. Or else maybe I’m just tired :).

    Go eat some chocolate.

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  • I still like you even though it is clear you will never win the Gold at the Typing Olympics.

  • Whooooaaa Nelly, THAT was a challenge. Ok, Let’s see how Fiddledaddy does on that test. Please?

  • I honestly think the test would be easier if it were made up of actual sentences. It’s not that easy to quickly type a bunch of random words that have no context. So I don’t think it’s all you.

  • Sponge Bob Typing Program. Just sayin’.

    BTW: 84wpm here.

  • I agree with that sentences would be much easier. I’ve never tried to speed type a series of random words like that. To make you feel lovely, my first try was 7 wpm. GASP My second try was 48 and my 3rd try was 60. I later acheived the stunning rate of 62.

    I also have not been able to stop having a hesitation when the screen of words changes. I am trying not to obsess. I may allow myself 3 tries today. Only 3.

  • Well, this will make you feel better. I am up to 48 wpm. 🙂 So, you aren’t the slowest. LOL… 🙂 It seems I too am a perfectionist, and I keep going back to fix my mistakes. Maybe I’ll do it again without correcting them and see how far I get. 🙂

    With all of this typing do you think I can count it as part of my exercise this morning. 🙂

  • I can’t bring myself to do the test again, I might get worse!

  • I saw this on a blog a few weeks back and like you tried it several times, only getting worse. I think I did get 80 per minute the first time though…
    Should have left it at that! ; )

  • De-lurking here to say that I got 99 wpm and also couldn’t let myself do it again for fear of doing worse!

  • So wow. At a measly 60 wpm, it must have taken you, like, 6 hours to type this post.

  • I think I have everyone beat with 125 words a minute! But I’m not bragging or anything…haha. I had my family all look too and took a picture of it with my camera phone. And when I took the test several more times it was around the same wpm! It is totally addicting! I need a life!

  • I’m a skeered chicken to take it. Maybe I’ll go try….

    bach, bach, bach….

  • My DD is one of your regular readers and of course had to tell me about your typing test. If it’s any consolation, in my former life as a typing teacher I was thrilled when my students were able to type 60 wpm. Well done, DeeDee.

  • Just wanted to let you know that, like the name of your blog, it really COULD have been worse- I typed 28 WPM on my first and only try. No mistakes, at least. I think I take dictation from my head a lot faster than from random bits of visual material. I wonder if there’s a test for that? 🙂

  • I did take the test a few more times and got up to 135 wpm, BUT I can’t make a cup of coffee to save my life!! 🙂

  • Yeah, I tried it yesterday and was too embarrassed to post my results! So, just know that you did better than me. 🙂

  • I should have kept my first one also. 31 wpm. I suck. No wonder my friends couldnt believe it took me an hour and a half to post one blog entry!